A Blockbuster Superphone with Supertainment|Le 1s Eco| New Launch

Hello everyone,

If you follow me on Snapchat (aishwaryamohan7) or Instagram, you’ll know that I recently attended the launch of Le 1s Eco at the famous Mehboob Studios in Mumbai which was an event filled with great lights, bollywood performances and of course lots of glitz and glamour too. (PS: I saw Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez real close :D)

I have already reviewed the LeEco Le 1s and you can read my views about it Here and Here. The new Le 1s Eco looks somewhat the same as it’s predecessor except for a slight difference in it’s look but there’s a lot more it offers than any other phone you would find in the market in terms of entertainment. Now you may be wondering a phone with entertainment means, it’s music player or video player. But no! It’s a lot more than that. Want to know how? Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

During the launch event, we got to know that LeEco has partnered with Eros Now, which is one of the biggest production houses bringing some of the best movies in theares and now Le 1s Eco users can access to more than 2000 movies through Levidi app on their new phones. Not just movies, but all users will have access to 100+ TV channels on the LIVE app,  another partnership with Yupp TV. For all music lovers, in collaboration with Hungama Music, now you can also listen to millions of songs ranging from English, Hindi and many other languages right on your Le 1s Eco phone through the LeMusic app. The cool part that attracted me the most is that you can even witness LIVE MUSIC CONCERTS through your phone without worrying about buying tickets or travelling anywhere. All from the comfort of your home with just this wonderful phone!Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

As part of its LeEco Membership, users also also get 5TB of cloud storage space! All this for just 490 INR per month or 4900 INR per year. But wait! Here’s the awesome part, all these features along with the phone would come up to 10999 + 4900 INR but NO, the cool people from LeEco decided to give us all these awesome things for just 9999 INR which is a really great deal. A really stylish looking phone along with so many good features from good camera to good entertainment or I must say #Supertainment for just 9999 INR is the best ever deal one can find in the current market.Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

So if you are impressed by LeEco’s Blockbuster phone just like me, then you definitely need to head over to Flipkart for their upcoming FLASH SALE. You’ll need to register yourself to participate in the FLASH SALE and you can get the Le 1s Eco along with 1 year of LeEco Membership for all the #Supertainment content for worth 4900 INR for just an amount of 9999 INR!. The first and second flash sales on 12th and 19th May were great successes and I’m sure this Superphone is going to be a super duper hit just like their previous ones. Now go grab your Le 1s Eco soon before it goes out of stock!

Till then stay awesome 😀


Love at first sight with LeEco Le1s- Full review

Hello my people!

So a few days back I had posted my 3-day experience with the LeEco Le1s superphone and how I was already in love with it and if by any chance you missed that post, click here. Since I have used the phone to the best way possible for more than a week now, it’s time to post the full review barring all the complex technicalities, since that’s not definitely my genre.

DSC_2680This review is totally from a fashion blogger’s point of view and the usual things that I would look for in a phone is its camera quality- both front and rear, battery backup, audio quality and of course the processor speed. So here we go: 

Appearance: The rose gold looks absolutely chic and classy and the sleek look makes it super stylish to flaunt it like its worth millions. Hehehe! The phone doesn’t feel heavy and can be easily kept in the pocket as well as in your small clutch bag.



Camera: The amazing ISOCELL technology in the camera is what makes the quality of the pictures so good for such a budget friendly phone. The front camera is absolutely brilliant with 5MP and the rear camera, 13MP works pretty decently too. I was a tad bit disappointed with its performance in low light since the pictures came a bit grainy but other than that everything was perfect about the front and rear camera in this phone.

Apart from that, it even has different filters which you can use while clicking pictures itself and also use the Slo-Mo feature and take some really interesting videos too. The video quality is equally good and one can take pretty decent videos in the phone.

Selfie taken with the front camera

Battery backup: This is the star feature of Le1s and you would ask why? As mentioned in my last post, the Type-C USB charger is the reason why the phone can be charged in almost an hour’s time. And for a person like me who has to use the phone to be live on the social media throughout the day, this feature works great.




When I didn’t have too many apps on the phone, the battery lasted for the entire day, but as I started installing more apps and some of which were games as well, I noticed that the battery was draining out in around 7-8 hours which is quite Ok, since these apps do take a lot of power. The phone also had a bit of heating issues due to excessive use but the awesome part was the fact that if you leave it idle for a few minutes, it instantly cools down due it’s metal body. I think that’s quite cool and wins me over in every way. 😀


Audio: I’m not a fan of listening to music all the time, but when I listen I want the quality to be real good! And trust me guys, this phone has a super cool sound quality. The clarity is amazing and also sounds good with and without any earphones. Again a pointer for Le 1s 🙂

Though, it doesn’t come with earphones but you can use your existing earphones since it supports other external devices quite well. I have tried them with my Philips earphones and the sound quality remains absolutely perfect but I would love LeEco to come up with accessories for the phone soon.

Memory: The phone doesn’t come with an expandable memory but having 32GB of inbuilt memory is more than enough for I think most of us. I have so many apps installed and tons of photos and videos already, thanks to my selfie addiction and I still managed to have 21GB left and for me it’s commendable how we need not worry about expanding memories and all that jazz.

Fingerprint scanner: The second star in Le 1s is the fingerprint scanner which can be used to unlock the phone and even click pictures without using any buttons. All you have to do is just input your fingerprint the first time and you are all set to show-off in front of your friends and colleagues. Just place your finger and click pictures to your heart’s content and if you are a selfie addict, well you know which phone to get right 😉


So here’s a thing, after using the phone for so many days, I can vouch that this phone is one of the best in the market currently available with world class features. The metallic body, the fingerprint scanner, the super fast charger and what not, you name it and LeEco Le 1s has it all. For a mere price of 10999 INR, you will not find any phone with these features. The phone looks absolutely classy in your hand and for those who want to experience iPhone(as close to it as possible) but still not want to burn a hole in the pocket, this is your best choice.

Here’s a good news! Today is the LeEco Day(25th February,2016) and from today onwards you can order the Le1s without any registration on Flipkart and not worry about registration hassles or get disappointed that the stocks ran out. Grab this opportunity and get your hands on the Le1s if you are looking out for a good phone that looks good and has amazing features and still doesn’t cost you a bomb.

If you happen to buy it or have used the LeEco Le1s, do share your experience with me in the comments section below.


Till then stay awesome 😀


Four Season’s Multi Vita Brightening Sheet Mask- Review and Christmas announcement

Hello my lovely people,

Hope you all are having an amazing new week. The year is about to be over and I have super awesome posts lined up for you all. Recently I had done a haul post featuring SKIN18.COM(Read here) and most of the products that I received were some amazing Korean sheet masks. Here’s a review of one of the sheet masks that I used this weekend from the FOUR SEASON and how it turned out to be for my skin.(pssstt I have something amazing for you all at the end of the post)


Claims:  The highly concentrated multi vitamin essence brightens and vitalizes dull and dark skin.

Fragrance: This mask has a very mild and pleasant fragrance of natural green tea and vitamin E and nothing disturbing to sensitive nose.

Ingredients: Vitamin E,C,B5, green tea extract,Witch hazel extract

How to use: Apply the mask over cleansed and toned face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Massage the remaining essence onto the face in an upward circular motion and leave it.


My experience: After keeping this mask for around 20 minutes, my skin felt hydrated and supple. A few breakouts were settled soon after the mask was taken off which was an amazing result. I have previously used other sheet masks from INNISFREE and I felt this one being on a more affordable side did the same job except that I liked the fragrance of the Innisfree mask more.

My dull and weird face before using the mask
My dull and weird face before using the mask
#Sleepyface Slept with the mask for about 20 minutes

Your face will look a bit shiny after using this mask and i suggest you to use this in the night because by morning all the shininess would be gone and your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated.

After using the sheet mask

Availability: You can get this mask and many other Korean products from SKIN18.COM at a very affordable price of 0.85$.


  • Antibacterial and treats wounds caused by pimples and acne
  • Eliminates dullness and reduces dark circles to some extent


  • Available only on Skin18.com and ebay currently.

Rating: 4/5

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The sweet folks at SKIN18.COM were really sweet to give all my readers a huge Christmas gift by offering a 25% off on any purchase and you can use it any number of times. Awesome right???

Use the code SPECIAL25OFFAISHWARYA on your orders to avail this offer on or before 31st December, 2015. You can also use this code multiple times to make an order. Hope you guys will like this small pre-Christmas gift from my end for all the love you guys have given me.

Have an amazing week and stay awesome 🙂

My personalized “Exclusive” mani-pedi pampering at Jean-Claude Biguine- A True French Experience


A few days ago, I was invited to experience the first ever “Exclusive”  Deep Moisturizing Manicure and pedicure at the well known French salon Jean-Claude Biguine (JCB). JCB has 4 branches in Bangalore loacted at Kormangala, Lavelle road, Phoenix market city and Indiranagar and 8 branches in Mumbai.




Jean Claude Biguine is one of the world’s leading Hair and Beauty Salon Chains, headquartered in Paris, France. They offer head to toe beauty and grooming services, coupled with expert global products, all under one roof. Their top French stylists and aestheticians work closely with trained Indian beauty experts, to discover trends that perfectly complement our Indian patrons.

My experience: 

I had a chance to visit the Kormangala branch where I was greeted with some lovely smiling faces. They proudly boast about their “exclusive” deep moisturizing manicure and pedicure services and asked me to try them. This was completely a new thing to me as previously my pedi-mani experiences were soaking my hands and feet in warm water and then the lady at the salon rigorously scraping the dead skin out(gross!!) . So let me tell you what this whole “exclusive” treatment is all about.

“All the gorgeousness of a manicure without any of the soaking! This is the exceptional dry manicure at Biguine.Collagen hydrates your hands from within and  keratin comes in to fortify your beautiful nails. Tea tree oil protects from any infections and finally Aloe vera  soothes and heals your hands in the gentlest way possible. What you are left with are stunning hands, without the soak!”


This beautiful soak free pedicure at Biguine brings you all the goodness of a pedicure without a soak! A healthy dose of collagen and glycerine  provide moisture and fortifying keratin ensures that your nails are strong as they are gorgeous. Tea tree oil brings in its natural anti bacterial benefits. And lastly Aloe vera and Allantoin ensure your feet stay hydrated for a very long time. Leave with soft light feet!”


So when they say exclusive, it is all done with no water used except for just cleaning your feet before starting the procedure. They have personalised kits for both manicure and pedicure which is opened right in front of you and everything from filer to the mask is disposed right in front of you; which means it’s the most HYGIENIC treatment ever you can find in the Indian market!!The two lovely ladies started filing and shaping my finger and toe nails and also used a wonderful device called the Peditrix that worked its magic on my feet and removed all the dead skin. There’s no need to worry about disinfected foot files with this method as it uses a foot massager with a rotating head onto which one can stick the sandpaper used in foot files  which is less messy and more hygienic. I was treated with some hot Green Tea and the whole process made me sink into the chair and relax to every tad bit. 🙂



Finally,the Pedikit and the Manikit was opened, which is a complete foot and hand mask infused with collagen to keep skin firm and smooth, tea tree oil, cuticle softeners, keratin to keep nails strong and aloe vera for a soothing effect. The mask was wrapped around my hands as well as feet and was supposed to be kept for 5-10 minutes. It smelled heavenly and she also cleaned the cuticles and nails during this time.



The final result was smooth and supple feet and hands. I felt like I had a baby’s hands and feet 😀 I got to choose some pretty nail paints from Cucio Nail Color Brand and it looked lovely on my newly done nails.  The higlight of the whole treatment was its exclusivity and hygiene and the fact that this is available only in JCB India and not anywhere else. Everything is right in front of you; from opening the kit to treating your delicate hands and feet to disposing everything for maintaining the hygiene. What more can you ask for !!!!!They use some of the best and natural sulphate-free products like Wella, Thalgo and Nioxin for haircare which I would be going back and trying for sure.



If you are looking for a clean, hygienic and relaxing spa experience and want to try out this “exclusive” treatment, then Jean-Claude Biguine Spa & Salon is your place to be at. I loved every bit of this experience and I’m sure you will love it too. You can checkout their WEBSITE and Facebook page to know about their services.


If you have been to JCB, do share your experience here with me in the comments below. Also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the updates about my posts.

Till then stay awesome 🙂


Disclaimer: The review/opinion is honest and based on my personal experience

SoulTree Ayurvedic cleanser and makeup remover- Review

Hello everyone,

My love for  natural and ayurvedic skincare products keep becoming more and more with the amazing results it gives me everytime. The best part about it is that, they are always more affordable than the other products which would have more chemicals in them that are not so good for any of us.

If you are not new to the whole natural skincare regime, you all must have then heard about “SOULTREE”. A few months bag I had received an all natural Kajal from SOULTREE in my FABBAG and it was so nice and smooth and had CAMPHOR in it which is really good for your eyes. So when I found out about their new and improved cleanser, I was super excited to try it out. Let’s get into the review now… DSC_1118Claims: With its subtle floral notes this everyday face cleanser and make-up remover soothes and protects your skin. The revised Cleansing Milk comes in a lighter form which has added benefits of hydrating the delicate face skin as well as lightening sun tan. Organic Aloe and fresh Rose water made from the wild Indian Rose is blended with āyurvedic extracts of organic Licorice to give your skin multiple benefits. It cools and heals skin, lightens sun tan and using it daily as a cleanser ensures an even skin tone with visibly reduced blemishes.  It can be used as a Daily Cleanser to remove dirt, pollution or can be used be used as a face cleanser to remove the daily make up.


  • Aloe Vera for clear & well hydrated skin
  • Rose for radiant & naturally glowing skin
  • Licorice for skin toning & tightening properties
  • Sesame Oil for skin softening & conditioning


Price: Costs 295 INR for a 120 ml recyclable bottle.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe, wild Indian Rose, Licorice, coco, natural vitamin E,lactic acid, Sesame oil.

 Packaging: The product comes in a recyclable plastic bottle, which can be squeezed easily, and has an easy dispenser. It is easy to use and very travel friendly. Throw it in your bag and you are good to go.


Texture and fragrance: The cleanser is white in color and has a creamy yet runny consistency. The licorice and coco smell is not overpowering and is really soothing to the nose.



My experience: I’ve never really used a makeup remover that are out in the market. Usually I use coconut oil or milk and olive oil to remove all the makeup. Hence using a full fledged cleanser which aims at removing your makeup and dirt from the face was kind of a new think for me.  The cleanser is easy to dispense from the bottle, and easy to apply onto the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed and does not dry out the skin at all.  You might feel a bit oily while applying this but once you wash the face after cleansing, your face will not have any kind of excess oil.


After removing the makeup with the cleanser

This product is awesome for removing makeup. It removes even my water-proof mascara and kohl, and doesn’t irritate the eyes . I apply it directly onto my face and massage it a bit, and let it rest for about 30 seconds. Then, I just wipe the make-up off with some cotton, and most of the make-up is gone in a single swipe. Whatever is left gets removed in the 2nd or 3rd swipe.


  • SLS and Paraben free
  • Light and gentle on the skin
  • No overpowering fragrance
  • Tones the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant
  • Pocket friendly

Cons: I didn’t find anything bad about this cleanser.

Rating: 5/5

I would definitely recommend this product for all those of you who are looking for a cleanser cum make-up remover as it has no chemicals and suits all skin types. You can buy this product online from websites like Jabong, Amazon or their official website SOULTREE.COM.

Have you tried out the SOULTREE cleanser?? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀



Get ready with me for the wedding season featuring Klozee!!!

Hello everyone,

First of all a big big big SORRY for disappearing for almost 2 weeks from here. I was held up with so much of stuff from work to studies to even health. The weather here in Bangalore is really bad due to the heavy rainfall and hence I was super pissed for not able to take good pictures outdoors.

If you have read my previous post about this new clothing rental website KLOZEE(click here), you would know how much I loved the whole concept of renting some really amazing outfits for a small price. Since I loved Klozee so much that I went ahead and ordered 2 more outfits and styled it for the wedding season- an Indian wear and a cocktail dress.

This is that time of the year when the wedding invitations would be pouring and obviously nobody would want to repeat their outfits and that’s when KLOZEE comes into rescue with so many options to choose from. Here, I have chosen a pretty wine colored LEHENGA which is perfect to be worn for that special wedding event and an elegant red maxi dress for the after-party. Don’t mind the background and the lighting in the pictures as I had no option but to shoot it inside the house with a very poor lighting due to the rain.

Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price  from Klozee.com


Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
 Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com

The wine lehenga was so pretty on it’s own that I did not want to accessorize it hence paired it with a neckpiece that I got from CNDirect.com and a pair of ethnic earrings. For that perfect cocktail party, The red dress with the caged detailing on the neckline made it all the way more easier to not think of what accessories to wear as it was perfect on its own.

I loved how both these outfits were super affordable and I rented the red dress for just 449INr(actual price-4000INR) and the wine colored lehenga  for 3499INR(30000INR) and you don’t need to worry about washing them or returning them right away as they let you keep it for 2 complete days and send the pickup boy to come collect it from your house. And as I mentioned earlier in my previous post, they even have a 3HR express delivery service for those emergency events you want to attend.

If you still haven’t checked their website and the awesome collection, head over to their website Klozee.com to get the perfect outfit for this wedding season. Also they have some great discounts going on and you can check them out on their FACEBOOK PAGE as well to avail some of their best offers.As they clearly mention on their website, all you need to do is “INDULGE, AND NOT SPLURGE” because #RentIsTheNewBuy!!!!


Have your ever rented outfits before??Let me know in the comments below.Till then STAY AWESOME!! 🙂

CNDirect Wishlist- Pretty, Cheap and Easy Buy

Hello awesome people!!!

My love for online shopping lets me discover some really awesome websites with such amazing deals that I just can’t resist ordering atleast one item from them and one such website I discovered recently is CNDirect.com (Click here). It’s a Chinese website that ships INTERNATIONALLY and also has their warehouse in USA apart from CHINA (HAPPY NEWS). I can’t tell you guys the amount of time I’ve spent on this website choosing what I should order because of the fact that they have so many in-trend stuffs from clothes to shoes to bags for both women and men. Apart from the apparels, there are electronic gadgets and even home decor items for such small price, that you will be drooling over their website. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THEIR EMAIL LIST YOU WILL GET A LIST COUPONS( 50 DOLLARS OFF COUPON)YOUR FIRST ORDER!

I found some amazing deals on CNDirect from almost 0.01$ and they are ah-mazing!!! They have these flash sales every single day and also has a separate section for FREE SHIPPING, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra cash for the shipping part. But I think if you don’t wish to wait for 15-20 days of time for your package to arrive, best way is to just pay a little and get your hands on your goodies in just 3-4 days. Well its all upto you what you want to choose. They have some awesome courier companies tied up with them like ARAMEX, DHL and EMS and I think the cheapest among all is ARAMEX. I have ordered a few items from them and I’m eagerly waiting for them to arrive and I thought why not share with them. Maybe you would like to buy something out of my wishlist too.

So here we go 🙂


Bohemian neckpiece
BUY HERE:Bohemian neckpiece- 3.21$( FREE SHIPPING) 


BUY HERE: Cute Leopard print Backpack– 3.59$


kitty tee

        BUY HERE:Kitty Tee-2.33$

Fringed Bag
BUY HERE:Fringed Bag- 1.69$


Combat boots- 5.19$
BUY HERE:Combat boots- 5.19$
Fringed jacket
BUY HERE:Fringed jacket-0.01$
BUY HERE:Faux leather leggings-1.98$
Sunglasses- 1.91$
BUY HERE:Sunglasses- 1.91$
Slit top-3.68$
BUY HERE:Slit top-3.68$
Fuschia asymmetrical top
BUY HERE:Fuschia asymmetrical top-3.35$

So these are all the awesome stuffs I liked on CNDirect.com and I think I almost decided on an entire outfit along with the necessary accessories for myself and I’m super happy for the price I’m getting all these for. If you like any of these items be sure to click on the picture to find out more about the products as they are available in various colors and sizes and make sure to visit their website for their FLASH SALE as some of the really pricey stuffs are sold at a price of just 0.01$.

Make sure to let me know if you liked any of the items from my post or if you plan to buy anything from their website 🙂



The Nature’s Co. Buy1 Get1 Offer: Just few hours left! #LoveYourBody

Hi Everyone,

I had mentioned a few posts back about The Nature’s Co. who makes these amazing natural skin and hair care products (you can read it here: https://shopaholibond.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/give-yourself-a-gift-every-month-subscription-boxes-in-india/)

I have been loving their Beauty wish box and the products that they send in there. They are hosting an offer for Buy1 Get1 free and I was so excited to see the products on which this offer holds. They are all SLS and Paraben free and smells so delicious. So who wouldn’t love to buy them. They are at a very affordable price as compared to other natural skincare products that are priced so high. Some of the products that has this offer on are the green clay body wrap, their bestseller mixed berry body lotion and the yummy smelling tangerine body lotion.

img77 Tangerine-body-lotion Mixed-Berry-Body-Lotion

Do checkout their website to grab this offer and this offer is only till today that is the 5th of October.

Don’t miss out this chance to give your mind, body and senses the therapy it deserves and relieve oneself of all the stress that had been towing you down.
To #LoveYourBody before the time runs out, click here now: B1G1 🙂

And while ordering the products,  the Free Product may not show in your Shopping Cart. But don’t worry as the Free Product will be added by their logistic team before your order is dispatched by default. 

This was just a small post to let you all know about this offer. I know it’s a little late to inform you but better late than never right 😉 Do let me know if you buy from their website as well as your experience in the comment box.

Have a great Monday guys 😀

Hygiene on the Go with “Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes”

Hi Ladies,

So why ladies and not just “everyone” this time?? Well, this post is exclusively for all the pretty ladies out there. So if any guy is reading this, this definitely ain’t for you. 😛

We often look for skincare and makeup products to make sure we have a flawless skin all throughout the day, but seldom do we realize that there’s something more important than anything else for a female, and that is her intimate parts. Being a very delicate and important area of our body, it requires a lot of special care.  SO here I am with a revolutionary product from a company called “EVERTEEN” and they are called ‘Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes’. This is made just for the well-being of intimate area and can be used in the most convenient way possible.

So until last year, I had no idea about intimate care products and then one day one of my friends in office told me about INTIMATE WASH that’s easily available in the market. That’s how I got introduced to Intimate hygiene products for the first time and since then, there has been no stopping.  According to doctors, we should never use soaps for the vaginal area as these soaps and body washes imbalance the pH level that can cause a lot of trouble which isn’t a great feeling. But that does not mean we should not clean this area, in fact we should use products made exclusively for intimate hygiene as this delicate area requires regular cleansing to keep all sorts of infection at bay.

So an intimate wash is good if you are at home, but what if you are travelling and forced to use public toilets or toilets that are used by many. Well that’s when “everteen wipes” comes into rescue. These wipes are just like wet tissues that we usually get in packs, but made specially for cleaning the vaginal region. There are 15 wipes in a pack and come individually packed. As they are packed separately, they stay as fresh as new until you open them. In fact, when you are travelling or you think you would require a quick cleaning  you can easily carry a couple of wipes in your handbag . The packaging is so convenient that you can sneak in a wipe in your pocket.

The packaging and individually wrapped wipes
The packaging and individually wrapped wipes


  • Tear open the packet
  • Open and unfold the wipe
  • Thoroughly cleanse the external vaginal area from front to back
  • Dispose the used wipe after cleansing. Do not flush it!
15 individually packed wipes
15 individually packed wipes


  • After urination
  • During your periods
  • Before and after sexual activity
  • In short, whenever you want to feel fresh and clean



PRICE: INR 99 for 15 wipes. One time use only cost INR 6.6



I use this whenever I have to do a lot of travelling, especially in trains because we all know the conditions of the Indian Railways’ toilets. They can be your best friend when you are on your periods and you are stuck in your office for hours and have to use the washrooms there with no choice left. I think I haven’t heard of any other company that has come up with this unique idea of packing each wipe individually in a sachet, because that just makes it so convenient to carry a couple of wipes in the bag instead of carrying a whole packet like the other wet wipes.



  • Made of 100% natural biodegradable fabric
  • The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from plant extracts
  • Free from alcohol, SLS and parabens
  • Mild fragrance keeps the unwanted smell at bay and keeps the vaginal area fresh
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Maintains pH level of the vaginal area.


I have nothing bad to say about it as it has exceptionally impressed me.



EVERTEEN intimate hygiene wipes” is just the right product if you suffer from issues like vaginal infections or travel a lot or even use public toilets most of the times. A must for those women who are working. You can stock them up in a handbag and use whenever required without worrying about hygiene problems anymore. The affordable price makes you get 15 wipes in just INR 99, so maintaining intimate hygiene is easy, convenient and super cheap now. What more do you need ladies 🙂

You can buy this product from their official website https://www.everteen.co.in/

I hope you all would have benefited from this review post as we all need to make ourselves aware about personal hygiene because as a woman, we usually forget about some of the most important parts of our well being. I will be soon reviewing about the “EVERTEEN INTIMATE WASH” as well.  Do let me know if you found this review useful.


Have a great Friday!!! 🙂


PS: PR sample. But all opinions are from my own honest experience

Lookbook for Dresslink.Com

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How are you all doing? Hope you are having an amazing weekend 🙂

Well a few weeks back, I had done a wishlist post for dresslink.com where I had shown you some of the awesome things that I was about to receive from Dresslink.com. If you still haven’t read that post , you can find t here https://shopaholibond.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/a-shopaholics-wishlist-dresslink-com/

So around 2 weeks back I received the package which dresslink.com guys had sent it to me for review and I was totally amazed by the prompt shipping these guys did. Since I was not in town, I had to wait for a while to shoot the LOOKBOOK which I have never ever done before in my life and you can see that lack of confidence in the pictures. LOL!!

Anyhow , I still wanted to show you guys what I received and I how i styled it up for a very casual look. But before that i would want to tell you a lil bit about the quality of the items that I received. I have ordered from many chinese online websites and a lot of time I’ve been disappointed by the items that I get as they will look completely different from how it looked on their websites. But when i got the package from Dresslink, I was rather very happy for the fact that they sent me the exact same items that I saw on their website and the quality felt amazing too. I’m not being bias here as I got these stuff for free coz they are not paying me for writing all the good things about them. But trust me guys, these stuffs are good for real.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to be careful about what size you pick while ordering and I would advise you to pick a size bigger than your usual size as that really helps in getting the right fit for you most of the times. So let’s stop dragging this and get straightaway to the pictures.


Fringed chiffon kimono

You can buy it here: http://www.dresslink.com/fashion-ladies-women-perspective-fringe-patchwork-loose-casual-long-cardigan-chiffon-blouse-p-24920.html

This kimono can be worn in so many different ways. I paired it up with a distressed jeans and a simple tee that  received from dresslink as well.


Simple grey tee with lace pattern on the sleeves

You can buy it here: http://www.dresslink.com/womens-lace-hollow-out-split-joint-short-sleeve-loose-tshirt-p-10448.html

This tee is very simple yet pretty for the fact that it has these pretty lace cutouts on the sleeves and the back. I couldn’t get a good picture of the back as the lighting and the location was not that great.


It fits me perfectly and I love it for the fact that I can pair it with jeans or even a skirt and it will still look good for a casual day-out.

The black pair of platforms that you see the above picture are the next thing that I received. I would say it isn’t that great of a pair to take out for a party but it definitely is a good pair if you wish to get some height yet have that comfort and the ability to walk and work at the same time. I loved these platform sandals and I’m planning to buy the white pair of the same ones soon. Though it’s a little small on me, but that’s my mistake for not choosing a size bigger than my usual.


Black platform ankle strap sandals

You can buy it here:http://www.dresslink.com/summer-women-platform-sandals-high-heel-ankle-strap-open-toe-sandals-shoes-p-23046.html

And the last thing that I received was another floral tee and I love the the pattern on it. But sadly for some reason, it doesn’t look that good on me. I paired this up with a bodycon skirt and wore the black kimono on top to just add that casual laid-back look to it.



Casula t-shirt blouse

Sorry for that face. I blame it on the harsh sunlight 😀

You can buy this here: http://www.dresslink.com/2014-newest-fashion-womens-korean-short-sleeve-loose-casual-tshirt-tops-blouse-p-13169.html

So this was my first ever lookbook and I think there’s a lot of scope for improvement (self-motivation is what I like to do 🙂 ) I really liked the products that i received from Dresslink.Com and I totally understand now why the youtubers speak so highly of this website. The courier services that ship to India are Aramex, DHL and EMS and there’s no option for China Post for Free shipping.But they do have a separate section for FREE SHIPPING as well. So you can go check that out as well.

Do let me know if you liked my lookbook and any suggestions and utmost welcome as I believe constructive criticism does work wonders 🙂 If you liked any of the products that I receive or want to tell me your experience with dresslink.com , do comment down in the comment bar as I would love to hear from you all.

Happy Sunday to all :*