NovaLash Eyelash Extensions and Mani-Pedi at Warren Tricomi| Salon review

Hello everyone,

Remember the post I did talking about a recent visit to a spa at Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE? Well, the same day I also got a relaxing manicure-pedicure service at Warren Tricomi and eyelash extensions for the very first time in my life.

Today I’ll be discussing about my experience and what it’s really like to have eyelash extensions on. NovaLash is a company that makes a brand of eyelash extensions that have to be applied onto your lashline by a certified NovaLash professional. Unlike falsies, where you apply a row of lashes onto (or above) your lash line at once, with NovaLash, each eyelash is adhered to your lash-line one hair at a time. The extensions are actually glued onto the roots of your natural lashes, so as your natural lashes fall off time to time, so do the NovaLash extensions.

My experience: So here’s how the whole process was done:

  • The NovaLash expert asked me to lie on the table and positioned himself  near the head to start working with the lash extensions. He asked me what kind of lashes I would prefer and I asked him to go for natural looking, less dramatic NovaLashes.
  • He then stuck an adhesive tape on my lower lashes so that they don’t get glued during the process and asked me to relax. It did feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but then it was all fine.
  • He individually started gluing single lashes one by one for almost an hour or two.
  • After gluing the lashes, he took a mini fan and blasted cold air onto the lashes to dry out the glue as fast as possible so that they don’t get stuck to each other and clump up. This was the most annoying part of the whole process as he had used a glue that is used for sensitive eyes and which takes a huge amount of time to dry up. Took almost an hour to dry up and separate the NovaLashes, but the end was what was worth waiting for.

    NovaLash extensions- Before

Once the entire process is done, while opening my eyes, I did feel so weird in the beginning and took some time to adjust to the new babies on my eyes. But once he showed me the result, I was stunned. The NovaLashes looked so natural and blended with my natural lashes really well. They didn’t feel heavy at all and looked just as I wanted, that is long and dense. I was quite happy with the amazing work done by him and felt like a celebrity with the new look, Hehehhe!

NovaLash extensions- After
NovaLash extensions- After

My Manicure-Pedicure experience:

It was time for me to get a pampering mani-pedi at the Warren Tricomi Salon which is located at the same place as Spa la Vie by L’OCCITANE. I usually don’t go to a salon for manicures or pedicures, because I usually do one at home once in a month the old school way. But when the amazing people at Warren Tricomi asked me to try out their service, who could say not it!

The entire procedure was done by two of the staffs from the salon and it was one of the most relaxing mani-pedi I’ve ever got. I was made to sit on chair which honestly was not the most comfortable one, yet manageable. There was warm water already kept for the pedicure at the foot of the chair and then there are very interesting drawers at both the sides of the chair, that is filled with warm water for your hands.

The manicure: Since I had small nails when i went for the service, I din’t have much choice to choose the shape that i desire for, hence asked to just file the nails a bit. After that a cuticle cream was applied and I was asked to dip the hands in the warm water for a while. Then she wiped off the cream and started cleaning the cuticles thoroughly. The lady then took out a very sweet smelling sugar scrub from forest Essentials and started scrubbing the hands and my arms till the elbow well to remove all the dead skin. The manicure was done finally with an application of a massage cream from Forest essentials again.

Manicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- After
Manicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- After

The pedicure: Well, I’m not very proud of how my feet really look. They are super tanned all the time and I sometimes find them very old- lady like. LOL! The staff after soaking my feet in the warm water, applied the cuticle cream and let it sit in the water for a while. He then removed the cream and started cleaning all the gunk from the nails. He then took the same forest essentials scrub used for the manicure and gently started scrubbing my feet and part of my legs and applied a massaging cream all over the feet. The massage after that was super relaxing and he did his job really well. I wish I remembered his name because he was damn sweet and explained everything during the entire procedure.

Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- Before
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- Before
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- After
Pedicure at Warren Tricomi Salon- After

I was then asked to choose a nailpaint colour and decided to go for a nude colour and successfully found a browny nude shade for my skin tone. It looked super pretty on the finger and toe nails and also stayed for almost 3 weeks. I am planning to go back and get the same shade from there soon.

So this was my overall experience at warren Tricomi, Vr Bengaluru and also with getting eyelash extensions. I would be doing a separate post on how to take care of your new lash extensions post the process and the pros and cons of it in my next post. So make sure to visit the blog again tomorrow because there’s going to be a first hand experience discussed here.

Till then stay awesome 😀

Sugarbox “ANNIVERSARY EDITION”- Review and first impression


First of all so so sorry for not posting last week. I had a very important and my last exam to give and I’m finally all free now! Yayyy!!! And I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your friends and family.

This post is going a bit late, but last month I had ordered my first ever SUGARBOX as they were celebrating their 1st Anniversary and were running some great offers too. If you don’t know what sugarbox is you can read my post about SUBSCRIPTION BOXES here to know everything about this box.

The box came nicely packed in a huge cardboard box and inside there was a cute pink sugarbox with ribbons around it. I have seen the previous boxes from them and I was quite excited to get this one myself. Here are the things which I received in the box:

Look at the cute packaging!



Received this gift voucher worth 1000INR from WARREN-TRICOMI SALON. My birthday pampering is all set for next month 😀


Received this cute cupcake sling bag which you must have already seen my styled in one of my lookbook here.


I’ve been obsessing over mason jars lately and this unique bulb shaped one was just out of the box. Great job by Sugarbox.


I’m not a cap or hat person but this one’s just too adorable to not wear. The sad part is that it’s a bit tight on my head if I put the strap behind.


I was very disappointed with this scarf I received. Many of the other subscribers received a good quality scarf whereas this one looked kind of cheap and something that I wouldn’t really wear. 😦


When I received these earrings, I found one of them broken, but thankfully after contacting the Sugarbox team, they sent me a replacement for them. Their customer service is really good.So I’m all happy 🙂


This lollipop is just too cute to look at, that now I just don’t feel like even eating it. It’s still kept all wrapped with me 🙂


This ain’t an ice cream people. It’s a strawberry flavored handmade soap from the brand FUSCHIA. It smells divine and I am definitely going to try more products from this brand.


Oh my god!! The amount of times I’ve worn this tee and the compliments I’ve received is amazing. This t-shirt is so cute and chic that you can pair it up with anything possible. You can see me wearing this in the post here.


As I mentioned earlier, it was their 1st anniversary and they were running some contests on their instagram page, and I happened to win this heavenly smelling body lotion from PLUM.

I was expecting a bit more than this from Sugarbox as it was their anniversary special and hence was a tad bit disappointed since it was my first ever sugarbox. But I think I still got some of my favorites out of this box like the cupcake bag and the tee.

If you are looking to pamper yourself a bit, this subscription box is perfect for you as it is a blend of fashion, makeup and lifestyle related products.Their customer service is amazing even though they do not have a number to contact but they always reply to emails promptly. I would rate this box a 3.5/5 as I expected a bit more than what came in  the box. I’m definitely going to try their Holiday edition from this month as I’ve seen some really amazing goodies in their.

Have you ever subscribed to SUGARBOX ??Do let me know in the comments box and share your experience with me. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with new review and fashion posts.

Till then stay awesome 🙂