“Wear It”- The Virtual Mirror at Jealous 21

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I am super stoked today to tell you all about this new and  highly advanced technology based concept introduced by Jealous21 at their Indiranagar, Bangalore store.  I don’t know how many of you have tried this, but a few years back creating avatars and dressing them up was a huge craze and I used to totally enjoy it. This is somewhat the same concept used by the awesome people at Jealous21 in “wear it” , but instead of an animated avatar, here they use our very own scanned self  of our body.

"Wear It"
“Wear It”


So let me tell you a bit how the Virtual Mirror or the “Wear it” works. The system identifies our size and shape as we stand in front of it and uses the motion- capture camera to produce a realistic image and gives us an idea how an outfit would look on us. So in short, we are trying out outfits without actually waiting in those long queues outside the trial rooms. The whole concept has been designed so beautifully that it can be controlled through our hand gestures. All we have to do is use our palm to navigate through various outfits and by showing a “pushing” gesture we can select outfits to see how it would look on us. The use of hand gestures might be a bit new to you in the beginning but after using it for a while, it will be smooth as silk to you and you would love the experience. They also have a mouse and keyboard in case you find it difficult to use hand gestures.



You can “mix-n-match” your lowers and tops according to your preference and create various looks which can be shared on your social media like Facebook or even sent to your email through the virtual mirror which I think is absolutely fabulous and fun.Though I would definitely mention that this will only help you see how an outfit might look on you but not help you with the correct fitting, but still saving a lot of time from sorting out clothes or wondering how it would look on you or if the color would look good on you or not.


I have always loved the denims at Jealous 21 and have been shopping from them from quite a few years. They have recently launched their new Miss Universe collection with the brand ambassador being Paulina Vega(miss universe 2014) and there are various fits catering to the Indian women body types ranging from Hottie, Hourglass and Bootilicious. I think creating amazing silhouettes and fabrics keeping in mind the customer’s requirement is something that really impressed me about Jealous 21 since the time I’ve started shopping from them




Since technology has been a key factor in everything possible we do these days, having something so fashionable created from this amazing technology is something you all should look forward to girls!!! This ultimate reality experience is soon going to become all of our life saviour from standing in long queues especially during SALE.Oh and I also picked up two pieces from their new collection which I will soon style it to show you all.



Soon to be styled

If you happen to be in Indirangar do checkout their new “Wear It” virtual mirror to experience something new and fun. Don’t forget to comment below if you find this new launch interesting or if your feedback about the post.

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An Archipelago of serenity- The Andaman Diaries- ROSS ISLAND & NORTH BAY


First of all, I am so sorry guys for not posting the rest of the post, but I had lost all the pictures and retrieving them back took a lot of time and thus the delay. Anyhow, I wanted to finish this segment and let’s not delay any further. 🙂 ANd if you haven’t read the previous posts from the same series you can go here and here

The thing about Andaman is that its beauty cannot be put in words. It is not just a place, it is a feeling. You can’t just land in there and touch all the important attractions and get back saying you’ve travelled the paradise. You have to stand there, watch the clouds floating in the sky, breathe in the fresh air, walk through the waters and then only will you understand what the place can do. So here’s about the rest of my Andaman Diaries.

The crowd at 8 AM in Aberdeen jetty


The Day-2 was one of the most exciting part of our trip. We got up early and left for the jetty in the water sports complex. There were so many people already crowded up and all were waiting for their boats to arrive. The boats were going to take us first to ROSS ISLAND and then to NORTH BAY ISLAND. Around 10 years back when I used to stay in Port Blair, ROSS ISLAND was one of my favorite places to visit during the weekends. This island is so beautiful and serene in its own way and is one of the most beautiful islands in ANDAMANS. While the place is no habituated by the locals, it holds historical significance as the British administrative headquarters. When the Tsunami hit the islands in 1941, the British shifted their HQ to Port Blair. The island is located in such a place that it was easily visible from the topmost tower of CELLULAR JAIL and vice versa. The church ruins along with the magnificent gardens and the ballrooms are sure to take your heart away. You can spot some really pretty deer on this island and even enjoy fresh tender coconut which I absolutely enjoyed during the visit. The island is presently managed by the Indian Navy.It is said that it is blessed by the Rain Gods and while it may or may not rain in the rest of the Andaman, Ross Island will always witness monsoon at its best. While returning, we experienced the same and I have to admit that in the recent times, I haven’t loved rains as much as I did here.

The little beach on ROSS



20150525_115304 20150525_121425

We had time till 2 PM here , so we roamed around and took tons of pictures which I will definitely post later. There is even a small museum where you can find the old pictures of the buildings and how it looked during the BRITISH raj. The feeling that you will get on this island is so different. Throughout the tour I was just thinking of how it used to be when all these broken ruins of the buildings were as good as new and people used to stay here. The Britishers had a pretty lavish life and ROSS was even popularly known as “THE PARIS OF THE EAST” because of its extravagant lifestyle that it offered to its residents. Well, I would definitely want to TIME-TRAVEL and experience that life 😀

Aerial view of ROSS ISLAND
Make sure to read this
Some of the majestic trees on ROSS
Remains of the Officer’s club

IMG_20150525_110153 IMG_20150525_110102

IMG_20150525_111804 IMG_20150525_111748

Once our boat arrived to take us to the next destination, NORTH BAY ISLAND, I was already jumping around with excitement. This island offers some pretty adventurous stuffs to do like scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walk and glass boat ride. We opted for the glass boat ride as my mum and the others didn’t want to go for scuba diving. Though you wont be able to see the coral and fishes that clearly but the boat guy picked up a jelly fish and handed over to me to feel it.HEHEEE..it felt so weird to touch it and I was scared as well thinking I might squish it and kill it..Stupid me 😀

I look so stupid
Glass boat and us 😀
Daddy’s lil girl
Me! Super scared 😛



On the way back to Port Blair

After we got onto the island from the glass boat, me, dad and 2 of our family friends decided to go for scuba diving. SO here’s a thing guys, even if you dont know swimming you can do scuba. Because you need to be still while you are inside the water, else you will scare away the fishes. This cheered me up and boosted my confidence a little as I don’t know swimming. So we were assigned trainers who would teach us the basics of scuba diving, the signs to show to go up or down or if there’s problem breathing through the mask. I was a bit scared and even thought of backing out but trust me, you wont get chances ike this again and again in your life then why not go for it 🙂

The experience of being under water and watching such beautiful creatures and live corals were something that I always dreamt off and experiencing that was like a dream come true for me. I enjoyed every second of it. So after my scuba diving saga, I came out to get my diving video and pictures and had a hearty lunch. We headed back to Port Blair and roamed around a bit in the ABERDEEN BAZAAR which is one of the oldest markets in PORT BLAIR. I even had my favorite home made ice-cream that I used to have when I was kid and lived in Port Blair (Don’t remember the name of the shop)

So Andaman Nicobar government is very particular about preserving the natural beauty of the islands and hence taking any kind of shells or stones from these islands without permission is prohibited. If you are really interested to get your hands on some artwork made out of these shells, definitely head over to “SAGARIKA” handicraft emporium. This is a government run shop where the shells and corals that are dead are used to make very pretty handicrafts and jewelry items. The famous “PADAUK” wood that is found only in these islands are used to make handicraft pieces like “the Jarawan houses” etc. Even carefully crafted coconut shells are used to create some really cute souvenirs that you can always take to gift your loved ones from here. We did some heavy duty shopping here and still ended up spending a small amount as everything here is super CHEAP.

The whole thing made out of broken shells

After a yummy seafood dinner in our guest house after the shopping, we all headed back to our rooms to have an early goodnight sleep as the next day was filled with our trip to the famous “CHATHAM SAW MILL” and the “SAMUDRIKA” museum. All the details for the last two days will be in the next posts.

I promise you guys, I will be more consistent with my travelogues from now on. Enjoy these pretty pictures 🙂

Have a happy coming weekend 😀

StreetStyleStore.Com Haul and Review

Hi Everyone,


It’s been a while since I posted here. I was a little busy coping up with my CAT preps and then had to come back to Bangalore from home (homesick already 😦 ). Anyway that was off topic. So today I’ll be posting my first ever haul on the blog and along with a review about this website called Streetstylestore.com that offers an amazing variety of footwear, bags and the newly added section for chic and sexy clothing as well.

I stumbled upon this website through an ad which I saw on Facebook I think a year back and noticed that they have some luring and interesting collection.There are different offers that are available on their website like 3 pairs for 999 INR, 2 pairs for 999INR etc and the designs are pretty cool and very different from those one come across on other websites or even in a store.

Though the first time I helped ordering 2 pairs of sandals for my best friend’s sisters at 999INR and he paid through card for it. The website says the shipping takes 7-21 days, but for our shock the sandals never arrived in the mentioned time. We even tried to find a number on their site to contact them and much to our surprise there was no contact number available. All we could do was just email them and no response from their end. After almost 1.5 months the footwear arrived and what I got to know from my friend was that they looked of a very cheap quality.

Well, so this time around a month back I visited their website and ordered 3 pairs for 999 INR and decided to choose cash-on-delivery instead of paying online to stay away from all the tension and headache which my friend had to go through. After around a month later when I almost forgot about my order my package arrived. The 3 pairs were stuffed in a cardboard box and the condition of the box didn’t look much appealing to me as well.

Lets get into this haul and I’ll also tell you what I feel about them as well!!!!

Here to staple:

The actual picture in the website looks like this



And this is how it looks in real. This one’s my favorite among all the 3 in the haul. It has a very bohemian look to it with all that tassels going on 🙂



Beyond Retro:

The picture on the website looks so pretty and elegant


The picture on the website

And this what I received. I expected the straps to be rigid enough to stand straight, instead of it all over the place, falling haphazardly. 😦



Golden Grace:

Picture on the website



What I received in the package. The sandals in the picture looked so awesome and unique, but it was a total bummer only because of the flimsy material of the strap and the soles looked very prone to easy wear and tear. Though love the color combo 😀



I really liked the unique designs of the 3 sandals but was very disappointed by the quality as the straps looked very fragile and delicate and I doubt it would last a long time if you do not take good care of it and end up getting stuck in the rain with these sandals. I have a very mixed impression about this website and when you visit their Facebook page, you will see many complaints about package not delivered to the customers and comments getting deleted from their pages if it is kind of negative for them. But I kind of liked the footwear as you shouldn’t expect a lot when you pay 300 rs for a sandal. It has to be made with materials worth that money. Except the delivery time and their lack of customer service, the only thing that draws me to their website is their unique designs and great offers.


  • Great and unique designs
  • Amazing deals and bargains


  • Horrible delivery time
  • Lack of product details on the website
  • No customer care number to contact

Here are a few tips to those who wish to purchase from SSS (streetstylestore.com):

  • Always opt for cash on delivery and not pay online
  • Zoom in the pictures to find out about the material of the products as there’s no product details available
  • Have a lot of patience as the package will take almost a month to reach you most of the times

I had an okayish experience with streetstylestore.com and I will definitely want to checkout their awesome collection of bags and clothing section soon. If any of my sweet readers have ever ordered their bags or clothes do share your experience with me. Also do let me know if you found this haul interesting and if you would like to purchase any of these 3 footwear. All the links have been mentioned below the pictures to directly go to their website.


Have an awesome weekend my lovelies!!! 🙂


CHOiES.COM- Wish for anything and you’ll get it here

Choies-The latest street fashion


I am a big time shopaholic and will be constantly looking for great online deals and recently I’ve been shopping a lot from websites that ship worldwide for free and has a safe and secure way of payment too. This online shopping site called CHOies,COM has so much variety ,that you will get confused what you should order and what you should leave for the next time. And the best part is the price; they are so affordable and yes, they have FREE SHIPPING  WORLDWIDE too. They have a great refund policy and you can even pay through PAYPAL.

Do checkout their ongoing spring sale and grab up to 90% off on a variety of dresses, bottoms, shoes and chic and classy accessories at a very affordable price. Click on the picture given above to go directly to their sale page.



Hello Blogosphere!!!!

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Hey everyone!

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