Alix Skincare ‘3 Essential Trio’ Review

I have been a huge fan of natural skincare products. I’m always on the lookout for natural skincare brands and when the brand is made in New Zealand, I’m always up for giving them a try. I won’t lie by saying I don’t have my favourites but being a blogger means I always have to try out new products for giving you all the option to try out products that they feel will be suitable and more accessible to you.

A few months ago I was approached by Alix Skincare to try out three of their products (3 Essential Trio) and give my honest opinion to you all. They sent me their 1) Ultimate Face Oil 2)Pumice Spheres Exfoliator 3) Body Wash for Face, Skin & Hair.

All three of these products are on the testing table since October and I’m now ready to give my final thoughts about what I think of these products. Before I talk about each of the three products, here’s a bit about the brand.

Alix Skincare uses natural active ingredients that are sulfate & silicone free. They source their main ingredients from sustainable, responsible producers from New Zealand and around the world and products are manufactured by two leading cosmetic labs in NZ.

Now let’s get into what I think about the products.

  • Body Wash for Face, Skin & Hair (NZD 39.95) is perfect for travelling if you believe in ‘travelling light’. Like the name suggests , you can use this product as a face wash, shower gel and as a hair cleanser. Though I’m not a huge fan of its scent but that’s just me. I like products that’s got some sort of fragrance and this body wash doesn’t have that. The product has some impressive ingredients like aloe vera, wheat protein and provitamin B5 along with other. It is completely sulphate, paraben, betaine, DEA free.FACE, SKIN AND HAIR BODY WASH
  • Pumice Spheres Exfoliator (NZD 12.95) is my favourite out of the three products. I use it for literally all parts of my body. The powdered pumice is not at all abrasive or harsh and infact is perfect for removing dead skin, black/white heads and increase the blood circulation which in turn makes the skin supple. The exfoliator is also good for scrubbing before shaving to avoid in-grown hair. I mix the powder with face wash to use on my face and for the rest of the body I simply mix it with water and use it while having shower.EXFOLIATOR
  • Ultimate Face Oil (NZD49.95) is my second most favourite and i think it has definitely become a part of my skincare routine. Enriched with vitamin A, B, E the oil works great for all skin type but would be an amazing product for extremely dry skin types. I only use the oil in my night time skincare routine as it can be a bit too oily for my combination skin. The oil goes straight after my serum and the next morning gives me a nice subtle glow with supple skin. FACE OIL


All in all all three products from Alix Skincare is extremely good and works really good if used together and can be purchased together as a trio. But if you’re looking to get just one out of the three I would suggest investing on the exfoliator and for my dry skin babes the face oil would be great. You can get your hands on these products online from their website

If you are already using products from Alix or are planning to purchase something, do let me know in the comments section below.

Until then stay awesome 🙂


Skincare regime that lets me get away with no makeup feat. Lemon & Beaker Product Review

The closer I’m getting to my 30s, the more I’m interested (read obsessed) in skincare and I’ve been so excited reading about ingredients behind any skincare product that I buy or come across.

At the beginning of this year, I volunteered to try out the products from a newly launched NZ skincare brand called Lemon & Beaker (Well! Isn’t that what a beauty blogger’s job is!!!). I was excited to try out a new skincare brand not only because it was all natural, but because it was also cruelty-free, vegan and packaged in glass which means recyclable! When I signed up for this, I had no idea what the products looked like, not even the packaging, or how good (or bad) it might perform on my skin, but having had a pleasant experience with other NZ-made brands, I had quite high hopes for this one. The other impressive point was the fact that the products were developed by a lady who had a Bachelors in Chemistry and knew what really worked etc.20190411_214823-01IMG_20190204_222044_482

After using each of these products for a good amount of time, I have noticed I can get away with no makeup at all most days because my skin is much clearer and brighter, plus the pores around my nose and cheeks have significantly reduced. Although I love putting on makeup, I prefer to not use it all the times because I get super lazy taking it off at the end of the day and I also feel daily use of makeup has never done anyone’s skin much good.

So after a lot of trial and testing of each of these products from Lemon & Beaker, here’s my review on them:

  • Foaming Deep Cleanser with Lemon Essential Oil- $36NZD:20190204_195113-01.jpeg

I absolutely love the fact that the product comes in a bottle with a pump which means that I can control the amount I need to use each time. The product has a gel-like consistency but becomes foamy when you apply it on wet skin. The fragrance is very citrusy and gives an ultimate pick-me-up feel. I feel that my skin feels very clean and bright every time I use it and this is the first step in my skincare routine both morning and night. I use one pump in the morning and two pumps at night to make sure my face is squeaky clean after a long day of being out in the sun, dirt and air-con. This is definitely my favourite product from the brand.

  • Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil- $39NZD:20190204_195258-01

It has taken me quite a good amount of time to understand the importance of toner in a skincare routine, and now it’s a must for me both morning & night. This toner has rose essential oil in it and you need to shake well before putting it on a cotton pad and gently pat onto your skin. Sometimes I also just pour a small amount into my hand and pat it gently on to my skin with my hands if I don’t have cotton pads with me. I do quite like the product but I would have loved it even more if it came in a spray bottle that I could use to evenly spray it on to my face. Unlike many rose-based products, this toner smells like fresh roses which is a big win for me as I hate the smell of artificial rose fragrance.

  • Vitamin C Serum with Lemon Essential Oil- $46NZD:20190404_202016-01

So this has to be my second favourite product and I give a lot of it to how beautiful it looks in the packaging with lemon peel crystals in it. I use this serum in my morning routine and after toner, I take a small pump of this serum and apply it on to my face and neck. The product is instantly absorbed into my skin and has no sticky or oily feel to it. This is a great option for someone who’s got oily skin but is also very good for dry and combination skin types. Ever since I’ve been using this serum along with the other two that I’ll be talking about, I’ve seen a huge difference in some of my pigmentation around my mouth and how my skin naturally glows.

  • Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil- $46NZD:20190404_201614-01-01

I use this serum in my night time routine only because it made my skin a bit oily due to the essential oil. But over the next few weeks, I’m going to start adding this in my morning skincare routine as it would be a great addition for that extra hydration in the colder and drier months coming our way in NZ. This serum is great to fight free radicals that causes sun damage and pigmentation on the skin. I would suggest this serum to those who have dry skin or someone who likes that natural glow on their face as it definitely isn’t suitable for someone who’s already got oily skin. You need to shake the bottle quickly first before using. I used this in the mornings when it was hot and humid here and I broke out a bit as I started to sweat and the oil and sweat together didn’t go that well. Trying this in summer when it’s so humid, this was probably my least favourite in the range but that is only because my face doesn’t deal with sweat that well.

  • Ageless Serum with Jasmine Essential Oil- $48NZD:IMG_20190404_210741_496

Again, I am a big fan of the beautiful packaging this serum has. Lavender is one of my favourite colours and the bottle just looks so pretty on my vanity. Like the name suggests, this serum fights signs of ageing thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improves elasticity of the skin. Like I mentioned earlier, in a couple of years I’ll be turning 30 and I realised this is a good time for me to start with anti-ageing skincare products and this is definitely going to stay in my skincare routine for a long time. The serum has a very mild jasmine smell which is great for someone like me who can’t deal with very strong fragrances. The serum is suitable for all skin types and I apply this along with the dual-blend serum in the night. Of course I can’t tell you if I have less fine lines now or not, but I can definitely say that my skin looks a lot healthier and I don’t know how much of that is because of these serums.

  • Brightening Cream with Rose Essential Oil- $42NZD:

The brightening cream is part of my day and night time skincare routine and I apply this a few seconds after the serum is completely absorbed in my skin.  The brightening cream I am now using and sold everywhere, is different to the first formula I received from Lemon & Beaker initially.  The brightening cream caters to all skin types but doesn’t feel as heavy and thick as the first one I used but equally moisturises the skin. One of the ingredients is Vitamin B3 which is great source for cell regeneration; in short it keeps your skin feeling youthful and fresh.

For the first brightening cream they sent me, I wasn’t initially the biggest fan of it during the day because I felt it to be too thick for me and and it made me sweat around my mouth (any thick cream would do the same thing to me). I blame this on the very hot humid days in NZ. But I noticed it worked wonders when I used it in the night because in the morning I woke up with the best skin ever (this was before I was sent the 3 serums). I did give the feedback to the brand and gladly they were already working on it and changed the formula. Since using the newly formulated brightening cream I have no complaints anymore.20190303_183750

So that was my review on the entire range of Lemon & Beaker skincare products that I’ve been using for a few months now. Using a single brand skincare routine for this entire time definitely helped to make a thorough decision about what I think and how it faired on my skin and I’m so glad I put my hand up to be one of the first to try out this newly launched brand.

If you’re looking for a natural skincare brand, I would highly recommend checking out Lemon & Beaker because it really does work! You can find these products on their website as well as Life Pharmacy and Unichem. I’ve never reviewed a whole lot of skincare products from just a single brand, but there is always a first time. If you find this kind of review useful, do let me know and I’ll do this more often

Do you have a one brand skincare or have you ever thought of trying one?

Disclaimer- Products were sent to me for trial. Like always, my reviews are honest & genuine


I found my Holy Grail Face Mask ft. Fernz Bee Venom Mask

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long long time since I wrote a post. Lots of reasons behind it which also involves a bit of me being a lazy prick! Anyway, keeping all those reasons aside, I want to talk about a product that’s been my absolute favourite from the past 6 or more months.

Last year, I was sent the newly launched FERNZ SKINCARE ‘Bee Venom Mask’ to try out. This was my first ever NZ made skincare product and I was looking forward to trying it out mainly because of the ingredients. The product contains the OG Manuka honey, Bee Venom ( Oh Yes! It’s the best for your skin), Shea butter and some of the best vitamins (Vit C, B3, B5, B6 ) that your skin craves for.

Fernz Bee Venom Mask

What the product claims:

The Fernz bee venom mask provides the dual action treatment of plumping up the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and helps in hydrating the skin to boost radiance. It’s got the best of New Zealand Manuka Honey and Bee venom that does the magic!!

Not suitable for those with bee allergy!!

Fernz Bee Venom Mask


The product is available for NZD 55.90 and is available on their website.

My experience:

I have a combination skin with most parts of my face being dry. After moving to New Zealand, I realised my face started getting flaky especially around my nose and mouth area. I believe it was due to the dry and cold air and the mask I was using was only making the skin more and more drier as it catered more to the Indian weather.

Ever since this baby came into my life, I noticed a big difference in my skin and I’m not saying this because it was sent to me by the brand. I mean it girls! The mask is nothing like what I’ve used in the past.

The mask has a creamy texture to it and when you have the first look, it would look more like a jar of moisturiser. A thin layer of the product has to be applied all over for about 20 minutes. After a few minutes of applying the mask, you’ll realise that the product is completely absorbed into your skin and that’s when you know that your skin is happy 🙂

Fernz Bee Venom Mask- Creamy texture

After leaving it on for 20 minutes, I gently massage my face and then rinse it off . There’s this natural healthy flush to your skin and the skin looks fresh. The first time I thought it might be a placebo effect. So I went ahead and used it for 1 whole week (yes, you can use it every single day) to see if I’m just imagining things or if this thing really works. In fact my entire family tried this product when I was in India and they only had good things to say about the mask. It works equally well on men’s skin and this was proved when my dad (matured skin) and brother (teenage boy) tried out the mask for 3 weekends and they felt their skin looked less tired.

Before- Face with the mask on
After- Face After the wash

By now I was convinced that I’ve found my holy grail face mask and I would definitely be going back to a new jar once I run out of my current one!! I love that the ingredients are all natural and made in New Zealand (say yay to supporting local businesses) and that it suits all skin types of any gender. You get one jar for your entire family and they’re all sorted 🙂

Final thoughts:

This mask is definitely worth giving a try. The packaging says to be used everyday but I think using it once a week would do good too. The best time to use this mask is in the night as it has enough time to do its magic on your skin.

Definitely not very friendly on your pocket but if you love some good natural ingredients on your skin, this is definitely something that you need to have. The jar is good enough to last you for a long time and also looks pretty luxe in terms of packaging.


4.5/5 (Deducting 0.5 only for the price)

If you’ve tried this product or any other bee venom products, make sure to share your stories in the comments section below.

Till then stay awesome 🙂





First ever GIVEAWAY in collaboration with Iwowd Skincare #100Members(CLOSED)

Hi wonderful people,

I am super duper excited to host my first ever giveaway with you all. I just realized that I am about to touch my 100 followers target on my blog and the very same time, the sweet folks at IWOWD Skincare decided to collaborate with me and help me with this giveaway.

So, if you are a regular reader of my blog, I had done a detailed review about the Face Serum “Elisir” by IWOWD SKINCARE and if you have by any chance missed the post click here to know everything about this budget friendly face serum for solution to all the skin problems.AufFcz7FJy0CInKHl0-b-II7sqpwIHPI4Kh1QxYeATj5


Here are the RULES for this giveaway and one winner’s name will be announced on the 10th of February who will receive the “Elisir” FACE SERUM worth Rs 1099.

And that’s it!! 3 Simple rules and one lucky one can win this amazing Face Serum. And here’s a bonus, 2 lucky winners will also get a 30% off coupon for one-time use to purchase this serum from their website. Click Here to visit their website. Please note the giveaway is only for 2 weeks starting 28th of January,2016. The winners will be selected through rafflecopter and announced on my Facebook Page. Extra efforts will surely be counted.

I hope you all will love this small gift from my end for all your love and support and I promise to get more exciting giveaways for you all soon.
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Till then stay awesome 😀

Four Season’s Multi Vita Brightening Sheet Mask- Review and Christmas announcement

Hello my lovely people,

Hope you all are having an amazing new week. The year is about to be over and I have super awesome posts lined up for you all. Recently I had done a haul post featuring SKIN18.COM(Read here) and most of the products that I received were some amazing Korean sheet masks. Here’s a review of one of the sheet masks that I used this weekend from the FOUR SEASON and how it turned out to be for my skin.(pssstt I have something amazing for you all at the end of the post)


Claims:  The highly concentrated multi vitamin essence brightens and vitalizes dull and dark skin.

Fragrance: This mask has a very mild and pleasant fragrance of natural green tea and vitamin E and nothing disturbing to sensitive nose.

Ingredients: Vitamin E,C,B5, green tea extract,Witch hazel extract

How to use: Apply the mask over cleansed and toned face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Massage the remaining essence onto the face in an upward circular motion and leave it.


My experience: After keeping this mask for around 20 minutes, my skin felt hydrated and supple. A few breakouts were settled soon after the mask was taken off which was an amazing result. I have previously used other sheet masks from INNISFREE and I felt this one being on a more affordable side did the same job except that I liked the fragrance of the Innisfree mask more.

My dull and weird face before using the mask
My dull and weird face before using the mask
#Sleepyface Slept with the mask for about 20 minutes

Your face will look a bit shiny after using this mask and i suggest you to use this in the night because by morning all the shininess would be gone and your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated.

After using the sheet mask

Availability: You can get this mask and many other Korean products from SKIN18.COM at a very affordable price of 0.85$.


  • Antibacterial and treats wounds caused by pimples and acne
  • Eliminates dullness and reduces dark circles to some extent


  • Available only on and ebay currently.

Rating: 4/5

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The sweet folks at SKIN18.COM were really sweet to give all my readers a huge Christmas gift by offering a 25% off on any purchase and you can use it any number of times. Awesome right???

Use the code SPECIAL25OFFAISHWARYA on your orders to avail this offer on or before 31st December, 2015. You can also use this code multiple times to make an order. Hope you guys will like this small pre-Christmas gift from my end for all the love you guys have given me.

Have an amazing week and stay awesome 🙂

Nature’s Co. Beauty Wish Box- November “WINTER BLISS” Edition

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. I’m down with cold and feeling home sick and maybe soon after the exams would be running back home. Anyway, I had done a post a few months back about various beauty subscription boxes in India and Nature’s Co. Beauty Wish Box was one of them. If you haven’t read that post click HERE.

Winters are here and most of us go through a very bad skin transition, from dry and flaky skin to dehydrated and dull face and this happens to both men and women equally. The Nature’s Co. is known for it’s natural skincare products and this Beauty wish Box from them sends you 1 full size and 5 deluxe size products at a mere price of 595INR along with sometimes accessories or bags.

This month’s bag had a theme names “WINTER BLISS” and caters to all the winter care that your skin needs. Let’s see what all I received in the box.

All the products came in purple colored crochet bordered sling bag. You can carry this bag outside maybe with a indo-western outfit like palazzo, maxi skirts etc. I’m planning to give it away to my mom.





Everything inside was nicely bubble wrapped and that made sure that the products are safe from spilling or leaking. It also came with an instruction manual with the product details and each product was specified for different parts of the body that requires special care during the winters ranging from face,hands,body,feet and lips.I also received a gift voucher of 35% on all the full size products that I received in this bag.

  1. A hand and nail cream in a full size tube from their FORESSENCE range. This smells divine and I use it every single day since the time I’ve received it.



2. A Lavendar- YLANG YLANG body butter cream from their ATMOSPURE range. This is perfect for all                those who are suffering from dry and flaky skin due to the winters or even in general.


3. Vanilla- Vitamin E face cream which is suitable for all kinds of skin types. The aroma of this cream is just like a            vanilla chocolate ice-cream and everytime I use it, my face has retained its moisture the entire day.


4. The Vanilla creme body wash leaves my washroom smell like an ice-cream parlor for a long long time. This            is  also from their ATMOSPURE range and I love it.


5. This walnut-mint foot scrub is a must for me as I tend to get chapped feet almost every winter time. I use this         on a pumice stone and gently scrub my feet once a week to remove the dead skin.


6. Green apple lip-pop. I’ve not yet started using this lip-pop but it has very mild and soothing fragrance.


Overall the bag is perfect with all the winter care essentials for your skin and I think if you are looking for something to cater to your skin with less chemicals, NATURE’S CO. products are an absolute must. It’s cheap and effective and has got really amazing reviews from everyone who has previously used their products. You can order their bag and other products from their website HERE.  They send decently sized products so that one can try it and decide if they would want to purchase the full size bottles.



Hope you liked this post. I will be doing a detailed review on each product soon for you all. If you have tried the NATURE’S CO. BEAUTY WISH BOX, do let me know in the comment section below.

Till then stay awesome 😀