Olaplex- An insurance for your hair!!!

Hello everyone!!!

First of all a very happy new year to you all. Thank you for all the love and support for the blog and the constructive criticisms that helped me improve a lot. First post of the year and I thought why not start with something that has really brought immense improvement to my hair.

So a month ago, I was invited to the launch of “OLAPLEX” at the bounce salon in Indirangar. You must be wondering what “OLAPLEX” is and how is it going to help your hair. Well, we all know that coloring our hair or any sort of chemical treatments rips of all the natural goodness from the hair and makes it look dry, dead and frizzy. That’s where “OLAPLEX” comes into picture.


Let’s first talk a bit about “Olaplex” treatment. World’s two leading biochemists Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. At the BOUNCE SALON, I got an opportunity to speak with Rebecca Taylor and Jordan Alexander, who were part of the OLAPLEX team and she told me that this product was developed just in a span of 20 minutes and it works wonders to your hair like no other product ever did.

Olaplex doesn’t cater to your scalp issues but works deep into your hair and repairs all the broken bonds that was damaged during those crazy hair chemical treatments. This product is great for even virgin hair and can be easily mixed with color or lightener. There are 3 steps involved and the third step is a product given to you that has to be used at home.

My Experience: I was pampered by 2 very sweet stylists at Bounce Salon and was first given a hairwash and also served a mocktail which tasted yummm. The process started with the application of  the step no 2 as I do not have colored hair. The step no 1 is used with the color that is applied on your hair. Anyway, the product was on my hair for about 10-15 minutes and was rinsed off well. Th stylists blow dried my hair and trust me you guys, it felt like a dream. My hair has gone through a lot of damage in these few years from coloring to chemical rebonding twice, and the last time I got the rebonding done, the lady at the salon burnt my hair at the roots too (I’m still not out of the shock 😦 )

Hair wash before the treatment
The application of step no 2
Waiting for the product to do its magic!
After the treatment with the yummy mocktail

The hair felt much stronger after the treatment and the next few days I saw almost no hairfall which was quite unusual. After I washed my hair after 3 days, it still felt strong but I could feel the effect grading away as the days passed by. It is a treatment that can be done by those who suffer serious hair damage due to chemical treatments and do keep in mind, you might have to visit the salon again after a few days depending upon your hair texture and how it reacts to the treatment.

Tadaa!! This is how my hair looked after the treatment



You can get the OLAPLEX treatment done at any BOUNCE SALON and pamper your tresses. It would cost you around 2500-3000 INR depending on your hair length. Visit the Olaplex website for more information about the treatment. If you are facing any kind of hair problems do let me know in the comment section below and we can discuss some remedies here 🙂


Stay Awesome 😀



Let’s draw the line with Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal-Review and Swatches


It’s very rare when you come across products that can be a real boon in your life. I have the most sensitive and watery eyes in the world I feel and the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a blessing from God for me all the way from Germany.I have tried kajals and kohls from nearly all brands but nothing ever suited me.The moment I applied kajal to my lower waterline my eyes started to itch and the kajal will spread and I will look like a racoon. But this kajal from PLUM has really changed all that for me.


Let’s talk a bit about this baby now:

CLAIMS: NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is 100% preservative free, 100%vegan, 100% mineral-oil-free and ophthalmologically tested safe. This all-day-wear kohl kajal is designed for a gel-liner like performance.100%smudge-proof,water-proof,single-swipe brilliant black kohl-cum-liner that’s also gentle on your eyes. Convenience of 2-in-1 kajal cum liner.


PRICE & QUANTITY: 425 INR for 1.2 gms.

PACKAGING: The packaging comes in a cute purple colored pencil which has to sharpened as it is not retractable. You can get the sharpener which is around 125INR to sharpen the kajal instead of using the stationary sharpeners.

TEXTURE: The gel-based formula is super smooth on the eyes and you don’t need to tug or pull your eyelids to create a smooth application. The kajal is very soothing to the eyes and cause no irritation.


One swipe
One swipe

PIGMENTATION: I was so impressed by the jet black color of this kajal and knew this is my life now. One swipe and you will see its magic and if you need a more dramatic black liner, swipe it once more and you are all set.

The left one is with 2 swipes and the right is with one swipe

THE LASTING POWER: The kajal gives a very matter finish and does not SMUDGE at all. When I say no smudging, it DOES NOT. You rub your eyes or even wash your face, the kajal will remain intact without any slipping or smudging. It’s true to its claim of being water-proof and smudge-proof.

No smudging even after washing hands with water
No smudging even after washing hands with water

DSC_1248 DSC_1251

MY EXPERIENCE: I use this product every single day now and lasts for the entire day without making me look like a ghost by the end of the day will my kajal everywhere. Overall the product is really impressive and stands upto my expectations. The price range is really affordable and can beat all the high-end gel liners and kajals.


  • Gel-based formula in a pencil
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • Travel friendly and budget friendly
  • Matte finish and highly pigmented
  • 100% Vegan and ophthalmologically tested


Sharpening the pencil leads to a lot of wastage. Maybe something to improve this???

RATINGS: 4.9/5

You can buy this product HERE .Have you tried the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal yet? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀


Get your dose of Korean skincare with SKIN18.COM- Beauty Haul and Review

Hello everyone!!!!

How are you all doing? I’m done with one exam and I have a few more lined up in the coming days. Need all your best wishes and luck 🙂

Ever since I used some of the skincare products from the popular Korean brand INNISFREE, I’ve been obsessing over Korean skincare and soon would try some of the makeup products as well. The Korean skincare and makeup is a huge RAVE throughout the globe and for obvious reasons. They work extremely well for your skin and has the least amount of chemicals and harmful products in them. Some of their products have ingredients like SNAIL SLIME which is known to do wonders for your skin. Well, you can see the magic on every Korean girl or even a guy’s face. They have the most amazing skin in the world I feel.

Recently I discovered this online website named SKIN18.COM. The founder of this website Euginie fell in love with Korean products after her visit to Korea and that’s how she started the website. Once you visit SKIN18.com, you will realize how some of the well known Korean brands are available at a super cheap price and they also keep having some really awesome giveaways and contests all the time. And here’s the best part, they have a special section for just FREEBIES and all you have to pay is for shipping and they’ll send out these products for FREE (click here


The awesome people at SKIN18 were kind enough to send me some skincare products to try out and review them for you all. And I would never say no for Korean products. The availability of these products in India is almost NIL provided you stay in Delhi, then you can get your hands on INNISFREE. But for people like me who has no option SKIN18.COM is the bombdotcom.

Here are the products that I received and I will be doing an individual review on each product in my future posts. Everything came nicely bubble wrapped and reached me in about 15 days from the date of shipping which is quite fast provided it is shipped from HONG KONG .

Packed extremely well
Packed extremely well


BEN&SERA jj cream diamond whitening one second
BEN&SERA jj cream diamond whitening one second
Ben&Sera 30 days anti-aging project serum
Ben&Sera 30 days anti-aging project serum
Ben&Sera 30 days anti aging coating cream
Ben&Sera 30 days anti aging coating cream
laffair aqua black 3-step skin renewal black mask
laffair aqua black 3-step skin renewal black mask

I am really glad that they sent a good amount of products for me to try out and Korean skincare can in no way harm the skin because of the natural ingredients in them. You can completely trust the website with your shipping and their shipping is really fast as compared to many other international websites.

I have a special giveaway coming soon on the blog for 100 subscribers celebration, Keep a watch on this space and do let me know if you have ever tried any KOREAN SKINCARE products.


Till then Stay awesome 😀

An Archipelago of serenity- The Andaman Diaries-Havelock Island

Hi everyone,

So I finally managed to reach to the final destination and my favorite among all, The Havelock Island.  And if you haven’t read the previous parts from my Andaman diaries, click on these links below:


If you ever visit Andaman and not go to Havelock, then your trip is of no use and a total waste. This place deserves all the hype it gets from everywhere and you’ll know by the end of this post why?

The trip to Havelock island from Port Blair used to be a really long journey a few years back, but after the introduction of cruise rides, it has become superbly convenient to travel in less amount of time. Coming from the Indian mainland, with quite often dirty & polluted beaches, street chaos and crowded places, this island was just what we needed: the complete opposite.

We had to first get to the entrance of the port by our own vehicles and from there a government owned bus takes everyone inside the port where a thorough checking is done and you will have to show your ID cards as well. Once you reach the jetty, there is a waiting hall and it is just like a mini airport where we wait to board our flights, here in our case is the cruise. So we decided to take the very popular cruise named “MAKRUZZ“. They have an awesome service and you will have an amazing and comfortable ride till your destination in their cruise line. There is also some snacks service inside the cruise and you can enjoy them while you are on your way to HAVELOCK and listen to some old 90’s English songs too 🙂

Security check at the jetty before taking the cruise
Security check at the jetty before taking the cruise




I have a terrible problem of SEA SICKNESS but travelling in the cruise never made me realize that i’m in water maybe because it was the morning time and the sea was pretty calm. We reached HAVELOCK JETTY in almost 2 hours and from there we were picked up by the pre arranged taxis to our resort. Since my dad had a few connections, we managed to get the ever so famous “DOLPHIN BEACH RESORT“. It’s a government owned resort and has the most beautiful guest houses in the entire Havelock. The best part was, it had its own PRIVATE BEACH as well. Our rooms were really clean and well maintained and the whole place was filled with MANGO TREES. I even got to eat some yummy mangoes from there.

Waiting to board MAKCRUZZ
Waiting to board MAKCRUZZ
Super excited to reach Havelock
Super excited to reach Havelock


There a couple of stunningly beautiful beaches on Havelock island. Most of them can be described as tropical paradises beaches with the oceans being more of a natural swimming pool. But be aware: even though the water is calm most of the time, it can get pretty rough as well. Oh and one more thing: Havelock island is a pretty wild place and it’s possible to see many types of wild animals, including crocodiles – salt water crocodiles to be exact. Years ago an American tourist was taken by a salt crocodile. Don’t be put off by this incident though. It’s best to check ones with the locals before heading to any beach.


Anyway, the beaches here are numbered and even though they have their own names, you will them having their own numbers if you pick up a Havelock’s map. You can rent scooters in Havelock to drive around and even explore places on your own and the view is just breathtaking. But since I was with my family, we decided to take cabs to the beach. As we were here only for 1 day, I wanted to get in the water as soon as I could. One of the most famous beaches is the Radhanagar beach (or beach #7). Voted one of the top 10 beaches in Asia, this beach certainly deserves all the credit it has got. Awesomely huge, pristine and with wonderful views, this beach is a delight!! There is a place where you can even change your clothes after a nice shower and both for men and women are at separate places (PHEWW). I was so amazed by the clear water here and was just not ready to come out of the water. Infact me and my dad were going all crazy and guys the beaches here are like swimming pools, you walk really far into the water and it will be still shallow and safe. But by evening the water starts coming up and that’s when the life gaurds will start shooing off everyone from the water. I even noticed that there are some places to stay nearby the beach but I’m sure those would whooping costly. We treated ourselves with some hot PAKODAS and CHAI and even fresh TENDER COCONUT WATER. Well! I love tender coconut and can have as many as possible in a day..LOL

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
Dad n me going crazy in the water
Dad n me going crazy in the water
Radhanagr beach
Radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach


After the day at the beach, we were so exhausted like as if we worked out in a gym for hours and came back. My whole body was in so much pain, but somehow i was happy and content. You don’t get to see such pretty places in the mainland India right? Since it was getting into the monsoon mood out there, most of the fishermen had stopped going for fishing and finding a good sea food place at that time was really a tough thing for us. Still me and dad went for a lookout and eventually found a small shop where he luckily had some amazing fresh caught fish and crabs. Since I am a huge fish fan, we decided to take the fish and asked him to cook a spicy fish fry for us. I wanted to eat this with the other delicious feast that was already cooked for us in the resort, I decided to get it packed and took it back to the resort. After a delicious hearty dinner, we headed back for a goodnight sleep.

The next day was more of a laidback day and we were just hanging out in the resort and taking walks on the private beach. Since it was low tide we got to see some cute little crabs, their hide outs and could even walk deep inside where there would be leg deep water otherwise. It was so much fun guys, I wish I could forever just freeze that time. We entertained ourselves with a few games of UNO in which I lost like a maniac and filled our stomachs with fresh Litchis and tender coconut water (AGAIN!!!)

Private beach
Private beach
Private beach- During low tide
Private beach- During low tide
Low tide
Low tide
Our rooms in the resort
our UNO place
our UNO place

Before a few hours of our cruise back to Port Blair, we headed over to another small beach named “ELEPHANT BEACH”. It is said that an elephant(now very old) with its mahout on her back, used to swim to this beach every day.Elephant apart, this beach is straight out of picture postcard, so stunningly beautiful that your own eyes won’t believe the beauty is for real…it feels like a dream world and I did not want to close my eyes for a bit!!If you plan to spend a whole day here, bring your own food and water because there are no restaurants or street vendors around except for a few coconut sellers. Elephant beach can be reached after a 20 minute drive through the jungle and the view is amazing. I think if you plan for a destination wedding, you should really plan it here. 😀

On the way to ELEPHANT beach through thick forests
ELEPHANT BEACH at the side
Elephant beach
Elephant beach

After playing some FRISBEE here, we headed back to the jetty to board the cruise. Well I must say I was super sad to leave this island. I don’t think any place could ever substitute HAVELOCK for its beauty for me. The ride back to PORT BLAIR was pretty bad as the sea was horribly rough and the whole cruise was literally jumping on the waves and moving. I was glad we reached safely and all thanks to MAKCRUZZ (no, this post is not sponsored by them )

Sunset- A view from the MAKRUZZ
Sunset- A view from the MAKRUZZ

After all that excitement and adventure, it was time to bid goodbye to ANDAMAN the next day. The flights were a little delayed which quite normal if you are planning a visit to ANDAMAN. Oh YES, another thing is don’t try to pick up shells or any such things from the beaches, because during the luggage scan they will detect it and ask you to take it out and deposit at the counter to the forest department people. That’s exactly what happened to me and another small kid who was crying his heart out the whole time for snatching away his precious shells from him. SAD 😦

Our final dinner in Port blair
Our final dinner in Port blair
Random shots
Random shot



So this was all about my beautiful journey to the most favorite destination of all time for me- THE ANDAMANS. Before i end this post, many of you requested and hence I will definitely want to give you a few tips if you want to visit ANDAMAN ISLANDS. 

  1. If you wish to go to the Andaman Islands book your flight early.
  2. Before planning the trip, you must know about the climatic conditions here, so that you can choose the weather of your choice. February to May, is the best time to visit the islands, as the sun will shine directly on the beaches, while June to September will be extremely rainy, somewhat ruining the charm of the place and making it a little dangerous on the coasts. While the winters, December and January, also has a charm of its own. What suits you, should be your choice, while we will suggest the pleasant summers.
  3. Research on places to visit thoroughly before reaching the islands.
  4. You can get flights from CHENNAI and KOLKATA, there are ships also from both places if you plan to spend most of your holidays in the sea. I’m not sure of the travel duration and fare for ships though.
  5. Make sure you have atleast a week’s time with you to visit most of the well known places which includes, ROSS ISLAND, VIPER ISLAND,CELLULAR JAIL, HAVELOCK ISLAND, LIMESTONE CAVE, ABERDEEN BAZAAR, CHATHAM SAW MILL,  SAGARIKA, SAMUDRIKA
  6. Make sure to keep an umbrella with you because it can rain anytime there.
  7. Pack light cotton clothing and maybe something little thicker for the nights.
  8. Make sure to have comfortable footwear, sun shades, sun hats, scarves, sun blocks. You must also keep anti allergy cream, as the close contact with sea water may give you rashes.  I had a few :/
  9. Don’t forget to do scuba diving or snorkeling or glass boat ride to watch the splendid coral reefs of this place.
  10. This trip might be a little costly and hence advisable to carry some extra cash with you apart from the estimated budget. And make sure to always carry an ID PROOF with you.

So that’s the Andamans, where white-sand beaches and turquoise waters await…..it’s really a worthwhile destination, but get there soon, as it’s getting more and more popular.Hope you guys had fun reading my ANDAMAN DIARIES and could get some idea about how the place is and also visit the place. I have personally had some of the best memories in Andaman years back and reliving some of them again this year was nostalgic as well as amazing for me. Do let me know what you think of this post and if you plan to visit Andaman in the near future.


Happy SUNDAY you all 🙂

“LIEBSTER AWARD” – First ever nomination on my blog :)

Hi Everyone,


Second blog post on a single day!! Well I was really bored today and no mood to study and that’s when I realised I was nominated a week ago by the beautiful blogger Linda who’s from California for the LIEBSTER AWARD. YAYYY!!! This is the first time I’ve been nominated for a blogger award. HAPPY MUCH!! Thank you so much Linda (Visit her blog here) 🙂

And if you don’t know what a Liebster award is , i found a link where you can read about it http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/


So this is just like a chain mail where instead of a mail being passed , you just pass away questions to new bloggers and discover their fun answers as well. This is a great way to know about new blogs and bloggers who are just starting out. So what I need to do is first thank the person who nominated me, write 11 random facts about me and then nominate 5 other bloggers for the award. Also post a liebster logo in my post and answer the questions asked my LINDA on my blog. SO here I start :

11 Random Facts About Myself:

  • I hate to be late for anything, be it school, college or office
  • I love late night snacking 😀
  • I don’t believe in early to bed early to rise. LOL
  • I’m a huge movie buff
  • I love spicy and tangy food
  • Pani puris are my favorite street food
  • I’m a shopaholic. That’s why this blog
  • I prefer online shopping over regular shopping
  • I believe in quantity over quality when it comes to shopping
  • I love doing budget travelling
  • I have very few girl friends and so I love my blog because I get to make such awesome lady bloggers here 🙂


Questions from Linda:

  1. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? An ability to time travel. I would love to visit the ancient era and see how things were during those times.
  2. Travel internationally or domestic? I’ve travelled all across India, so time to travel internationally 🙂
  3. Favorite food? Rajma and rice
  4. Why did you start your blog? Because I love writing and it’s an amazing way to let the world know your views.
  5. 3 products (beauty or not) you cannot live without? My Maybelline 14hr lipstick in plum, Maybelline Colossal Kajal, My laptop
  6. What’s your next travel destination? New Zealand
  7. Hotel, hostel, or Home Away/Airbnb ?Any day Home sweet Home
  8. Night owl or early bird? Night owl.hahaa
  9. Favorite TV shows? PLL, The Modern Family, Gossip Girl, Entourage
  10. Got any pet peeves? I love cute lil puppies
  11. What’s the worst thing you have ever eaten? Tuna fish! Yuckkk



  1. What do you do when you are bored?
  2. Who’ your favorite superhero?
  3. 3 Holy grail products for you?
  4. What’s in your handbag?
  5. Movie/Long drive/ Chill at home?
  6. What do you love about your blog?
  7. Whose your favorite Blogger?
  8. What’s your ideal date?
  9. What’s your go-to outfit?
  10. What’s your dream job?
  11. Your tips for new bloggers?


I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

Christen from Sohisticatedchicblog

Katie from katiecupcakelifewithme

Sonam Naidu from sonamnaiducreative

Aishwarya Kaushal from glamourignited

Melina from macelina

Hope you ladies will have fun answering my questions. Nominate other fellow bloggers and continue the fun!!


Till the next post XOXO!!! :*


Lookbook for Dresslink.Com

Hi everyone,


How are you all doing? Hope you are having an amazing weekend 🙂

Well a few weeks back, I had done a wishlist post for dresslink.com where I had shown you some of the awesome things that I was about to receive from Dresslink.com. If you still haven’t read that post , you can find t here https://shopaholibond.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/a-shopaholics-wishlist-dresslink-com/

So around 2 weeks back I received the package which dresslink.com guys had sent it to me for review and I was totally amazed by the prompt shipping these guys did. Since I was not in town, I had to wait for a while to shoot the LOOKBOOK which I have never ever done before in my life and you can see that lack of confidence in the pictures. LOL!!

Anyhow , I still wanted to show you guys what I received and I how i styled it up for a very casual look. But before that i would want to tell you a lil bit about the quality of the items that I received. I have ordered from many chinese online websites and a lot of time I’ve been disappointed by the items that I get as they will look completely different from how it looked on their websites. But when i got the package from Dresslink, I was rather very happy for the fact that they sent me the exact same items that I saw on their website and the quality felt amazing too. I’m not being bias here as I got these stuff for free coz they are not paying me for writing all the good things about them. But trust me guys, these stuffs are good for real.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to be careful about what size you pick while ordering and I would advise you to pick a size bigger than your usual size as that really helps in getting the right fit for you most of the times. So let’s stop dragging this and get straightaway to the pictures.


Fringed chiffon kimono

You can buy it here: http://www.dresslink.com/fashion-ladies-women-perspective-fringe-patchwork-loose-casual-long-cardigan-chiffon-blouse-p-24920.html

This kimono can be worn in so many different ways. I paired it up with a distressed jeans and a simple tee that  received from dresslink as well.


Simple grey tee with lace pattern on the sleeves

You can buy it here: http://www.dresslink.com/womens-lace-hollow-out-split-joint-short-sleeve-loose-tshirt-p-10448.html

This tee is very simple yet pretty for the fact that it has these pretty lace cutouts on the sleeves and the back. I couldn’t get a good picture of the back as the lighting and the location was not that great.


It fits me perfectly and I love it for the fact that I can pair it with jeans or even a skirt and it will still look good for a casual day-out.

The black pair of platforms that you see the above picture are the next thing that I received. I would say it isn’t that great of a pair to take out for a party but it definitely is a good pair if you wish to get some height yet have that comfort and the ability to walk and work at the same time. I loved these platform sandals and I’m planning to buy the white pair of the same ones soon. Though it’s a little small on me, but that’s my mistake for not choosing a size bigger than my usual.


Black platform ankle strap sandals

You can buy it here:http://www.dresslink.com/summer-women-platform-sandals-high-heel-ankle-strap-open-toe-sandals-shoes-p-23046.html

And the last thing that I received was another floral tee and I love the the pattern on it. But sadly for some reason, it doesn’t look that good on me. I paired this up with a bodycon skirt and wore the black kimono on top to just add that casual laid-back look to it.



Casula t-shirt blouse

Sorry for that face. I blame it on the harsh sunlight 😀

You can buy this here: http://www.dresslink.com/2014-newest-fashion-womens-korean-short-sleeve-loose-casual-tshirt-tops-blouse-p-13169.html

So this was my first ever lookbook and I think there’s a lot of scope for improvement (self-motivation is what I like to do 🙂 ) I really liked the products that i received from Dresslink.Com and I totally understand now why the youtubers speak so highly of this website. The courier services that ship to India are Aramex, DHL and EMS and there’s no option for China Post for Free shipping.But they do have a separate section for FREE SHIPPING as well. So you can go check that out as well.

Do let me know if you liked my lookbook and any suggestions and utmost welcome as I believe constructive criticism does work wonders 🙂 If you liked any of the products that I receive or want to tell me your experience with dresslink.com , do comment down in the comment bar as I would love to hear from you all.

Happy Sunday to all :*

StreetStyleStore.Com Haul and Review

Hi Everyone,


It’s been a while since I posted here. I was a little busy coping up with my CAT preps and then had to come back to Bangalore from home (homesick already 😦 ). Anyway that was off topic. So today I’ll be posting my first ever haul on the blog and along with a review about this website called Streetstylestore.com that offers an amazing variety of footwear, bags and the newly added section for chic and sexy clothing as well.

I stumbled upon this website through an ad which I saw on Facebook I think a year back and noticed that they have some luring and interesting collection.There are different offers that are available on their website like 3 pairs for 999 INR, 2 pairs for 999INR etc and the designs are pretty cool and very different from those one come across on other websites or even in a store.

Though the first time I helped ordering 2 pairs of sandals for my best friend’s sisters at 999INR and he paid through card for it. The website says the shipping takes 7-21 days, but for our shock the sandals never arrived in the mentioned time. We even tried to find a number on their site to contact them and much to our surprise there was no contact number available. All we could do was just email them and no response from their end. After almost 1.5 months the footwear arrived and what I got to know from my friend was that they looked of a very cheap quality.

Well, so this time around a month back I visited their website and ordered 3 pairs for 999 INR and decided to choose cash-on-delivery instead of paying online to stay away from all the tension and headache which my friend had to go through. After around a month later when I almost forgot about my order my package arrived. The 3 pairs were stuffed in a cardboard box and the condition of the box didn’t look much appealing to me as well.

Lets get into this haul and I’ll also tell you what I feel about them as well!!!!

Here to staple:

The actual picture in the website looks like this



And this is how it looks in real. This one’s my favorite among all the 3 in the haul. It has a very bohemian look to it with all that tassels going on 🙂



Beyond Retro:

The picture on the website looks so pretty and elegant


The picture on the website

And this what I received. I expected the straps to be rigid enough to stand straight, instead of it all over the place, falling haphazardly. 😦



Golden Grace:

Picture on the website



What I received in the package. The sandals in the picture looked so awesome and unique, but it was a total bummer only because of the flimsy material of the strap and the soles looked very prone to easy wear and tear. Though love the color combo 😀



I really liked the unique designs of the 3 sandals but was very disappointed by the quality as the straps looked very fragile and delicate and I doubt it would last a long time if you do not take good care of it and end up getting stuck in the rain with these sandals. I have a very mixed impression about this website and when you visit their Facebook page, you will see many complaints about package not delivered to the customers and comments getting deleted from their pages if it is kind of negative for them. But I kind of liked the footwear as you shouldn’t expect a lot when you pay 300 rs for a sandal. It has to be made with materials worth that money. Except the delivery time and their lack of customer service, the only thing that draws me to their website is their unique designs and great offers.


  • Great and unique designs
  • Amazing deals and bargains


  • Horrible delivery time
  • Lack of product details on the website
  • No customer care number to contact

Here are a few tips to those who wish to purchase from SSS (streetstylestore.com):

  • Always opt for cash on delivery and not pay online
  • Zoom in the pictures to find out about the material of the products as there’s no product details available
  • Have a lot of patience as the package will take almost a month to reach you most of the times

I had an okayish experience with streetstylestore.com and I will definitely want to checkout their awesome collection of bags and clothing section soon. If any of my sweet readers have ever ordered their bags or clothes do share your experience with me. Also do let me know if you found this haul interesting and if you would like to purchase any of these 3 footwear. All the links have been mentioned below the pictures to directly go to their website.


Have an awesome weekend my lovelies!!! 🙂


Let’s go all “organix” with OGX!!

Hi Everyone!!!!


How are you all doing? Weekend is here and most of us girls love to give ourselves spa treatments at home, and the most common is taking extra care of your hair with all that “champi” (oil massage) and stuff! 🙂

So I thought telling you guys about these beautifully smelling hair care products from a very well know brand ORGANIX or OGX. I’ve been reading a lot about OGX on the blogger’s community lately and how my fellow bloggers rave about their brazilian keratin range as well as the argan oil range. I decided to finally give these products a try and ever since I’ve been hooked onto these products. So let’s not keep anymore suspense and review them!!


OGX ARGAN OIL of MOROCCO- Penetrating oil:

Main Ingredients: Kernel oil, Argan oil and fragrance

Claims: The Argan oil penetrates, moisturizes, renews and creates softness and strength and also protects hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage.


Argan oil for all hair types
Argan oil for all hair types       

The cute packaging 🙂
My Experience: I have pretty long straight hair and it can really “knotty” after a shower. LOL!! This stuff does wonders to my hair and helps me remove all the knots really gently and super fast. Though I expected it to be an oil, but the consistency is “serum” like and is not at all sticky or oily. It is advised to use it on towel dried hair and it did wonders to my hair. All I needed was a little bit of the oil for my entire hair and then rubbed it between the palms and applied it from roots to top. I don’t yet know about the strength part, but it definitely gives a sheen to your hair along with a very mild fragrance to it.

Cost: INR 725 for 100 ml

Ratings: 4/5


  • A little amount is enough for the hair
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • A must product for dry and frizzy hair
  • True to its claims


  • Costly for a 100 ml bottle
  • The fragrance can be a no-no for many

I bought this online at Purplle.com at a discounted price. You can get it on Flipkart and Amazon as well. I’ll leave all the links at the end of the post. 🙂


Main Ingredients: Water, cocoa seed butter, keratin, coconut oil, avocado oil, citric acid etc.

Claims: The Brazilian coconut oil and keratin proteins smoothens and strengthens curly and wavy hair and provides straight and shiny tresses.

Brazilian keratin therapy shampoo
Brazilian keratin therapy shampoo                                
Loved the chocolaty colored packaging
Loved the chocolaty colored packaging

My Experience:

My hair is super dry and prone to breakage as I’ve got chemical smoothening done to them and I am using a lot of oil and hair masks to combat the dryness. This shampoo has done a fabulous job to my hair by moisturizing them without weighing them down. My hair looks absolute diva-like with all that shine and luster in them. The best part is you can see and feel the effect for 2-3 days without a hair wash .My washroom smells like chocolate once I come out coz that awesome this shampoo smells. To cut a long story short, I’M IN LOVE WITH IT! 😀

Cost: INR 725 for 385 ml


  • Easy to wash off
  • Makes hair shiny and doesn’t weigh them down
  • An absolute miracle product for dry/coarse hair


  • A little costly

Ratings: 5/5

I can’t think of anymore bad points for this baby to be honest. Now I know why this product is so raved about everywhere and why is it always out of stock online. So my final verdict would be that this an absolutely amazing product for all those who wish to add some shine to their dry and dead hair. They have a lot of range available for different types of hair and you might want to try them. The links to the website where i got the products from is mentioned below.

http://www.flipkart.com/organix-ever-straight-brazilian-keratin-therapy-shampoo/p/itmdwg263xardfct?pid=SMPDQGSQDSNKAGXX – OGX shampoo

http://purplle.com/product/organix-moroccan-argan-oil-penetrating-oil-100-ml?0= – OGX penetrating oil

Hope you guys liked this review. Do let me know if you have tried the OGX shampoo and conditioner range. I’m looking forward to try their conditioner soon 🙂



A Shopaholic’s Wishlist II- “Highqualitybuy.com”

Hi everyone,


This website called highqualitybuy.com is going to be my next one to be included in “shopaholic’s wishlist” series. If you haven’t already seen my previous wishlist, do check it here :


Highqualitybuy.com has some really pretty things and the amazing part of this website is that it not only has products for girls but also some really cool gadgets and equipments for guys as well and that too at a really affordable price. And guess what! They ship worldwide for free!! Yayyyy!!

I fell in love with so many things that I spent almost 2-3 days thinking what to order from them and then finally came up with this wishlist. Do check out the products ranging from clothes to jewellery and find them on their website. They are running an amazing “BUY 1 GET 1” offer on their website so don’t forget to check them out at highqualitybuy.com.


An extremely adorable sweater! Perfect for the coming winters
An extremely adorable sweater! Perfect for the coming winters

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/sweet-santa-print-christmas-sweater-for-women-FS24699.html

Pretty pleated dress that can be easily paired with the sweater on top
Pretty pleated dress that can be easily paired with the sweater on top

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/charming-organza-splice-chiffon-pleated-skirt-for-women-FS27361.html

An amazing looking jumpsuit.In love with this color
An amazing looking jumpsuit.In love with this color

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/women-s-strapless-sweetheart-green-wide-leg-jumpsuits-FS29934.html

Wear this bohemian neck piece with the jumpsuit and you will rock it
Wear this bohemian neck piece with the jumpsuit and you will rock it

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/punk-style-alloy-beads-stud-pattern-necklace-JA06466.html

An uber cool sweatshirt to be added in your closet
An uber cool sweatshirt to be added in your closet

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/women-s-splice-color-long-sleeve-zipper-hooded-sweater-gray-FS30449.html

Wear it as a dress or wear some cute leggings underneath to get a casual yet chic look
Wear it as a dress or wear some cute leggings underneath to get a casual yet chic look

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/elegant-women-s-v-neck-irregular-hem-sky-blue-chiffon-casual-loose-short-dress-CS09448.html

Team up these pretty leggings with some  Hi-Low top and see the magic it does
Team up these pretty leggings with some Hi-Low top and see the magic it does

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/fashion-women-lady-slim-peony-floral-pattern-ninth-pants-leggings-tights-hot-CS10093.html

In love with this vintage bohemian leaf neck piece
In love with this vintage bohemian leaf neck piece

Buy here: http://www.highqualitybuy.com/new-vintage-leaf-portrait-tassels-gothic-bib-necklace-chain-pendant-jewelry-JW00379.html

Do let me know what you liked from my wishlist and what you plan to purchase in the comment window as they SHIP FREE WORLDWIDE!