Creating my own handbag with Toteteca

Hello everyone,

I was going through my archives, and found some pictures a few months back which I didn’t quite like it and chucked the idea of posting them. But now the reason for this post is only because I want to talk about this amazing brand called TOTETECA, who specialises in personally curated handbags. Yes! You heard it right, this online website makes that makes customised bags as per your needs. And when talking about customised bags, how many times have you found yourself in a situation, where you see another girl carrying the exact same handbag like yours in a party and all you wondered was wish, you had something that no one could ever own. Well, that’s exactly what Toteteca will take care of!

About Toteteca

Toteteca is a combination of two words, tote and teca. Tote is a type of handbag and teca literally means library in Latin.
Their goal is to create a ” bag library ” of sorts where people can select bags in any color and combination to create a bag that is truly unique.

Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review

On the Website:

Here is the demo video that explains the entire process from choosing your design and colour, to the payment and shipping process This will tell you exactly how you can get yourself a customised bag of your choice.

  • There is an exciting array of handbags available on the website from totes to suitcase bags, they have it all and  are designed to meet Casual as well as Formal needs.
  • Each of these bags gives you an option to customise in terms of the base colour of the bag, colour of the metal/hardware used, colour of the inside lining, type and metal of monogram.
  • The awesomest part is the MONOGRAM with the initials of your choice. That means, instead of flaunting a brand’s name on your bag, the bag will have your very own initials or maybe something else that you want on it!S
  • The other best part about Toteteca is, they only use FAUX LEATHER in making these bags, but the quality of the faux leather is of high durability which feels great to touch too.
  •  They ship not only to India, but INTERNATIONALLY too! The shipping to anywhere in India is FREE of cost. They have bags to customise from 20USD to 100USD, which is definitely not too much, given the fact that you get to customise your own handbag. This is definitely a website to try out if you are a handbag lover or hoarder like me 😀

My Experience:

Coming back to what I customised for myself, it’s a cranberry coloured bag with gun metal coloured trims. Given the fact that I literally carry my whole world in my bag, I wanted something that was big, yet looked great to carry with most of my outfits. It came with it’s own small coin such bag, which was so nice to have. The bag was shipped to me in a huge dust bag, which was really thoughtful of the Toteteca guys. This is a spacious and a sturdy looking handbag and has been doing great even after months of using it together. You can checkout the pictures to see how the bag looks like and how I’ve styled it with my wide-legged denims.

Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review
Customised handbag-Toteteca Review

I would totally recommend you all to check this site out. Be it gifting your loved one something so personalised, or getting your creativity into use by customising your own handbag, this is a site to be checked out. If you are a handbag lover or hoarder like me, you are going to truly enjoy your experience here 😀

Have you ever owned a customised bag? Do you like the concept of Toteteca? Let me know all about it in the comments section below.

Till then stay awesome 😀

Bringing back the retro girl!

Hello my lovely people!

Here is a post which has been kept pending from a long long time. I had planned this outfit shoot way back in February but somehow just couldn’t get to post this. And finally here is it and it’s all about the good old 90’s fashion.

If you follow fashion world a bit, you’ll know how 90’s trends are all coming back and being a kid from the 90’s, I can’t tell you how elated and happy I am. So a few months back while cleaning up my huge trunks, I found some of my old clothes and among all that, I found my then favorite pair of high waist bell-bottom trousers that was a gift from my dad on my 16th birthday. Well, sadly I never grew much from then except for putting on oodles of weight here and there but somehow it still fit me so well and hugged my body from all the perfect places.

The retro inspired trousers are totally making their way back into our closets this season, giving skinny pants a much needed break. So here is a look that I put together for you all. It’s super comfy and I feel bell bottom pants are a blessing in disguise for girls like me who are short and have wide hips because these pants make your legs look slender and you look really tall. I’ve also paired this with a basic white crop top and a brown leather jacket and leather boots to give a biker girl look from the 90’s. Somehow , I couldn’t find my choker neck piece, so I just created one from my usual neck piece. Hope you all like it 🙂








Flared trousers: From Singapore; White Crop top: Koovs; Brown leather jacket: Kazo; Brown boots: SSS

Here are a few tips to wear flared/ bell bottom pants:

  • Make sure to go for high-waisted as they make you look taller and who doesn’t want to look tall right 😛
  • Go for pants that are tight at the thighs and flares up at the bottom.
  • If you are slightly broad at the bottom, go for dark colors to make your figure look flattering
  • Make sure to wear high heels or wedges to perfect the look

Hope these tips and outfit ideas helped you a bit. So go ahead and dig into your old clothes or there are lots of options available in stores for bell bottom or flared pants these days. Don’t forget to checkout @thesingshotscompany who took these amazing photographs.

Make sure to write down your opinion and views in the comments section below and I would love to know what you think of this look. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with my random shenanigans 🙂

Till then stay awesome 😀

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