CNDirect Wishlist- Pretty, Cheap and Easy Buy

Hello awesome people!!!

My love for online shopping lets me discover some really awesome websites with such amazing deals that I just can’t resist ordering atleast one item from them and one such website I discovered recently is (Click here). It’s a Chinese website that ships INTERNATIONALLY and also has their warehouse in USA apart from CHINA (HAPPY NEWS). I can’t tell you guys the amount of time I’ve spent on this website choosing what I should order because of the fact that they have so many in-trend stuffs from clothes to shoes to bags for both women and men. Apart from the apparels, there are electronic gadgets and even home decor items for such small price, that you will be drooling over their website. IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THEIR EMAIL LIST YOU WILL GET A LIST COUPONS( 50 DOLLARS OFF COUPON)YOUR FIRST ORDER!

I found some amazing deals on CNDirect from almost 0.01$ and they are ah-mazing!!! They have these flash sales every single day and also has a separate section for FREE SHIPPING, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra cash for the shipping part. But I think if you don’t wish to wait for 15-20 days of time for your package to arrive, best way is to just pay a little and get your hands on your goodies in just 3-4 days. Well its all upto you what you want to choose. They have some awesome courier companies tied up with them like ARAMEX, DHL and EMS and I think the cheapest among all is ARAMEX. I have ordered a few items from them and I’m eagerly waiting for them to arrive and I thought why not share with them. Maybe you would like to buy something out of my wishlist too.

So here we go 🙂


Bohemian neckpiece
BUY HERE:Bohemian neckpiece- 3.21$( FREE SHIPPING) 


BUY HERE: Cute Leopard print Backpack– 3.59$


kitty tee

        BUY HERE:Kitty Tee-2.33$

Fringed Bag
BUY HERE:Fringed Bag- 1.69$


Combat boots- 5.19$
BUY HERE:Combat boots- 5.19$
Fringed jacket
BUY HERE:Fringed jacket-0.01$
BUY HERE:Faux leather leggings-1.98$
Sunglasses- 1.91$
BUY HERE:Sunglasses- 1.91$
Slit top-3.68$
BUY HERE:Slit top-3.68$
Fuschia asymmetrical top
BUY HERE:Fuschia asymmetrical top-3.35$

So these are all the awesome stuffs I liked on and I think I almost decided on an entire outfit along with the necessary accessories for myself and I’m super happy for the price I’m getting all these for. If you like any of these items be sure to click on the picture to find out more about the products as they are available in various colors and sizes and make sure to visit their website for their FLASH SALE as some of the really pricey stuffs are sold at a price of just 0.01$.

Make sure to let me know if you liked any of the items from my post or if you plan to buy anything from their website 🙂



StreetStyleStore.Com Haul and Review

Hi Everyone,


It’s been a while since I posted here. I was a little busy coping up with my CAT preps and then had to come back to Bangalore from home (homesick already 😦 ). Anyway that was off topic. So today I’ll be posting my first ever haul on the blog and along with a review about this website called that offers an amazing variety of footwear, bags and the newly added section for chic and sexy clothing as well.

I stumbled upon this website through an ad which I saw on Facebook I think a year back and noticed that they have some luring and interesting collection.There are different offers that are available on their website like 3 pairs for 999 INR, 2 pairs for 999INR etc and the designs are pretty cool and very different from those one come across on other websites or even in a store.

Though the first time I helped ordering 2 pairs of sandals for my best friend’s sisters at 999INR and he paid through card for it. The website says the shipping takes 7-21 days, but for our shock the sandals never arrived in the mentioned time. We even tried to find a number on their site to contact them and much to our surprise there was no contact number available. All we could do was just email them and no response from their end. After almost 1.5 months the footwear arrived and what I got to know from my friend was that they looked of a very cheap quality.

Well, so this time around a month back I visited their website and ordered 3 pairs for 999 INR and decided to choose cash-on-delivery instead of paying online to stay away from all the tension and headache which my friend had to go through. After around a month later when I almost forgot about my order my package arrived. The 3 pairs were stuffed in a cardboard box and the condition of the box didn’t look much appealing to me as well.

Lets get into this haul and I’ll also tell you what I feel about them as well!!!!

Here to staple:

The actual picture in the website looks like this


And this is how it looks in real. This one’s my favorite among all the 3 in the haul. It has a very bohemian look to it with all that tassels going on 🙂



Beyond Retro:

The picture on the website looks so pretty and elegant


The picture on the website

And this what I received. I expected the straps to be rigid enough to stand straight, instead of it all over the place, falling haphazardly. 😦



Golden Grace:

Picture on the website


What I received in the package. The sandals in the picture looked so awesome and unique, but it was a total bummer only because of the flimsy material of the strap and the soles looked very prone to easy wear and tear. Though love the color combo 😀



I really liked the unique designs of the 3 sandals but was very disappointed by the quality as the straps looked very fragile and delicate and I doubt it would last a long time if you do not take good care of it and end up getting stuck in the rain with these sandals. I have a very mixed impression about this website and when you visit their Facebook page, you will see many complaints about package not delivered to the customers and comments getting deleted from their pages if it is kind of negative for them. But I kind of liked the footwear as you shouldn’t expect a lot when you pay 300 rs for a sandal. It has to be made with materials worth that money. Except the delivery time and their lack of customer service, the only thing that draws me to their website is their unique designs and great offers.


  • Great and unique designs
  • Amazing deals and bargains


  • Horrible delivery time
  • Lack of product details on the website
  • No customer care number to contact

Here are a few tips to those who wish to purchase from SSS (

  • Always opt for cash on delivery and not pay online
  • Zoom in the pictures to find out about the material of the products as there’s no product details available
  • Have a lot of patience as the package will take almost a month to reach you most of the times

I had an okayish experience with and I will definitely want to checkout their awesome collection of bags and clothing section soon. If any of my sweet readers have ever ordered their bags or clothes do share your experience with me. Also do let me know if you found this haul interesting and if you would like to purchase any of these 3 footwear. All the links have been mentioned below the pictures to directly go to their website.


Have an awesome weekend my lovelies!!! 🙂