Achieving “Serenity”|Color of the year 2016 featuring StalkBuyLove

Hello everyone,

This summer is going all out with colors without any perceivable distinctions in color choices between the men’s and women’s collections, both of which focuses on breathable and playful fabrics. Colors this season are those that transport us to a much happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express ourselves.

The heat this year is so harsh that I really don’t feel like going out anywhere and even at 7 in the morning, it’s already sunny and hot and that really spoils my mood every time I decide to go out for a shoot. But with  colors like serenity, rose quartz, buttercup and many more light and “soothing to eyes” summer shades, you can have a much better experience while dressing in this horrible heat. My personal favorite from this year’s color 2016 is definitely SERENITY that conjures an expanse of bleached blue sky, a perfect definition of SUMMER right?

When I found this jumpsuit in the color SERENITY on, I knew I had to grab it and instead of going for my right size which is S, I went for a size bigger for a more breathable style. The jumpsuit is a perfect blend of formal and brunch wear and you can style it up or down as per your requirement. I have gone for a formal look here with  stilettos and a plain bracelet and minimal makeup which is appropriate for those who are looking for a stylish work wear.

Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE

The fabric of this jumpsuit is very breathable and the tie-ups at the collar can be tied into a bow for a more professional look or can be left open. You can even roll up the sleeves for a more brunch ready look and roll up the bottom part a bit higher and wear them with sandals for a casual look  I’ve tied my hair into a high pony tail to keep them away from my face and trust me you guys, I roamed around the whole in this outfit after the shoot without feeling the harsh heat on my skin. There are so many other outfits ranging from off shoulder tops to skirts to even dresses in the color serenity on and I’m definitely going back to get my hands on them for this year. The best part is, you can flaunt this color and other Pantone colors throughout the year in various silhouettes and styles and hence getting wardrobe staples in Serenity and rose quartz would be the best option to make use of the clothes all year long.

Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE
Serenity jumpsuit|STALKBUYLOVE

Do let me know what you think of this look. Also let me know what you think of the colors for the year 2016. Do you like them?

Till then stay awesome 😀

“Public Holiday Sale”- Big Bazaar’s Way to treat you with Discounts

Hello everyone,

I’ve been really busy this past few weeks and all I’ve been doing was hustling between Bangalore and Chennai. Well, I’m not complaining at all because this is my job now and I totally love what I do. Anyway, coming back to the post for today, I have some great news for all you budget shoppers.

If you live in India, you all know about BIG BAZAAR– a shopping heaven for women, kids and every member of the family. An affordable place where you can get products from clothes to groceries to home decor and so much more. I have seen the brand grow from a basic affordable brand to now sponsors of Miss India with their budget friendly fashionable clothing at FBB. So when such a popular household brand decides to host one of the biggest Sales of this year, how can I not let my readers know about it.

Big Bazaar has come up with “Public Holiday Sale” for all their valued customers who love discounts .You all can avail various kinds of  discounts on products ranging from food to electronics to fashion apparels. They have some awesome deals on juices where you can Buy 1 and get 2 free and many such exciting offers.

The big holiday sale
The public holiday sale at Big Bazaar

If you are looking to decorate your newly bought house or just want to revamp the old house, get the best deals on home decor products like bedspreads, door mats etc. I have already made my shopping list and I’m definitely eyeing on their Ethnic wear section. I love the quality of their products and have always loved the affordable clothes that I’ve bought from the store. I think I own most of my ethnic wear and night wears from Big Bazaar and can proudly say that they are still as good as new after several wears.

Big Bazaar Creative  hi res

So, don’t forget to visit any Big Bazaar outlet near you throughout the country from 30th April to 4 May to make the best of the sale. To get live feeds about their sale, checkout their Twitter Page too. The earlier you go, the better deals and products you can get your hands on. Do let me know in the comments section below if you shopped anything during the sale. Also let me know what you think of Big Bazaar.


Till then stay awesome 🙂

It’s time to skip the mall|Reasons to shop online

Hello lovely ladies,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Do you love shopping but hate the rush , the wait and the long queues especially during the summers? If that’s what the case is , then you definitely are my kind and online shopping is for you my loves. 😀


Recently there has been an immense increase in the number of fashion shopping online that gives you numerous options to shop from. Besides, fashion shopping online site is gaining popularity for a lot of reasons and I’m going to talk about a few of them here:

  • Those bags are heavier

Shopping in malls is becoming cumbersome for those addicted to buying clothes, shoes and other fashion apparels from the comfort of their home. Besides, shopping online for fashionable outfits saves you from carrying  those heavy bags from the mall after you are done shopping.

  • Pants or no pants? 

Shopping from the comfort of your homes has another privilege; you just don’t have to bother about what you are wearing. Shopping online for fashion apparels also saves you the time which you would have spent in deciding what to wear to the mall and then dressing up and then obviously the ever so famous traffic. lol!

  • Have been standing in the queue for too long?

Shopping malls get very crowded especially during sale seasons. Hence it is better to opt for fashion shopping online. Online shopping sites can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. And, you don’t need to get frustrated getting through the crowd anymore. On the web, it’s like you are the only person shopping at that particular time thus making the whole experience a pleasurable one.

  • No strolling from one store to another

When shopping in malls or open markets you will have to keep moving from one place to another to make sure that you have bought everything you needed at the best price. However, it’s different when shopping online. Here you can search the products you need and shop without having to travel from one mall to another with those gigantic heavy bags.

  • The search box 

The search box comes as a shopping for our shopping needs. We can search for particular things and can also customize it according to our needs by selecting options like “Sort” or “Prices from low to high”.

Although, these days online shopping can be used for buying anything from grocery to household items, clothes shopping is something which has become very popular owing to the large number of online shopping sites. We women love shopping for clothes, switching from one site to another to find more style and variety. Keeping in with the vibe of the summer season, shopping for dresses is favoured by women more than other clothing options. There are a large number of websites available such as,, jabong etc from where you can buy dresses online in India. I have been using most of these websites ever since they were started few years back and one of my favorites among all the available websites is definitely SBL (Stalkbuylove) as they always gave some of the best international designs at a much affordable prices back then as compared to others.

Dresses can be found in so many variants and styles in all these Indian online websites . Some of my favorite styles are the all time favorite little black dress or LBD, the super sexy maxi dress, the fuss free slip dress, and the elegant shirt dress. There are obviously many other varieties that you can opt for and recently I came across some really cute off-shoulder dresses and tops on Stalk Buy Love that are much in trend these days and perfect for the summers to flaunt. Also if you want to experiment with your looks, you can even wear dungarees on top of a cropped off shoulder top and you can see all the attention is going to be on you the next time you go out to meet your friends. Here are some of the outfits I found perfect for the summers and thought I would share with you all. You can even browse through Stalk Buy love  for other options and buy some amazing dresses online if you are from India according to your taste and style.


fashion dress -stalk buy love


If you love shopping, then you will definitely enjoy the convenience of online shopping and the amount of time you can save from getting ready to getting stuck in traffic to passing through the rush in the stores. If you are someone like me who love to shop especially online, do let me know below and also your favorite online shopping sites that you think I should explore too.


Till then stay awesome 😀

Beauty Services at home with StayGlad


You know how we all dread the times when we have an urgent event to attend and make a call at the salon for an appointment and the lady at the other end breaks the bad news that there are no slots!! Well well! What if I tell you that you never ever have to go through any of those situations and get the best beauty services right at your home?? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me explain everything now….

StayGlad is a company that provides all kinds of beauty services right at your doorstep. It is just as easy as booking your cabs these days. Just visit their website or download their APP, and book the services that you require right at the comfort of your couch. All you have to mention is the time, location and that’s it, you’ll get a confirmation soon after along with the name of the person who will be coming to your house for the services. Ain’t that super simple!!


I remember a few years back, an aunty use to come to my house to do my eyebrows and waxing and to be honest I hated it when she dirtied the entire room by the end she was done with wax spilled everywhere and dirty waxing strips on the floor. Gross!! Don’t you even think once that it’s the same case with the associates from StayGlad. They are squeaky clean and hygienic and make sure that every nook and corner of the room is clean before they leave the house.


My Experience:

So a week back, I had booked an appointment for a hair spa, de-tan facial and waxing in the morning and within an hour before the service I got a call with confirmation. The associate reached on time and made sure to sanitize the place well by spreading out disposable sheets and giving me a disposable gown to wear. Everything was so impressive and I was glad to see that every product was opened right in front of me which gave me the assurity that I have the best service ever.

Super Hygienic Services by StayGlad
Super Hygienic Services by StayGlad

I absolutely loved the neck massage that she gave me during the spa and the de-tan facial was just divine. It felt like I’m having a mini spa experience without bothering about appointments or getting stuck in horrible Bangalore traffic. I was the happiest person after the service and not just that, they clean up all the mess and you don’t have to worry about your room getting dirty with stained floors etc and for a chocolate lover like me, brownie points to StayGlad as they also treat you with a mystery box filled with chocolates at the end of the service. 😀


MysteryBox by StayGlad
MysteryBox by StayGlad


  • No appointment hassles or waiting at the parlor
  • Affordable pricing
  • No need to get stuck in traffic
  • Hygienic
  • Amazing customer service


  • Services only in Bangalore
  • No current services for men

I would never look back to going to a salon ever after experiencing StayGlad. They have very affordable prices for all the services and the best customer service I’ve experienced so far. I definitely recommend all you ladies in Bangalore to try StayGlad once and make your own decisions.

Have you ever tried at-home beauty services before? What do you think of StayGlad? Make sure to leave your comments below with your views and opinions.

Don’t forget to checkout an ongoing #Giveaway on my Instagram and Facebook page to win beautiful summer dresses from Rimyrah


Till then stay awesome 😀


PS: The services were offered in return of an honest review.None of my views here are influenced by the brand


Honor 5X- A budget friendly phone with loads to offer

Hello everyone,


How are you all doing? I’ve not been very consistent with my posts lately due to all the travelling that I’ve been indulging in from last 2 weeks. Here’s a promise, I am going to post regularly from now on. Pinky promise 😀

So from almost a month, I’ve been using the Honor 5X smartphone, a product by the well known brand HUAWEI. This is the latest mid range product which makes sure that the consumer gets the best features for the most affordable price. Let me tell you all about my experience and what I think about this baby….


Price: A super cool price of just 12999INR. A tough one for the other competitors in the market I feel.

Stylish looks:

Well, the look of a phone is very important to me and to many like me. The phone has a metal body with a bit of a texture to it. I have the phone in gold color and I absolutely adore it for the simple fact that it’s really light weight and doesn’t heat up after hours of usage also.



Fingerprint sensor:

Fingerprint sensor is something that we all dream about in our phones these days and at a mere price of 12999INR is a miracle in disguise. And guess what, you can use each finger to function as different commands like clicking pictures, answering calls and even send SOS calls (a must have for women these days).

Multi purpose fingerprint sensor
Multi purpose fingerprint sensor


Isn’t this one of the first things we all see while buying a phone??Well the phone has a very good camera;both rear and front and gives a decent enough picture clarity and for a price like this, it is indeed super impressive. The front camera is 5MP and the rear is 13MP with a very good flash feature. It also has some really good features like “GOOD FOOD” which is specially awesome for bloggers who love posting pictures of what they eat almost all the time on social media. Apart from this, it has features like slo-mo, beauty, panorama etc that are great if you want to experiment with your pictures and videos and also need quality in them.


Picture taken in the day light
Picture taken in the day light
Picture taken in the evening
Picture taken in the evening

The pictures taken outdoor were amazing and the camera performed well indoors and okayish in low light. The fingerprint sensor can be easily used for taking selfies which is super convenient if you want some quick selfies.

Selfie taken with the "Beauty" feature
Selfie taken with the “Beauty” feature

Battery life:

Ok so this is something we all struggle with most of the times. A special moment to capture or an emergency to call and BAMM, no charge in the phone. The Honor 5X has an amazing battery backup which was surprising for me as most of budget phones are dealing with low battery backup these days. The phone also has an option of saving your battery when it goes to 20%. With 3 different power modes:Normal, smart and ultra power saving, one can easily save up battery especially when you are travelling and don’t have a place to charge the phone. A big thumbs up for that.

The phone does have a bit of lagging while switching between apps but other than that, I did not find much of a heating problem so far even after some big size games were installed on them by my brother.


Apart from these main features, the Honor 5X also has a 2GB ram and a 16GB memory with an expandable memory option. The sim tray has two slots for one micro sim slot and the other for a nano sim slot which I think is quite convenient. The phone comes with a USB charger and some other additional features include gestures such as double press the volume button to click a picture instantly etc.

My Final Verdict:

The HONOR 5X is one of the best budget phones available in the market I feel and coming from a well established brand like HUAWEI makes it even better due to the trust factor. The battery quality is the impressive feature of this phone for me as I can carry the phone without worrying much about searching for a charging point. For a blogger, it’s very important to be available on social media most of the times and this phone makes sure to not ditch me during important times by giving me the best battery backup. I would definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a good looking phone at an affordable price without burning a hole in the pocket.


If you wish to purchase this phone you can find it on AMAZON and FLIPKART and also has the option to choose from their 3 different colors available.

What do you think of HONOR 5X? Do you own this phone? Make sure to comment your views down in the comment section below.


Till then stay awesome 😀

Date Essentials for Men- A woman’s perspective!


The last post kick started my #VDayWeek special series for this whole week and today I am here with a special post for all the men out there who have a date to go to this 14th Feb. Dates,especially first dates can be nerve-wracking, but I promise you they’ll be less if you go in with the right attitude and the right look, of course. And if you need a little more direction, here are the must-have essentials when you have a special date to look forward to.

  • Clean yourself up: Get off work early so you can go home and change with some good amount of time in your hands. If you smell bad, shower – in the bathroom and  not with your perfume :P. Brush your teeth,shave and comb your hair. Make sure your face isn’t shiny or oily because she’s not expecting to meet a grease ball on her date. 91XI2OdMP2L._SL1500_
  • Keep your wallet full: It seems the whole world has gone plastic, but a gentleman should always have cash on him, particularly on a date. This is important when you are looking in your wallet to provide change to the parking guy and of course asking your date to pay won’t be that impressive right??

  • Perfume: There’s no need for ultra-fancy colognes or overpowering body sprays. But keeping a sample size perfume in your pocket or wallet ain’t a bad idea, especially for those who tend to sweat a lot. And this is from my personal experience, guys who smell bad, ahh ahh, not impressive at all.Titan-Steel-Edp-Men-100ml-SDL749131557-1-10202
  • Be on time: It’s important to avoid being late when picking a girl up, check for traffic an hour before your estimated time of arrival. If it looks like you won’t get there on time due to traffic, make sure that you leave early. Wearing a watch will look sophisticated and give an impression that you value time.7713b583606f60d4160306c4bd5fca37
  • Check your breath: Before meeting your date, make sure that your dry mouth hasn’t produced any noxious fumes. Keep a pack of mints or gum in your pocket or drink some water before you talk to your date. Trust me, your date doesn’t want to smell what you ate for dinner the rest of the nightmr-men-mints
  • Don’t overdo the outfit: Don’t throw on just any old t-shirt for the first date. You know where you’re going on the date, so dress appropriately for it. If it’s a five-star restaurant, wear a dinner jacket. If it’s a movie, wear a clean shirt or a tee shirt with no fancy writings on it. Denim is fine for a first date, as long as you don’t go crazy. There will be plenty of time to showcase your casual look later on with acid washes, rips, patches – whatever your heart desires. For now, stick with a straight, dark pair of denims.fashionable-clothes-for-men-2012
  • Clean shoes: Never underestimate the power of a good, solid shoe. Women have a thing with shoes and I can bet she will look what you are wearing. You can wear anything from canvas sneakers to loafers, but just make sure they are clean, stylish, and functional. dating-tips-for-men-first-date-shoes

These are just the basic tips that you need to think about before going out on a date anytime and not just Valentine’s Day. It’s not very hard to make yourself  presentable as it all depends on your willingness to make an effort for the woman that you like.

Till then stay awesome and wait for tomorrow’s post 🙂

How I fell in love with handmade soaps feat. Pratha Naturals and Handmade

Hello everyone!

First of all a big thank you for the awesome response you all already gave for the ongoing giveaway and if you still haven’t participated in it, you can click HERE to participate and win a Face serum from IWOWD.

Let’s get into today’s post now. I remember the first time when I used a handmade soap from LUSH, I wasn’t really that excited about continuing them, since they were so not affordable and I was too much in love with my BODY SHOP shower gels then. But recently when I was given a chance to try few handmade soaps from PRATHA NATURALS AND HANDMADE, I absolutely fell in love with the concept of handmade soaps. And WHY? Well, first of all, it is made in INDIA and second because it is really pocket friendly. WIN-WIN right????

About the brand:

We are manufactures of old-fashioned handcrafted handmade, natural artisan soaps. These soaps are created in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters & botanicals from all over the world. These ingredients are carefully chosen for their many skin benefits. Moisturizing, cleansing, & soothing just to name a few. The addition of (100% natural) essential & pure natural oils makes our handmade soap super soapy, healthy, velvet like
fragrant treat that will leave your skin soft & smooth.
  • No harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, synthetic oils and Animal Fats (tallow).
  • Are made in small batches using a cold process to ensure the quality of each batch.
  • Hand stirred, hand cut and hand wrap every bar.
  •  Every bar is given a long cure period so that when it reaches it, the bar is mild and ready to use.
  •  Every bar contains olive oil to which coconut, palm, castor, avocado,almond and hazelnut, tea tree oils are added for a rich creamy lather that nourishes as it moisturizes.
  •  Butters and oils like cocoa butter, Shea butter mango butter, honey, aloe Vera, castor oil, lanolin oil, essential oils, natural herbs, and safe fragrance oils add to the soap’s fragrance.
  •  For kids we have special extra soft soaps to take care of their skin and keep their interest of learning various shapes, texture and aroma.
  • With special aroma for kids, stimulate their brain activity and makes them feel refresh after using the handmade soap.


Pratha Handmade soap “jasmine Love”- 155 INR

Pratha Handmade soap “Olive Oil”-  120 INR

Pratha Handmade soap “Forest sandalwood” – 135 INR

Packaging: DSC_1932

The best part about these handmade soaps are their packaging. They were all individually wrapped in butter papers and had the brand tag wrapped around it, with all the ingredients clearly listed along with the weight and price. My favorite was the “Jasmine Love” soap which was so cutely packed in a jute bag which reminded me so much of my granny in Kerala. They are all good for nature and is a perfect definition for eco-friendly packaging.

My Experience:

I took enough time to use these soaps and try it out well on my skin and made my dad use the sandalwood soap and mom use the Olive Oil soap to know their feedback as well.

“Jasmine Love”- DSC_1929

The first thing you will notice is the adorable packaging and your entire washroom will smell of this soap even being just kept in the soap case. It has a good size and leaves my skin smell so good for hours. The coconut oil and palm oil left my skin really hydrated and also treated my flaky skin to some extent. The colors it had was so nice and I just didn’t want to look away from the adorable cure thing in my washroom 😀

“Olive Oil”-DSC_1931


I asked my mom to use it and give me her feedback. Since it has olive oil as the main ingredient, it really helped her ageing skin for heavy duty hydration. The sea salt in the soap gave a good exfoliation and relaxed her muscles after a good shower before bed time. It is green in color which looks really good in your bathroom 🙂

“Forest Sandalwood”-DSC_1930

The reason for me to ask dad to use this was the fact that he has to be in his uniform for most part of the day wearing combat boots and being in Chennai, all that sweating can really give you bad body odour. Sandalwood alone has the most amazing and relaxing fragrance and this soap was just like rubbing pure sandal wood on the body. It left him stay fresh for almost 4-5 hours with smelling absolutely amazing with no body odour. the smell does fade away gradually, but 4-5 hours is a good number for my dad 😛

Pros : 

  • All natural and parabens, sulfates, harmful chemicals free.
  • Super Affordable and travel friendly.
  •  Cute packaging with pretty colors. Great gifting product
  • Cleanses well and Lathers nicely and doesn’t melt easily.


Lack of availability. Available only through their facebook page.

Ratings: 4/5


Pratha Handmade soaps have really got me hooked to the whole “handmade soap game” and I’m definitely going to try some more from their brand since it’s budget friendly and doesn’t really get over too soon. If you are looking for handmade soaps, you can definitely give Pratha a try and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. You can visit their  Facebook page to know about their products and prices.

Till then stay awesome 🙂

PS: Samples sent out by the brand but all the opinion shared here is solely mine and not influenced by the brand

BLING BAG- A new Jewelry Subscription Bag|January 2016 Edition

Hello people,

Hope you are all having a great weekend already! I don’t have my camera with me., hence the picture quality in my next 2 posts are going to be not that great. Hope you don’t mind. So a few weeks ago, I was contacted by the amazing team from BLING BAG to review their January Subscription Bag. I had seen a YouTuber reviewing their December bag and I was super excited when they asked me to review their bag.

For those who do not know anything about this cool new bag, let me tell you a few details before talking about what I received in my bag.


Bling Bag delivers trendy fashion jewelery by understanding that their members have an eye for style but are very busy in their lives to remain up-to-date with the latest fashion jewelery trends. Every month, the experts at ‘Bling Bag’  will hand-pick 3 sylish boutique fashion jewelery for you and customize as per your individual style preferences. You may expect to receive a mix of beautifully crafted fashion accessories ranging from earings, bracelets, anklets, arm candies, finger rings, necklaces, hair accessories, belts, scarfs etc. Your fashion blings will be carefully packed in their trendy signature bag and delivered at your home or office like a gorgeous surprise gift. They also carry an exclusive range of unique and stylish fashion jewellery on their e-store “Bling Boutique”.

How can you subscribe:

  • Sign up on their website and create an account and choose a subscription plan.
  • Fill up the form to mention your style and taste for jewelery ranging from pearls to stones and many more. This will help their in-house fashion experts to pick the right fashion jewellery for you.
  • Every month on the 10th, they would ship out their bags and get ready to be surprised by their personalised bags just for you.

Subscription Plan and Prices:

bling bag


I received the bag almost 3 days after it was dispatched and it was safely delivered to me by the courier guy. The bag was dark blue in color and had striped pattern with velvet texture on it.





This statement necklace is my favorite piece among all the 4 pieces and I am so impressed by the bling bag team to curate something that’s just the right style for me. I’m a person who loves either too bold pieces when I’m going for parties or dainty pieces when I’m going casual outings. The color is just so perfect and would go with many outfits.


The next is this cute stud earring with flower pattern on it. It’s a very pretty pair which you can pair with a pair of tee and jeans and look elegant yet casual.


Another pair of earrings in my bag were these dangling  gold ones. This is my second favorite piece in the entire bag and I love it for the fact that I can wear them with both casual as well as Indian outfits. This was my mom’s favorite piece as well.


The last piece in the bag was this dainty statement bracelet/cuff with rhinestones on it. The sad part was it didn’t fit me well even though it was an adjustable cuff, all thanks to my tiny wrist. I have happily gifted this to my mom and she’s already styled it with so many of her sarees. I did receive it broken but that was due to the courier guys and the sweet guys at BLING BAG immediately sent out a replacement in a week’s time. I’ve put out the pictures for both here. IMG_20160115_122419944[1]



The final verdict is that I am so in love with BLING BAG with just one time experience and I am definitely going to subscribe for more. A big thumbs up to the entire team for doing such a great job. It’s the perfect bag if you are someone who likes to try new and unique jewelry which is your style or even the perfect gift for someone who loves lots of bling. You can even visit their BLING BOUTIQUE which is their online store and shop from really pretty jewelry pieces for yourself and for your loved ones. The price of the jewelry is way above in total than the price of an individual bag and thus it’s a super deal for us women who love to get some good bargains 😉

Don’t forget to subscribe to their FEBRUARY BLING BAG and get your curated and personalized jewelry bag right at your doorstep. Trust me, you are going to love it! Which one’s your favorite piece out of the four? Do let me know below and we can have some jewelry chit-chat here 😀

Bling bag Facebook page

Bling Bag Instagram Page


Till then stay awesome 😀


PS: The bag was sent for review purpose by the brand but all the views here are completely mine and honest and was not paid for this post.



The rise of “Athleisure” in 2016 for men!

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting to post this from quite sometime and recently someone really close to me pushed me to finally go ahead with it. This post is for all the men who hate dressing up and are more of a casual wear person. Here’s a good news for you guys; you can still look fashionable and well-dressed with your casual outfits.

Athleisure, a trend that represents clothes with immense style, but that can be worn to and from the gym as easily as to and from the office. Since 2016 is going to be more of a huge arena for popular sports events like the Euro cup or the Olympics, who would want to stay away from sports or the unavoidable rise of sportswear to better express the casualization of men’s clothing.

There are so many brands available now who are coming up with their sloungewears , in other words, the so-called track suits or I must say the white Reeboks and joggers of the 90’s are back and it’s here to stay for long long time and plus, you know, it’s dead comfy.Still, it’s not all fun and games. It can be a minefield out there: one wrong choice can see your outfit laughed out in  public. I have listed a few options for all the men out there who loves their casual clothes and yet want to look fashionable and blend in with the current trend. So here we go…..

Joggers: These come in two variations; the everyday gym jogger and the very new DENIM JOGGERS. The difference might not seem extremely obvious, but it’s all in the material. A jogger is a key athleisure staple and no lie are extremely comfy. Sitting around in the office in them is like wearing “nothing at all” 😀 They should always be dressed up and not down. Team them up with a button-down shirt and  cotton sweatshirt or something similarly formal up top, not obviously a football jersey.



Get yours from HERE on Amazon

Track jackets and hoodies: Perfect for layering and athletic usage, track jackets are extremely cool and really useful wardrobe items guys! Go for lighter material as it’ll probably get more wear and team it up over a polo shirt and see what magic it does to your look 😀

track jackets


Talking about hoodies, an extra hood on your jacket can not only make you feel safer from crappy emergencies like rain but  it’s also a great way to structure your layering for this winter time.


You can buy them here on Jabong––sweat-jackets/?sort=price&dir=desc

Sweatshirts: Breathable, everyday-wearable garment designed with moisture absorption and ergonomics in mind, slim cut sweatshirts can add an all new dimension to your outfit. Sporty sweatshirts can be worn under a minimal overcoat in winter or even on its own paired with some BOMBER JACKETS and Trousers.


Get them here on Jabong–

Running shoes/Trainers: When I say trainers, I don’t mean the old fashioned traditional pairs, but the fashionable and comfy ones that can not only help you while working out but also easily get styled for every day too. They offer supreme comfort and performance, yet are cool enough to wear with a pair of slim, dark wool trousers without looking like you’ve lost your mind.

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For the Athleisure lovers , I would say that there are options that work with personal styles that aren’t focused on being “on trend. and that’s the best part about it. You don’t have to think too much about what to pick up from your closet when all you can do is make a statement with your very own sports wear. Isn’t that a win-win situation??? 😀

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