Let’s draw the line with Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal-Review and Swatches


It’s very rare when you come across products that can be a real boon in your life. I have the most sensitive and watery eyes in the world I feel and the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a blessing from God for me all the way from Germany.I have tried kajals and kohls from nearly all brands but nothing ever suited me.The moment I applied kajal to my lower waterline my eyes started to itch and the kajal will spread and I will look like a racoon. But this kajal from PLUM has really changed all that for me.


Let’s talk a bit about this baby now:

CLAIMS: NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is 100% preservative free, 100%vegan, 100% mineral-oil-free and ophthalmologically tested safe. This all-day-wear kohl kajal is designed for a gel-liner like performance.100%smudge-proof,water-proof,single-swipe brilliant black kohl-cum-liner that’s also gentle on your eyes. Convenience of 2-in-1 kajal cum liner.


PRICE & QUANTITY: 425 INR for 1.2 gms.

PACKAGING: The packaging comes in a cute purple colored pencil which has to sharpened as it is not retractable. You can get the sharpener which is around 125INR to sharpen the kajal instead of using the stationary sharpeners.

TEXTURE: The gel-based formula is super smooth on the eyes and you don’t need to tug or pull your eyelids to create a smooth application. The kajal is very soothing to the eyes and cause no irritation.


One swipe
One swipe

PIGMENTATION: I was so impressed by the jet black color of this kajal and knew this is my life now. One swipe and you will see its magic and if you need a more dramatic black liner, swipe it once more and you are all set.

The left one is with 2 swipes and the right is with one swipe

THE LASTING POWER: The kajal gives a very matter finish and does not SMUDGE at all. When I say no smudging, it DOES NOT. You rub your eyes or even wash your face, the kajal will remain intact without any slipping or smudging. It’s true to its claim of being water-proof and smudge-proof.

No smudging even after washing hands with water
No smudging even after washing hands with water

DSC_1248 DSC_1251

MY EXPERIENCE: I use this product every single day now and lasts for the entire day without making me look like a ghost by the end of the day will my kajal everywhere. Overall the product is really impressive and stands upto my expectations. The price range is really affordable and can beat all the high-end gel liners and kajals.


  • Gel-based formula in a pencil
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • Travel friendly and budget friendly
  • Matte finish and highly pigmented
  • 100% Vegan and ophthalmologically tested


Sharpening the pencil leads to a lot of wastage. Maybe something to improve this???

RATINGS: 4.9/5

You can buy this product HERE .Have you tried the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal yet? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀


Get ready with me for the wedding season featuring Klozee!!!

Hello everyone,

First of all a big big big SORRY for disappearing for almost 2 weeks from here. I was held up with so much of stuff from work to studies to even health. The weather here in Bangalore is really bad due to the heavy rainfall and hence I was super pissed for not able to take good pictures outdoors.

If you have read my previous post about this new clothing rental website KLOZEE(click here), you would know how much I loved the whole concept of renting some really amazing outfits for a small price. Since I loved Klozee so much that I went ahead and ordered 2 more outfits and styled it for the wedding season- an Indian wear and a cocktail dress.

This is that time of the year when the wedding invitations would be pouring and obviously nobody would want to repeat their outfits and that’s when KLOZEE comes into rescue with so many options to choose from. Here, I have chosen a pretty wine colored LEHENGA which is perfect to be worn for that special wedding event and an elegant red maxi dress for the after-party. Don’t mind the background and the lighting in the pictures as I had no option but to shoot it inside the house with a very poor lighting due to the rain.

Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price  from Klozee.com


Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
 Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 from Klozee.com
Wine colored lehenga worth 30000 for just 3499 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR from Klozee.com
Red evening dress worth 4000INR for just 449 rental price from Klozee.com

The wine lehenga was so pretty on it’s own that I did not want to accessorize it hence paired it with a neckpiece that I got from CNDirect.com and a pair of ethnic earrings. For that perfect cocktail party, The red dress with the caged detailing on the neckline made it all the way more easier to not think of what accessories to wear as it was perfect on its own.

I loved how both these outfits were super affordable and I rented the red dress for just 449INr(actual price-4000INR) and the wine colored lehenga  for 3499INR(30000INR) and you don’t need to worry about washing them or returning them right away as they let you keep it for 2 complete days and send the pickup boy to come collect it from your house. And as I mentioned earlier in my previous post, they even have a 3HR express delivery service for those emergency events you want to attend.

If you still haven’t checked their website and the awesome collection, head over to their website Klozee.com to get the perfect outfit for this wedding season. Also they have some great discounts going on and you can check them out on their FACEBOOK PAGE as well to avail some of their best offers.As they clearly mention on their website, all you need to do is “INDULGE, AND NOT SPLURGE” because #RentIsTheNewBuy!!!!


Have your ever rented outfits before??Let me know in the comments below.Till then STAY AWESOME!! 🙂

What I got in my Mystery-Box- November Edition

Hi everyone,

First of all a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all of you out there!! I hope you all are having a gala time this festive season. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would be knowing that I finally received my much awaited “MYSTERY-BOX INDIA” yesterday and I was so enthralled by all the amazing goodies inside the box.I have already posted a review about them and if you haven’t read that , do click here. I thought I would share this box of happiness with you all and leave it to you to decide if you would want to subscribe to it or not…

Let me start with the packaging; the box came nicely packed in a bubble wrap and the logo of MYSTERY-BOX INDIA was imprinted on the box. When I opened the box, it was covered with a red quilt paper and all the goodies were nicely wrapped inside a silver net with a cutesy golden box tie.I love the way the whole Diwali theme the box screamed out to me  🙂

Here are some glimpses of the MYSTERY-BOX when I opened it:



Ok, so guys I wasn’t expecting the Mystery Box to give me such a wonderful surprise. When I opened the box, i was thrilled to find the most prettiest goodies in there. Let’s see each and every item that was inside the box…


I have always wanted to own a selfie stick but somehow I never went ahead and bought one. But when MYSTERY-BOX sent me this remote controlled selfie stick, OMG I was jumping out of joy. The best part was, it had my name inscribed on it. That’s called “personalisation” 🙂

Selfie stick by Mystery Box
Selfie stick by Mystery-Box
My name inscribed on the selfie stick
My name inscribed on the selfie stick

The next pretty thing inside was these hanging lights that were battery operated and the perfect decorative piece for this Diwali. Both the pieces had “Shubh” and “Laabh” inscribed on it which meant GOOD LUCK in Hindi. Once you switch on these lights, it emits multicolored lights and you can easily hang them at the entrance of your house.



The third piece inside the box was a very pretty glittery nail paint from the brand FACES. I love the Faces lipsticks and this was the first time I tried their nail paint and the color payoff is amazing and this nail paint was just the right shade to pair it up with my ethnic outfit for the festival.

Nail Paint from FACES
Nail Paint from FACES

Since it’s a Diwali edition box, a Diya or a lamp is a must right??So here’s a really pretty Diya that they sent in the box and I think I will not light it and spoil the beauty of it. 😀


So when I saw this really unique piece of necklace made out of stones, I was really happy that I received something that is not usually sent out by the other subscription boxes. I later on found out that this is completely handmade and that’s the beauty of this pretty neck piece.

Handmade neck piece
Handmade neck piece

The next goodie was a super cute earphone holder. So I had to ask the guys at MYSTERY-BOX to figure out what this was and when I got to know that this cutesy is used to keep your earphones from getting tangles, I was really relieved to finally not struggle with all that entangling circus 😀



Festival season and no SWEETS!!! Not possible and that was the last thing in my MYSTERY-BOX. There were a bunch of yummy chocolates in my box and obviously they were gone in a few seconds 🙂

Apart from all these amazing stuffs, there was also a small note as well as two coupons for me and thankfully I could use both of them. One was a gift voucher from O2 spa and the other one from an online store named SILVOSTYLE.

DSC_0631 DSC_0632 DSC_0633

Overall I would rate this box a 4.9/5 and the 0.1 for the fact that there was no info card inside the box. But maybe that’s just to keep the Mystery of the box and not let us know what is inside the box before we could actually figure out all by ourselves. That’s the whole idea of this box and that’s what makes it different from the other subscription boxes. Do visit their website www.mystery-box.in to subscribe to their CHRISTMAS Edition and I’m sure you will not regret your decision.

Do you know about any new subscription boxes? I would love to hear from you in the comment section 🙂

Style your way for Diwali with KLOZEE

Hi my lovelies 🙂

Diwali is around the corner and you still haven’t done your shopping???? This happens to me almost every year and honestly speaking I don’t end up buying Indian ethnic wear much as I know I would not be wearing them on a daily basis, so why spend so much money. And for my rescue, I came across this superb website called KLOZEE.COM.

So we all face this situation wherein the entire room would be covered with heaps of clothes all around and still we will be in a “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR” situation. And that’s when KLOZEE comes into rescue. This website is like your perfect online wardrobe from where you can choose some amazing designer and high end branded outfits for a very minimal fee for that perfect occasion. They have something to wear for every occasion and that too without making a hole in your pocket which is just the fraction of the original price.

When I first got to know about this concept of renting clothes, I was a bit skeptical as to how would the clothes be, will it be hygienic to wear something that’s been already used by others. I ordered 3 different outfits to style them for this Diwali and each one of them came in a nice cardboard box with some discount coupons in them. You get to keep the clothes for 3 days and you don’t have to worry about washing them later because they will send a person to collect the outfit and they take care of the sanitization part. COOL STUFF right!!!!

So here is my first outfit from KLOZEE which is an orange maxi dress styled in a semi-ethnic way, perfect for Diwali. If you don’t like wearing salwaar kameez or a saree or didn’t have the time to buy one this time, all you need to do is take out your maxi dress and style it with some Indian jewelery pieces and VOILA!! you are all set…










Eyeshadows: Makeup revolution Redemption Palette

Lipstick: Revlon sunset fiery

Base: L’oreal Infallible 24H stay fresh foundation

Cheeks: Blue heaven blush

Neckpiece and earrings : T Nagar, Chennai

Wedges: Jabong



This is a very easy way of styling your maxis into a semi-ethnic wear and with this dress from KLOZEE at just a mere amount of 350INR. Currently Klozee delivers only in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai and also has an option for 3HR EXPRESS DELIVERY for those of you who gets into “unplanned events” situations and need something to wear urgently. In case the dress doesn’t fit you, there’s an option to get it changed with another one within 2HR for FREE. They have a 50% off on your first delivery once you register and I think that’s a great deal for a new customer. You will be really pleased by their service and the quality of their high-end branded rental outfits.

Do visit the KLOZEE website to checkout their amazing collection HERE- http://klozee.com/

I hope you like this post and I will be coming up with two more looks with the outfits I received from KLOZEE soon.

And don’t forget to let me know your opinion about this look.

Till then stay awesome 😀

An Archipelago of serenity- The Andaman Diaries-Havelock Island

Hi everyone,

So I finally managed to reach to the final destination and my favorite among all, The Havelock Island.  And if you haven’t read the previous parts from my Andaman diaries, click on these links below:


If you ever visit Andaman and not go to Havelock, then your trip is of no use and a total waste. This place deserves all the hype it gets from everywhere and you’ll know by the end of this post why?

The trip to Havelock island from Port Blair used to be a really long journey a few years back, but after the introduction of cruise rides, it has become superbly convenient to travel in less amount of time. Coming from the Indian mainland, with quite often dirty & polluted beaches, street chaos and crowded places, this island was just what we needed: the complete opposite.

We had to first get to the entrance of the port by our own vehicles and from there a government owned bus takes everyone inside the port where a thorough checking is done and you will have to show your ID cards as well. Once you reach the jetty, there is a waiting hall and it is just like a mini airport where we wait to board our flights, here in our case is the cruise. So we decided to take the very popular cruise named “MAKRUZZ“. They have an awesome service and you will have an amazing and comfortable ride till your destination in their cruise line. There is also some snacks service inside the cruise and you can enjoy them while you are on your way to HAVELOCK and listen to some old 90’s English songs too 🙂

Security check at the jetty before taking the cruise
Security check at the jetty before taking the cruise




I have a terrible problem of SEA SICKNESS but travelling in the cruise never made me realize that i’m in water maybe because it was the morning time and the sea was pretty calm. We reached HAVELOCK JETTY in almost 2 hours and from there we were picked up by the pre arranged taxis to our resort. Since my dad had a few connections, we managed to get the ever so famous “DOLPHIN BEACH RESORT“. It’s a government owned resort and has the most beautiful guest houses in the entire Havelock. The best part was, it had its own PRIVATE BEACH as well. Our rooms were really clean and well maintained and the whole place was filled with MANGO TREES. I even got to eat some yummy mangoes from there.

Waiting to board MAKCRUZZ
Waiting to board MAKCRUZZ
Super excited to reach Havelock
Super excited to reach Havelock


There a couple of stunningly beautiful beaches on Havelock island. Most of them can be described as tropical paradises beaches with the oceans being more of a natural swimming pool. But be aware: even though the water is calm most of the time, it can get pretty rough as well. Oh and one more thing: Havelock island is a pretty wild place and it’s possible to see many types of wild animals, including crocodiles – salt water crocodiles to be exact. Years ago an American tourist was taken by a salt crocodile. Don’t be put off by this incident though. It’s best to check ones with the locals before heading to any beach.


Anyway, the beaches here are numbered and even though they have their own names, you will them having their own numbers if you pick up a Havelock’s map. You can rent scooters in Havelock to drive around and even explore places on your own and the view is just breathtaking. But since I was with my family, we decided to take cabs to the beach. As we were here only for 1 day, I wanted to get in the water as soon as I could. One of the most famous beaches is the Radhanagar beach (or beach #7). Voted one of the top 10 beaches in Asia, this beach certainly deserves all the credit it has got. Awesomely huge, pristine and with wonderful views, this beach is a delight!! There is a place where you can even change your clothes after a nice shower and both for men and women are at separate places (PHEWW). I was so amazed by the clear water here and was just not ready to come out of the water. Infact me and my dad were going all crazy and guys the beaches here are like swimming pools, you walk really far into the water and it will be still shallow and safe. But by evening the water starts coming up and that’s when the life gaurds will start shooing off everyone from the water. I even noticed that there are some places to stay nearby the beach but I’m sure those would whooping costly. We treated ourselves with some hot PAKODAS and CHAI and even fresh TENDER COCONUT WATER. Well! I love tender coconut and can have as many as possible in a day..LOL

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
Radhanagar Beach, Havelock
Dad n me going crazy in the water
Dad n me going crazy in the water
Radhanagr beach
Radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach


After the day at the beach, we were so exhausted like as if we worked out in a gym for hours and came back. My whole body was in so much pain, but somehow i was happy and content. You don’t get to see such pretty places in the mainland India right? Since it was getting into the monsoon mood out there, most of the fishermen had stopped going for fishing and finding a good sea food place at that time was really a tough thing for us. Still me and dad went for a lookout and eventually found a small shop where he luckily had some amazing fresh caught fish and crabs. Since I am a huge fish fan, we decided to take the fish and asked him to cook a spicy fish fry for us. I wanted to eat this with the other delicious feast that was already cooked for us in the resort, I decided to get it packed and took it back to the resort. After a delicious hearty dinner, we headed back for a goodnight sleep.

The next day was more of a laidback day and we were just hanging out in the resort and taking walks on the private beach. Since it was low tide we got to see some cute little crabs, their hide outs and could even walk deep inside where there would be leg deep water otherwise. It was so much fun guys, I wish I could forever just freeze that time. We entertained ourselves with a few games of UNO in which I lost like a maniac and filled our stomachs with fresh Litchis and tender coconut water (AGAIN!!!)

Private beach
Private beach
Private beach- During low tide
Private beach- During low tide
Low tide
Low tide
Our rooms in the resort
our UNO place
our UNO place

Before a few hours of our cruise back to Port Blair, we headed over to another small beach named “ELEPHANT BEACH”. It is said that an elephant(now very old) with its mahout on her back, used to swim to this beach every day.Elephant apart, this beach is straight out of picture postcard, so stunningly beautiful that your own eyes won’t believe the beauty is for real…it feels like a dream world and I did not want to close my eyes for a bit!!If you plan to spend a whole day here, bring your own food and water because there are no restaurants or street vendors around except for a few coconut sellers. Elephant beach can be reached after a 20 minute drive through the jungle and the view is amazing. I think if you plan for a destination wedding, you should really plan it here. 😀

On the way to ELEPHANT beach through thick forests
ELEPHANT BEACH at the side
Elephant beach
Elephant beach

After playing some FRISBEE here, we headed back to the jetty to board the cruise. Well I must say I was super sad to leave this island. I don’t think any place could ever substitute HAVELOCK for its beauty for me. The ride back to PORT BLAIR was pretty bad as the sea was horribly rough and the whole cruise was literally jumping on the waves and moving. I was glad we reached safely and all thanks to MAKCRUZZ (no, this post is not sponsored by them )

Sunset- A view from the MAKRUZZ
Sunset- A view from the MAKRUZZ

After all that excitement and adventure, it was time to bid goodbye to ANDAMAN the next day. The flights were a little delayed which quite normal if you are planning a visit to ANDAMAN. Oh YES, another thing is don’t try to pick up shells or any such things from the beaches, because during the luggage scan they will detect it and ask you to take it out and deposit at the counter to the forest department people. That’s exactly what happened to me and another small kid who was crying his heart out the whole time for snatching away his precious shells from him. SAD 😦

Our final dinner in Port blair
Our final dinner in Port blair
Random shots
Random shot



So this was all about my beautiful journey to the most favorite destination of all time for me- THE ANDAMANS. Before i end this post, many of you requested and hence I will definitely want to give you a few tips if you want to visit ANDAMAN ISLANDS. 

  1. If you wish to go to the Andaman Islands book your flight early.
  2. Before planning the trip, you must know about the climatic conditions here, so that you can choose the weather of your choice. February to May, is the best time to visit the islands, as the sun will shine directly on the beaches, while June to September will be extremely rainy, somewhat ruining the charm of the place and making it a little dangerous on the coasts. While the winters, December and January, also has a charm of its own. What suits you, should be your choice, while we will suggest the pleasant summers.
  3. Research on places to visit thoroughly before reaching the islands.
  4. You can get flights from CHENNAI and KOLKATA, there are ships also from both places if you plan to spend most of your holidays in the sea. I’m not sure of the travel duration and fare for ships though.
  5. Make sure you have atleast a week’s time with you to visit most of the well known places which includes, ROSS ISLAND, VIPER ISLAND,CELLULAR JAIL, HAVELOCK ISLAND, LIMESTONE CAVE, ABERDEEN BAZAAR, CHATHAM SAW MILL,  SAGARIKA, SAMUDRIKA
  6. Make sure to keep an umbrella with you because it can rain anytime there.
  7. Pack light cotton clothing and maybe something little thicker for the nights.
  8. Make sure to have comfortable footwear, sun shades, sun hats, scarves, sun blocks. You must also keep anti allergy cream, as the close contact with sea water may give you rashes.  I had a few :/
  9. Don’t forget to do scuba diving or snorkeling or glass boat ride to watch the splendid coral reefs of this place.
  10. This trip might be a little costly and hence advisable to carry some extra cash with you apart from the estimated budget. And make sure to always carry an ID PROOF with you.

So that’s the Andamans, where white-sand beaches and turquoise waters await…..it’s really a worthwhile destination, but get there soon, as it’s getting more and more popular.Hope you guys had fun reading my ANDAMAN DIARIES and could get some idea about how the place is and also visit the place. I have personally had some of the best memories in Andaman years back and reliving some of them again this year was nostalgic as well as amazing for me. Do let me know what you think of this post and if you plan to visit Andaman in the near future.


Happy SUNDAY you all 🙂

“MISS BOX” October Edition- New subscription box in town

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you must have read my article about various subscription boxes in India (HERE ). There are many more that have come up and doing extremely great and adding one more feather to this cap, we have a new subscription box names “MISS BOX“. They are pretty much new and offer an amazing deal on their boxes.

So when the team contacted me on Instagram, I was delighted to try out a new subscription box and they were sweet enough to reveal that they will be adding some personal touch to the box. So today I received this box and thought why not share my experience with you.

PRICE: INR 499. You will receive 3-4 products ranging from makeup and  accessories in the box along with a surprise product.

MY EXPERIENCE: So MISS BOX products come in a hard cardboard box that had a pearly finish to it which screamed “FESTIVAL” in all sorts of way. They have a themed box every month and this month’s theme was “MISS ETHNIC” and is totally apt for this festival season. I was a little disappointed that the box came damaged, thanks to the courier company that shipped it, but super glad that all the products inside was safe and intact. Everything was bubble wrapped and individually packed in a plastic cover.

Wish the box was not damaged by the courier company 😦

So these are the products that I received in the box :


Let’s have a look at each of these items and I’ll share my views about them.

  1. Statement Necklace: I absolutely loved the color of this jewelry piece. I am a huge fan of anything that’s in the color GREEN and the fact that I received my box with the theme of green was even better. This piece is just perfect to be paired with both Indian as well as Western outfit. You can even pair it up with a plain black top and a pair of jeans. IMG_20151021_193727627
  2. Earrings: My mom couldn’t stop talking about these peacock shaped earrings the whole day. I mean they are truly beautiful. I think they would go with any Indian outfit. So now I have one thing less to worry about what I should wear for this Diwali. 🙂 IMG_20151021_193834448
  3. Ring:  Though its a little big on my finger (thanks to my ever so thin fingers), I still find it pretty. I’ve passed it over to my mom since it fits her perfectly and would look good with so many of her sarees. IMG_20151021_193814691
  4. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal : No girl can get enough of having kohls or black kajal in her makeup box. I have already like 3 or 4 of them but somehow I didn’t mind having one more added to my box. Though I wish I had received a different colored kajal. :/ IMG_20151021_193652929
  5. Diya/ Earthen lamps: They are super pretty and the fact that instead of just one, they sent out two of these hand painted DIYAS is extremely sweet of them. They both are in different and vibrant colors and I’m definitely going to use this for the coming DIWALI. IMG_20151021_193922275
  6. Chocolates: So when they told me they would be adding a personal touch to the box, I wasn’t expecting these home-made dark chocolates. Though I won’t say they are the yummiest ones I’ve had so far, yet they taste good and I’m always up for chocolates no matter how they are. I received 4 of these chocolates wrapped in golden foil and thank fully they didn’t melt when I received them considering the horrible weather in Chennai. IMG_20151021_193709777


Apart from all these lovely products, there was also a hand-written note and somehow that just won my heart. I’m a sucker for such sweet gestures by anyone and even if it’s for a business purpose, it was extremely sweet of MISS BOX to be thoughtful to send it. All-in-all I really liked the efforts put in by MISS BOX seeing the fact that they are a newbie to the whole “subscription box army” and have done a wonderful job for just a small amount of Rs 499.


Also a disclaimer to you all, when you subscribe to them, you might not receive the same items as mine, some of the products might be a little different or maybe the entire box would be different. The idea is to give you a surprise when you receive these items. Currently they take orders only on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully they’ll be coming up with a website of their own.  I would highly suggest you to try out this month’s bag and see to yourself if you would want to subscribe for a long-term plan. I would link their pages below so that you can checkout their pages.

MISS BOX Facebook page

MISS BOX Instagram page

I hope you liked this review. I would be coming up with something different next week especially on a request that was made by a very good friend of mine. So watch out this space next week and do let me know what you think of the products that I got in this box. Would love to hear from you all.



An Archipelago of serenity- The Andaman Diaries-CHATHAM SAW MILL,SAMUDRIKA & LIMESTONE CAVE

Hello awesome people!!

I know it’s Monday and I should be drowning myself in those sucky Monday blues. But I’m just too excited because I’ve been loaded with so many packages from all the online shopping I did in the last week. I’ll definitely do a haul post soon. Let’s get back to the rest of the days in my ANDAMAN SAGA.

So, this was the day we thought to relax a bit and stay away from the sea and planned to visit the famous CHATHAM SAW MILL.  This saw mill is credited to be one of the biggest and oldest saw mills in Asia which is located at the north tip of the Andaman. Chatham is famous for the colonial history of Andaman and  dates back to 1883 and was set up by the British.Just close to the saw mill, there is a forest museum that exhibits some of the masterpieces made from Andaman woods.

Let me tell you a little bit of history behind this place. Chatham mill was of utmost importance in the pre-independence era as it catered to the needs of the British. During the second world war, it became a prey to the heavy bombarding done by the Japanese and was badly destroyed as one bomb hit it directly. The Japanese then occupied this island and it remained under their rule till 1945. Post second world war, the island revived its glory and the mill started functioning again in 1946 and since then it has never looked back.

So this place is actually located in a small island like place which is also called the CHATHAM ISLAND and is connected by a bridge. As soon as we reached there, we could see wood all around (of course). Large piles of woods can were being loaded, unloaded, sorted, cut and moulded. We saw how these wood logs are cut in the mill for various purposes and the main wood of Andaman that is known for its life-long durability is the “PADAUK WOOD“. When we were living in PORT BLAIR, we got a couple of furnitures made for our future house then, and guys they look as good as new now when we opened them during our house- warming ceremony.


Wood log being processed in the mill


On the way to see the FOREST MUSEUM next to the mill, I saw the rail tracks and after enquiring, I got to know that earlier locomotives were used to carry woods and later the use of locomotives were discarded. When we entered the mill, I could get this nice woody fragrance all over and then I noticed that this museum actually showcases some of the masterpieces made from the Andaman woods. This museum exhibits beautiful photographs of historical importance as well as about the general working of the Department of Environment & Forests. It also exhibits souvenirs and various handicrafts on timber. The products were so distinct with its intricate carving, polishing, designing and skilled craftsmanship. Some of these products can be easily purchased from the “SAGARIKA” handicrafts store that I had mentioned in my previous post (HERE).


Handicrafts made out of wood in the Forest Museum

DSC04386 DSC04392

The next stop was the “SAMUDRIKA NAVAL MUSEUM“. As the name suggests it’s a museum run by the Indian Navy and aims to generate awareness about the ocean environment and the marine life. It used to be one of my favorite places among many when I used to live in PORT BLAIR a few years back. As a kid I loved coming here to look at all the pretty looking creatures in the ocean especially the various variety of shells and corals. This museum showcases some of the best and rare collection of shells, corals, fishes and a few species of colorful fishes found in these islands. The museum has five sections that consists of the history of Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archaeology and Marine life.You can get all the information regarding them here and if you are someone who loves nature and its beautiful creations, I’m sure you are definitely going to love this place. You will also find informative displays on the islands’ various tribal communities like the Jarawans,Onges etc.The Indian Navy has made sure to take very good care of this museum and is one of those must-go places if you are in Port Blair.  This museum is open only from 9 AM-5PM , so make sure to plan accordingly.


The Naval Marine Museum- Samudrika




The famous skeleton at samudrika museum
The famous skeleton at samudrika museum
These are my favorite shells.. Aren’t they pretty


Miniature Andaman Nicobar map made on Padauk Wood


Various tribes of the islands


The famous skeleton in the museum


Pretty coral (dead)



The next day we visited this island called “BARATANG“. The names in Andaman are a little different from the ones you’ve heard before but guys the amazing experience that you’re going to have just to reach this island is just out of this world. We got up early morning and hired a Traveller to get to the jetty. And here comes the adventurous part, to reach to the jetty that takes you to Baratang, you have to go through the Andaman Grand Trunk road, which connects Port Blair to South, Middle and North Andaman. So,soon we left the city behind. The jungle along both sides during your travel would be a treat to watch. On your way you would pass through Jirkatang, couple of decade ago people feared to stay or pass through these places because of attacks by the native tribes (JARAWANS) who usually used to come to these places in search of food. Until recently, government has made efforts to help and protect these tribes after which the attacks on people staying or passing through these places were reduced. and reached the check post. We had to take a pit stop as we arrived pretty early so thought having some hot pakodas and tea.This is the place where there are specific timings when the forest department sends out convoys and all the vehicles have to register themselves and at a certain time, here for us it was 9 AM, all the vehicles starts moving in a line one after the other. No vehicle can overtake or should stop anywhere until you reach the jetty as you pass through scarcely populated areas of the jungle.You would now pass through the Jarawa Tribe reserve, the reserve controlled and operated by government for protection of the Jarawas against diseases from which they do not have natural immunity. The government also provides medical aid to these indigenous tribes.

Long line of vehicles waiting for the Convoy
Long line of vehicles waiting for the Convoy. Dad busy taking my pictures 🙂



Something to be taken care of


Pit stop at the check post
Pit stop at the check post. Loved the shop aunty’s hot yummy pakodas

We even spotted a few of these tribes along the road. It is recommended not to offer any food or take pictures of these tribes during this time. Interacting with them, giving them food or clicking their pictures is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. After passing through the tribal reserve we reached the Nilamber Jetty. It was raining cats and dogs and once the ferry arrived we all boarded it which would take us to the Baratang Island. These vehicle ferry can accommodate buses, trucks, cars & bikes and is the only source of transportation for the residents of BARATANG. Upon reaching Baratang Jetty we took a dongi(boat) which took us through dense mangroves to reach the starting point of our journey to reach the Limestone caves. It is even said that there are lot of crocodiles that could be found in these waters due to the mangroves. The journey to the cave is a lifetime experience guys. After we got onto the island we were passing through walkways made by cutting through dense forest and large stones.Since it was raining as well, the experience was even more adventurous. Inside the cave the temperature is lower than outside. The cave contains beautiful cave formation. The whole cave was formed due to the rain water and the CO2 in the air present. Rain water picks up carbon dioxide in the air and a weak solution of carbonic acid is formed. This water can dissolve limestone over time, creating a cave. The guided who comes along with us in the boat told us the whole story of how this cave was formed and showed us some spectacular formations. Loved it !!!

Things to do in Baratang
Places to visit in Baratang


The vehicle ferry
The vehicle ferry


While leaving the jetty to Baratang
Baratang Jetyy


The deep mangroves on the way to Limestone cave
The deep mangroves on the way to Limestone cave


Limestone cave
Limestone cave
Limestone cave
Limestone cave

After a tiring journey, we headed back to Port Blair, the same way as we arrived. I absolutely loved the whole journey through the forests, spotting the famous Jarawas and all this happiness gave me a very pleasant sleep as well 😀

I have one last post left and that was the most awaited part of my vacation. Tune in to read what I did on the last 2 days of my trip. Hope you guys are liking this segment. Do let me know if you want to know anything about Andaman from staying to places to visit to anything and I would love to help you out. 😀

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Happy Monday 🙂



Flaunt that body with these amazing prints this season

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope you all have great plans for the weekend 😉 I was really happy with the fact that prints have come back in fashion and the sole reason why I like it is, it hides all those problem areas that we guiltily try to shy away from most of our lives. Nothing makes heads turn like the perfect print. But knowing which designs enhances your figure and learning how to style them flawlessly are some of the key factors to revamp your closet. So let me take you through a few prints which are my favorites.


polka_dots idiva.com

This has been always my favourite favourite print. From dresses to tops to even my underwears have been filled with polka dots when this fashion had just come in . HAHAHAA. TMI!!

But always make sure to go for smaller polka dots as BIG polka dots make you look childish and a little at the bulkier side too. My suggestion would be to opt for darker shades of clothing with a contrast polka dots color and then you watch how the spotlight will be on you 🙂




My second favorite has to be the pretty floral prints. This is the best print to style up for your summer and spring season. But don’t think that florals can only be a girly thing. You can make it look all sophisticated and chic by teaming up with the right accessories, shoes and even outer wears like blazer and coats. But be very very careful as this print can make you like huge and wide if the right print is not chosen according to your body frame. If you have a broad figure, do not wear long sleeved clothes as this will accentuate all the wrong areas and make you look bulky. Team it up with some statement pieces like a nice golden bib, a cuff and a thin belt to cinch that figure and you are good to go. 😀



If you are broad and short like me, then this is the best print for you. But as per the stylists, never go for horizontal stripes, as this will only make you look shorter and add weight to your body. The best option is to go for vertical stripes or even zig-zag or horizontal stripes. They make an illusion of a slimmer body and draw the eyes up and down, giving the illusion of height. Be sure that your clothes are tailored to fit you perfectly. If they are too tight or baggy, it can make your stripes lumpy and uneven, making you to look weird.



Though I’m not a big fan of this print when it comes to clothes , but it’s been one of the most styled prints among celebrities, be it HOLLYWOOD or BOLLYWOOD. The most iconic one is the famous leopard print. You can find this print on handbags, shoes, leggings and dresses. If you plan to wear a leopard legging, keep the top plain and the vice versa applies as well. It can look a bit tacky, but if you think you carry off that style, go ahead girl!!! I like this style usually in bags, belts and even hair accessories.



This is one pattern that is just universally flattering. Be it a petite woman or a curvy one, this just makes you stand out in the crowd. The reason behind it is, there’s so much design and pattern in it that there’s no part of the body where one can concentrate separately. My style tip would be to make sure the accessories and your shoes match up with the color of the outfit. This print is best if you want to flaunt a classy look. 😉



And the last one is the sailor-inspired stripes. They give you a very retro look and if you like to add some ooph to your appearance, this is the right print for you. This print just screams SUMMER in all its true sense. Classic black and white stripes have been around for ages, as one of the most beloved patterns in fashion history. Ever since Coco Chanel sported the timeless pattern on a boat neck shirt, it has become a popular summer choice for fashion-forward women all around the world, not just for young men catching fish on a boat. Pair a good nautical striped tee with your jeans or shorts to go for a sporty look. But if you want to play all quirky, wear a crop top with this pattern with some flared skirt and pumps and see what magic you do to the crowd.

So these were some of the major prints that are in vogue and I’m sure there are many other prints as well. If you guys know about other prints, do let me know in the comments window so that I can try them too. You see, there’s nothing exciting than gaining some knowledge about FASHION from my readers. I’m no fashion expert and these are just my personal choices and I hope you like some of these at least  🙂


Happy weekend 🙂



Hygiene on the Go with “Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes”

Hi Ladies,

So why ladies and not just “everyone” this time?? Well, this post is exclusively for all the pretty ladies out there. So if any guy is reading this, this definitely ain’t for you. 😛

We often look for skincare and makeup products to make sure we have a flawless skin all throughout the day, but seldom do we realize that there’s something more important than anything else for a female, and that is her intimate parts. Being a very delicate and important area of our body, it requires a lot of special care.  SO here I am with a revolutionary product from a company called “EVERTEEN” and they are called ‘Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes’. This is made just for the well-being of intimate area and can be used in the most convenient way possible.

So until last year, I had no idea about intimate care products and then one day one of my friends in office told me about INTIMATE WASH that’s easily available in the market. That’s how I got introduced to Intimate hygiene products for the first time and since then, there has been no stopping.  According to doctors, we should never use soaps for the vaginal area as these soaps and body washes imbalance the pH level that can cause a lot of trouble which isn’t a great feeling. But that does not mean we should not clean this area, in fact we should use products made exclusively for intimate hygiene as this delicate area requires regular cleansing to keep all sorts of infection at bay.

So an intimate wash is good if you are at home, but what if you are travelling and forced to use public toilets or toilets that are used by many. Well that’s when “everteen wipes” comes into rescue. These wipes are just like wet tissues that we usually get in packs, but made specially for cleaning the vaginal region. There are 15 wipes in a pack and come individually packed. As they are packed separately, they stay as fresh as new until you open them. In fact, when you are travelling or you think you would require a quick cleaning  you can easily carry a couple of wipes in your handbag . The packaging is so convenient that you can sneak in a wipe in your pocket.

The packaging and individually wrapped wipes
The packaging and individually wrapped wipes


  • Tear open the packet
  • Open and unfold the wipe
  • Thoroughly cleanse the external vaginal area from front to back
  • Dispose the used wipe after cleansing. Do not flush it!
15 individually packed wipes
15 individually packed wipes


  • After urination
  • During your periods
  • Before and after sexual activity
  • In short, whenever you want to feel fresh and clean



PRICE: INR 99 for 15 wipes. One time use only cost INR 6.6



I use this whenever I have to do a lot of travelling, especially in trains because we all know the conditions of the Indian Railways’ toilets. They can be your best friend when you are on your periods and you are stuck in your office for hours and have to use the washrooms there with no choice left. I think I haven’t heard of any other company that has come up with this unique idea of packing each wipe individually in a sachet, because that just makes it so convenient to carry a couple of wipes in the bag instead of carrying a whole packet like the other wet wipes.



  • Made of 100% natural biodegradable fabric
  • The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from plant extracts
  • Free from alcohol, SLS and parabens
  • Mild fragrance keeps the unwanted smell at bay and keeps the vaginal area fresh
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Maintains pH level of the vaginal area.


I have nothing bad to say about it as it has exceptionally impressed me.



EVERTEEN intimate hygiene wipes” is just the right product if you suffer from issues like vaginal infections or travel a lot or even use public toilets most of the times. A must for those women who are working. You can stock them up in a handbag and use whenever required without worrying about hygiene problems anymore. The affordable price makes you get 15 wipes in just INR 99, so maintaining intimate hygiene is easy, convenient and super cheap now. What more do you need ladies 🙂

You can buy this product from their official website https://www.everteen.co.in/

I hope you all would have benefited from this review post as we all need to make ourselves aware about personal hygiene because as a woman, we usually forget about some of the most important parts of our well being. I will be soon reviewing about the “EVERTEEN INTIMATE WASH” as well.  Do let me know if you found this review useful.


Have a great Friday!!! 🙂


PS: PR sample. But all opinions are from my own honest experience