Skincare regime that lets me get away with no makeup feat. Lemon & Beaker Product Review

The closer I’m getting to my 30s, the more I’m interested (read obsessed) in skincare and I’ve been so excited reading about ingredients behind any skincare product that I buy or come across.

At the beginning of this year, I volunteered to try out the products from a newly launched NZ skincare brand called Lemon & Beaker (Well! Isn’t that what a beauty blogger’s job is!!!). I was excited to try out a new skincare brand not only because it was all natural, but because it was also cruelty-free, vegan and packaged in glass which means recyclable! When I signed up for this, I had no idea what the products looked like, not even the packaging, or how good (or bad) it might perform on my skin, but having had a pleasant experience with other NZ-made brands, I had quite high hopes for this one. The other impressive point was the fact that the products were developed by a lady who had a Bachelors in Chemistry and knew what really worked etc.20190411_214823-01IMG_20190204_222044_482

After using each of these products for a good amount of time, I have noticed I can get away with no makeup at all most days because my skin is much clearer and brighter, plus the pores around my nose and cheeks have significantly reduced. Although I love putting on makeup, I prefer to not use it all the times because I get super lazy taking it off at the end of the day and I also feel daily use of makeup has never done anyone’s skin much good.

So after a lot of trial and testing of each of these products from Lemon & Beaker, here’s my review on them:

  • Foaming Deep Cleanser with Lemon Essential Oil- $36NZD:20190204_195113-01.jpeg

I absolutely love the fact that the product comes in a bottle with a pump which means that I can control the amount I need to use each time. The product has a gel-like consistency but becomes foamy when you apply it on wet skin. The fragrance is very citrusy and gives an ultimate pick-me-up feel. I feel that my skin feels very clean and bright every time I use it and this is the first step in my skincare routine both morning and night. I use one pump in the morning and two pumps at night to make sure my face is squeaky clean after a long day of being out in the sun, dirt and air-con. This is definitely my favourite product from the brand.

  • Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil- $39NZD:20190204_195258-01

It has taken me quite a good amount of time to understand the importance of toner in a skincare routine, and now it’s a must for me both morning & night. This toner has rose essential oil in it and you need to shake well before putting it on a cotton pad and gently pat onto your skin. Sometimes I also just pour a small amount into my hand and pat it gently on to my skin with my hands if I don’t have cotton pads with me. I do quite like the product but I would have loved it even more if it came in a spray bottle that I could use to evenly spray it on to my face. Unlike many rose-based products, this toner smells like fresh roses which is a big win for me as I hate the smell of artificial rose fragrance.

  • Vitamin C Serum with Lemon Essential Oil- $46NZD:20190404_202016-01

So this has to be my second favourite product and I give a lot of it to how beautiful it looks in the packaging with lemon peel crystals in it. I use this serum in my morning routine and after toner, I take a small pump of this serum and apply it on to my face and neck. The product is instantly absorbed into my skin and has no sticky or oily feel to it. This is a great option for someone who’s got oily skin but is also very good for dry and combination skin types. Ever since I’ve been using this serum along with the other two that I’ll be talking about, I’ve seen a huge difference in some of my pigmentation around my mouth and how my skin naturally glows.

  • Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil- $46NZD:20190404_201614-01-01

I use this serum in my night time routine only because it made my skin a bit oily due to the essential oil. But over the next few weeks, I’m going to start adding this in my morning skincare routine as it would be a great addition for that extra hydration in the colder and drier months coming our way in NZ. This serum is great to fight free radicals that causes sun damage and pigmentation on the skin. I would suggest this serum to those who have dry skin or someone who likes that natural glow on their face as it definitely isn’t suitable for someone who’s already got oily skin. You need to shake the bottle quickly first before using. I used this in the mornings when it was hot and humid here and I broke out a bit as I started to sweat and the oil and sweat together didn’t go that well. Trying this in summer when it’s so humid, this was probably my least favourite in the range but that is only because my face doesn’t deal with sweat that well.

  • Ageless Serum with Jasmine Essential Oil- $48NZD:IMG_20190404_210741_496

Again, I am a big fan of the beautiful packaging this serum has. Lavender is one of my favourite colours and the bottle just looks so pretty on my vanity. Like the name suggests, this serum fights signs of ageing thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improves elasticity of the skin. Like I mentioned earlier, in a couple of years I’ll be turning 30 and I realised this is a good time for me to start with anti-ageing skincare products and this is definitely going to stay in my skincare routine for a long time. The serum has a very mild jasmine smell which is great for someone like me who can’t deal with very strong fragrances. The serum is suitable for all skin types and I apply this along with the dual-blend serum in the night. Of course I can’t tell you if I have less fine lines now or not, but I can definitely say that my skin looks a lot healthier and I don’t know how much of that is because of these serums.

  • Brightening Cream with Rose Essential Oil- $42NZD:

The brightening cream is part of my day and night time skincare routine and I apply this a few seconds after the serum is completely absorbed in my skin.  The brightening cream I am now using and sold everywhere, is different to the first formula I received from Lemon & Beaker initially.  The brightening cream caters to all skin types but doesn’t feel as heavy and thick as the first one I used but equally moisturises the skin. One of the ingredients is Vitamin B3 which is great source for cell regeneration; in short it keeps your skin feeling youthful and fresh.

For the first brightening cream they sent me, I wasn’t initially the biggest fan of it during the day because I felt it to be too thick for me and and it made me sweat around my mouth (any thick cream would do the same thing to me). I blame this on the very hot humid days in NZ. But I noticed it worked wonders when I used it in the night because in the morning I woke up with the best skin ever (this was before I was sent the 3 serums). I did give the feedback to the brand and gladly they were already working on it and changed the formula. Since using the newly formulated brightening cream I have no complaints anymore.20190303_183750

So that was my review on the entire range of Lemon & Beaker skincare products that I’ve been using for a few months now. Using a single brand skincare routine for this entire time definitely helped to make a thorough decision about what I think and how it faired on my skin and I’m so glad I put my hand up to be one of the first to try out this newly launched brand.

If you’re looking for a natural skincare brand, I would highly recommend checking out Lemon & Beaker because it really does work! You can find these products on their website as well as Life Pharmacy and Unichem. I’ve never reviewed a whole lot of skincare products from just a single brand, but there is always a first time. If you find this kind of review useful, do let me know and I’ll do this more often

Do you have a one brand skincare or have you ever thought of trying one?

Disclaimer- Products were sent to me for trial. Like always, my reviews are honest & genuine


“ELISIR” Face serum by IWOWD Skincare- Review

Hi everyone,

Finally I’m done with the ever so terrifying CAT-2015. Have a few more less scary exams left to finish and then I would know where to head over next year.

All these exams and the festivals last month left my skin in a very bad state and of course you can blame the hormones too. That’s when I came across this face serum named “ELISIR” by a startup company called IWOWD SKINCARE launched by the pretty blogger ANKITA DAS. IWOWD skincare promotes living an all natural, holistic lifestyle and using all natural ingredients for rejuvenation of one’s body and skin and the 100% natural face serum ‘Elisir is their first product in this direction.

Recently I’ve realised how important face oils and serums are for us. They are anyday more effective for our skin and does wonders in a very short period of time , but in a NATURAL WAY. I received this product in the month of October and I’ve been using it ever since without a stop. It’s been more than a month which according them is the prescribed time to see results and I can vouch on the fact that , yes it has shown some really great effects on my skin.

Lets first see some facts about this product:

Claims: This 100% natural face serum is free from any chemicals and helps in reducing sun tanning, blemishes, sun burns, pigmentation and rejuvenates for a brighter and firmer looking skin. Not tested on ANIMALS.


Packaging: It comes in a brownish tinted glass bottle with a dropper cap. The dropper is really useful to take the right amount of product for one use everytime. The ingredients are clearly mentioned on the label but sadly the price isn’t mentioned on it. The only drawback is it’s not at all travel friendly due to the glass bottle.



Ingredients: Contains Argan oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil,jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, lavender oil and geranium essential oil.


Fragrance: The fragrance is very naturally and smells a bit like rose but nor overwhelming at all.

Usage: Oily skin-1 drop in day and 2 drops at night

Dry skin-3 drops in day and 4 drops at night

Combination skin-2 drops in day and 4 drops at night.

Price and quantity: INR 1099/- inclusive of all taxes for 30ml bottle.This is really cheap considering other high end brand serums available in the market currently which are priced at a minimum of INR 3ooo and higher.

My experience:

I started using this on 20th of October and it’s still only half bottle over since only a few drops is required everytime. I had a lot of pigmentation around my mouth and some sun tanning and it actually helped me getting rid of those problems. I wouldn’t say it’s completely gone but yes, it has done it’s magic and I’m going to continue using it and purchase another one soon too. I usually cleanse my face in the morning and night and apply a few drops as per instructions on my face in an upward motion and pat the serum so that it can penetrate into the skin and do it’s work.



Also my skin is soft and brighter and I noticed a clearer complexion.It makes my skin felt moisturized.It is also good for acne prone skin as it didn’t break me out. Since I have a sensitive skin, this serum didn’t cause any redness or itching, hence really good for people having sensitive skin.However,patch test is recommended.Also if someone is allergic to nuts,latex, grapeseed, nursing & pregnant mothers,should refrain from using this.


  • Affordable as compared to other available face serums in the market.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not break you out and shows immediate results in a month.



  • Not travel-friendly
  • Price not mentioned on the label
  • Can be only ordered through their Facebook page and no COD available yet.

Ratings: I would give it a 4.3/5 and definitely recommend this if your are looking for a face serum in an affordable price range.  A big shoutout to Ankita for curating this amazing product.

You can visit the FACEBOOK page and their WEBSITE by clicking here and here. And also don’t forget to comment below and tell me what do you think about this product and if you have any other face serums that i should try.


Have a great week and stay awesome!!!! 🙂


Hygiene on the Go with “Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes”

Hi Ladies,

So why ladies and not just “everyone” this time?? Well, this post is exclusively for all the pretty ladies out there. So if any guy is reading this, this definitely ain’t for you. 😛

We often look for skincare and makeup products to make sure we have a flawless skin all throughout the day, but seldom do we realize that there’s something more important than anything else for a female, and that is her intimate parts. Being a very delicate and important area of our body, it requires a lot of special care.  SO here I am with a revolutionary product from a company called “EVERTEEN” and they are called ‘Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes’. This is made just for the well-being of intimate area and can be used in the most convenient way possible.

So until last year, I had no idea about intimate care products and then one day one of my friends in office told me about INTIMATE WASH that’s easily available in the market. That’s how I got introduced to Intimate hygiene products for the first time and since then, there has been no stopping.  According to doctors, we should never use soaps for the vaginal area as these soaps and body washes imbalance the pH level that can cause a lot of trouble which isn’t a great feeling. But that does not mean we should not clean this area, in fact we should use products made exclusively for intimate hygiene as this delicate area requires regular cleansing to keep all sorts of infection at bay.

So an intimate wash is good if you are at home, but what if you are travelling and forced to use public toilets or toilets that are used by many. Well that’s when “everteen wipes” comes into rescue. These wipes are just like wet tissues that we usually get in packs, but made specially for cleaning the vaginal region. There are 15 wipes in a pack and come individually packed. As they are packed separately, they stay as fresh as new until you open them. In fact, when you are travelling or you think you would require a quick cleaning  you can easily carry a couple of wipes in your handbag . The packaging is so convenient that you can sneak in a wipe in your pocket.

The packaging and individually wrapped wipes
The packaging and individually wrapped wipes


  • Tear open the packet
  • Open and unfold the wipe
  • Thoroughly cleanse the external vaginal area from front to back
  • Dispose the used wipe after cleansing. Do not flush it!
15 individually packed wipes
15 individually packed wipes


  • After urination
  • During your periods
  • Before and after sexual activity
  • In short, whenever you want to feel fresh and clean



PRICE: INR 99 for 15 wipes. One time use only cost INR 6.6



I use this whenever I have to do a lot of travelling, especially in trains because we all know the conditions of the Indian Railways’ toilets. They can be your best friend when you are on your periods and you are stuck in your office for hours and have to use the washrooms there with no choice left. I think I haven’t heard of any other company that has come up with this unique idea of packing each wipe individually in a sachet, because that just makes it so convenient to carry a couple of wipes in the bag instead of carrying a whole packet like the other wet wipes.



  • Made of 100% natural biodegradable fabric
  • The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from plant extracts
  • Free from alcohol, SLS and parabens
  • Mild fragrance keeps the unwanted smell at bay and keeps the vaginal area fresh
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Maintains pH level of the vaginal area.


I have nothing bad to say about it as it has exceptionally impressed me.



EVERTEEN intimate hygiene wipes” is just the right product if you suffer from issues like vaginal infections or travel a lot or even use public toilets most of the times. A must for those women who are working. You can stock them up in a handbag and use whenever required without worrying about hygiene problems anymore. The affordable price makes you get 15 wipes in just INR 99, so maintaining intimate hygiene is easy, convenient and super cheap now. What more do you need ladies 🙂

You can buy this product from their official website

I hope you all would have benefited from this review post as we all need to make ourselves aware about personal hygiene because as a woman, we usually forget about some of the most important parts of our well being. I will be soon reviewing about the “EVERTEEN INTIMATE WASH” as well.  Do let me know if you found this review useful.


Have a great Friday!!! 🙂


PS: PR sample. But all opinions are from my own honest experience