Alix Skincare ‘3 Essential Trio’ Review

I have been a huge fan of natural skincare products. I’m always on the lookout for natural skincare brands and when the brand is made in New Zealand, I’m always up for giving them a try. I won’t lie by saying I don’t have my favourites but being a blogger means I always have to try out new products for giving you all the option to try out products that they feel will be suitable and more accessible to you.

A few months ago I was approached by Alix Skincare to try out three of their products (3 Essential Trio) and give my honest opinion to you all. They sent me their 1) Ultimate Face Oil 2)Pumice Spheres Exfoliator 3) Body Wash for Face, Skin & Hair.

All three of these products are on the testing table since October and I’m now ready to give my final thoughts about what I think of these products. Before I talk about each of the three products, here’s a bit about the brand.

Alix Skincare uses natural active ingredients that are sulfate & silicone free. They source their main ingredients from sustainable, responsible producers from New Zealand and around the world and products are manufactured by two leading cosmetic labs in NZ.

Now let’s get into what I think about the products.

  • Body Wash for Face, Skin & Hair (NZD 39.95) is perfect for travelling if you believe in ‘travelling light’. Like the name suggests , you can use this product as a face wash, shower gel and as a hair cleanser. Though I’m not a huge fan of its scent but that’s just me. I like products that’s got some sort of fragrance and this body wash doesn’t have that. The product has some impressive ingredients like aloe vera, wheat protein and provitamin B5 along with other. It is completely sulphate, paraben, betaine, DEA free.FACE, SKIN AND HAIR BODY WASH
  • Pumice Spheres Exfoliator (NZD 12.95) is my favourite out of the three products. I use it for literally all parts of my body. The powdered pumice is not at all abrasive or harsh and infact is perfect for removing dead skin, black/white heads and increase the blood circulation which in turn makes the skin supple. The exfoliator is also good for scrubbing before shaving to avoid in-grown hair. I mix the powder with face wash to use on my face and for the rest of the body I simply mix it with water and use it while having shower.EXFOLIATOR
  • Ultimate Face Oil (NZD49.95) is my second most favourite and i think it has definitely become a part of my skincare routine. Enriched with vitamin A, B, E the oil works great for all skin type but would be an amazing product for extremely dry skin types. I only use the oil in my night time skincare routine as it can be a bit too oily for my combination skin. The oil goes straight after my serum and the next morning gives me a nice subtle glow with supple skin. FACE OIL


All in all all three products from Alix Skincare is extremely good and works really good if used together and can be purchased together as a trio. But if you’re looking to get just one out of the three I would suggest investing on the exfoliator and for my dry skin babes the face oil would be great. You can get your hands on these products online from their website

If you are already using products from Alix or are planning to purchase something, do let me know in the comments section below.

Until then stay awesome 🙂


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