Athleisure Life-2| How to Style Men’s Joggers| Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone,

How’s the week treating you all? I have one final submission to go for this semester and will have a long vacation ahead! Yay!!! As promised, here’s the second edition to ‘Athleisure Life’ series, where we will be talking about styling ideas for men’s joggers and some tips and tricks. You can read the previous posts Here and Here

Even though, some of you might not like the idea of wearing your lounge pants to work or to a social event, but trust me, it’s not as weird as you think. From high-end brands to your local stores, joggers are creating a revolution in men’s fashion industry. It has definitely evolved from the baggy, loose-fitted pants to more tapered and structured to fit your body and go along with various combinations.

  • Try it with a T-shirt or a casual plaid shirt:

T-shirts are the easiest for any guy to pick from his wardrobe and pairing them with denim joggers is the simplest way to look comfortably stylish. If you own joggers that are of chino-material or even corduroy fabric, I would suggest you to go for a casual shirt and avoid fancy T-shirts.

We picked up this denim jogger and the full-sleeved T-shirt from They have some great collection of joggers for men and we were quite drawn towards this particular combo. It’s best to keep the look simple and casual when you are going for joggers because in the end, they were originally made for casual or lounging right! Go for monotone colours and wear them with a simple pair or trainers or sneakers to keep the look laid back and understated.

How to style men's joggers
How to style men’s joggers
How to style men's joggers
How to style men’s joggers
How to style men's joggers
How to style men’s joggers

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you are going for a smart-casual look, try looking for a pair of joggers that are fitted or more tailored and structured pair. But make sure to get the right one! You don’t want to look like you are wearing your girlfriend’s leggings right! The joggers should be loose fitted at the thighs and the crotch area.
  • If you want to experiment with colours, go for varied colours in joggers. But be careful to keep the rest of the look simple and not loud.
  • Try a light coloured Polo shirt with a dark shade joggers and to keep the look casual, accessorize it with a cap and some trainers.
  • Of course, outer wears will add more to your look. There are options from denim jackets to bomber jackets to even biker jackets. For a more work appropriate attire, go for a semi-formal blazer with your joggers.
  • The best pair of footwear to team up with your joggers are trainers. You can even go for some converse or plimsolls too.

So there are a lot of ways you can style your joggers and for men, the options are a lot. All you need before buying your pair of joggers is to understand your body type and what fabric suits you the best. And the most essential, not to follow the trend blindly. Only if you think, the style suits you, go for it because you always have the good looking chinos and jeans in your wardrobe! 😀

How to style men's joggers
How to style men’s joggers
How to style men's joggers
How to style men’s joggers

Outfit Details:



Sweatshirt: Reebok

Trainers: Koovs

Sunglasses: Nautica

We were quite excited to shop from Bewakoof, but unfortunately after just one wash, the T-shirt shrunk to almost 2 sizes down which was such a disappointment. But this was also because we didn’t pay attention the washing instructions for the fabric. So when you are shopping on their website, make sure to check the fabric and follow the wash instructions to avoid any mishaps like we did!

Make sure to comment below your favourite way to style joggers and we can have an interesting chat here..

Till then stay awesome 😀



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