Casual Comfy Outfit to the movies


How many of you like going to the movies all dressed up and a little presentable? I was definitely not one of those until recently when I felt like a sloth going to the movies to my neighbourhood movie hall and saw everyone all dressed up like I would do for attending a party! That’s when I decided to make some efforts rather than just wear my PJs or similar looking pants.

But here’s a thing, I go to watch movies to get entertained and be all comfy while eating my big tub of popcorn and soda and I’m not going to feel any better if I wear a dress or a skirt with a fancy crop top. Hence tights are my go to option for the movies or for mall outings these days. I literally live in my tights ever since I lost a bit of extra fat from my thunder thighs. The best part about tights are they are so versatile! You can pair them up with a crop top (if high waisted tights), a simple tee, skirt, shorts, kurtas and what not and that’s why I love them so much.

Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD

I recently went to watch the movie “Sully” and this was my outfit for the evening. Since it was a windy evening, I had to wear this pom-pom woolen cap to make sure my hair doesn’t go all cray-cray! The best part about this outfit is that it’s not only comfortable and chic (trying adding a scarf for that pop-up fashion statement), but also a perfect everyday fall outfit. Scroll down for outfit details.Hope you like the pictures!

Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD
Casual Comfy OOTD

Outfit Details:

Striped Tee: Cotton On

Tights: Kazo

Pom-Pom Woollen Cap: Valley Girl

Gold shoes: Zara

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Till then stay awesome 😀



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