What It’s Really Like to Have Eyelash Extensions!Things to know before you go for them


Yesterday I had posted about my experience at Warren Tricomi Salon and how I got my first ever eyelash extensions from NovaLash. Though, fluttery and long eyelashes look charming and beautiful , it also comes with a lot of post care and high maintenance and for ladies who are impatient and always in a hurry, this can be a little bit difficult to manage. But fret not, considering myself as one of the most laziest girls in this universe(LOL),

Source: google images
Source: google images

I am going to give you a few tips before getting eyelash extensions done….

  1. Do your research:  If you go on the internet, you will find tons of bad experience stories about eyelash extensions, hence doing a good research about salons that have trained technicians to do the procedure. Visit the salon directly and ask the technicians questions about their experience and expertise before booking an appointment. Warren Tricomi has certified NovaLash technicians and that’s where i had got my lash extensions from.
  2. Take care of the glue used: Many of us have sensitive eyes and hence will be more prone to redness and irritation with the glue used. Hence, ask the technician to use the special glue made especially for the sensitive eyes.
  3. Make sure to have enough time in hand: The procedure is time taking and tedious and you need to be very patient to lie down still for atleast 2 hours straight and hence, booking appointment during an off day would be the best option to avoid a hurried up work. Because trust me, the results will be only clumped up and untidy eyelashes.
  4. Be practical: Do not go for a Kim Kardashian look! Just because she looks sexy in those long luscious lashes doesn’t mean it will look flattering on you as well. Be practical and go for lashes according to your lash length and natural density. Also if you wear glasses, it’s advisable to not go for very lengthy extensions as they will keep touching your glasses and make them dirty.

    No that we have discussed what you need to do before and during the procedure, let’s discuss about the after care and some do’s and dont’s:

  1. Do not rub the eyes: When the technician asks you not to rub your eyes, they mean it. Since the extensions are glued minutely close to your natural lashes, there 99% chances of you losing your natural lashes too while rubbing your eyes along with the extensions. And by the end of a month or so, you’ll notice that you have hardly any natural lashes left. Not a good idea eh!
  2. No mascara and oil based makeup remover: really, you won’t be needing mascara with these babies on. It is advised to use only a water based mascara if it is really necessary and stay away from oil-based makeup removers and even eyeliners as they can melt the glue faster, making the extensions more prone to falling off faster.
  3. Comb them regularly: Everytime you wash your face, make sure to comb the lashes gently with a mascara wand that you can easily find online. This would avoid any kind of clumping once it is dried and also makes them look naturally blended.
    NovaLash extensions- Before
    NovaLash extensions- Before

    NovaLash extensions- After
    NovaLash extensions- After

If taken proper care, eyelash extensions can stay for atleast 20-30 days without touch ups. This procedure is a tad bit heavier on the pocket, but is a great alternative on saving time from applying and reapplying mascara all the time. A procedure that has been quite a rave in foreign countries, it is picking up quite well in India now and have got a good response too. There are very few salons at the moment in India that does this procedure and make sure to read proper reviews and do your bit of research to go for it. Checkout this video to know how the procedure is done-

My experience with NovaLash was indeed a good one and the lashes are still going strong. I do have a few fallouts daily but they still don’t look ugly in anyway. You can visit Warren Tricomi Salon or the NovaLash website and checkout their work and learn more about eyelash extensions too. Make sure to comment below and tell me your opinion about eyelash extensions and if you think this is a good alternative for time saving.

Till then stay awesome 😀

Disclaimer: The services was offered by Warren Tricomi for my honest reviews.

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