A Blockbuster Superphone with Supertainment|Le 1s Eco| New Launch

Hello everyone,

If you follow me on Snapchat (aishwaryamohan7) or Instagram, you’ll know that I recently attended the launch of Le 1s Eco at the famous Mehboob Studios in Mumbai which was an event filled with great lights, bollywood performances and of course lots of glitz and glamour too. (PS: I saw Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez real close :D)

I have already reviewed the LeEco Le 1s and you can read my views about it Here and Here. The new Le 1s Eco looks somewhat the same as it’s predecessor except for a slight difference in it’s look but there’s a lot more it offers than any other phone you would find in the market in terms of entertainment. Now you may be wondering a phone with entertainment means, it’s music player or video player. But no! It’s a lot more than that. Want to know how? Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

During the launch event, we got to know that LeEco has partnered with Eros Now, which is one of the biggest production houses bringing some of the best movies in theares and now Le 1s Eco users can access to more than 2000 movies through Levidi app on their new phones. Not just movies, but all users will have access to 100+ TV channels on the LIVE app,  another partnership with Yupp TV. For all music lovers, in collaboration with Hungama Music, now you can also listen to millions of songs ranging from English, Hindi and many other languages right on your Le 1s Eco phone through the LeMusic app. The cool part that attracted me the most is that you can even witness LIVE MUSIC CONCERTS through your phone without worrying about buying tickets or travelling anywhere. All from the comfort of your home with just this wonderful phone!Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

As part of its LeEco Membership, users also also get 5TB of cloud storage space! All this for just 490 INR per month or 4900 INR per year. But wait! Here’s the awesome part, all these features along with the phone would come up to 10999 + 4900 INR but NO, the cool people from LeEco decided to give us all these awesome things for just 9999 INR which is a really great deal. A really stylish looking phone along with so many good features from good camera to good entertainment or I must say #Supertainment for just 9999 INR is the best ever deal one can find in the current market.Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

Le 1s ECO- flash sale, supertainment, blockbuster phone

So if you are impressed by LeEco’s Blockbuster phone just like me, then you definitely need to head over to Flipkart for their upcoming FLASH SALE. You’ll need to register yourself to participate in the FLASH SALE and you can get the Le 1s Eco along with 1 year of LeEco Membership for all the #Supertainment content for worth 4900 INR for just an amount of 9999 INR!. The first and second flash sales on 12th and 19th May were great successes and I’m sure this Superphone is going to be a super duper hit just like their previous ones. Now go grab your Le 1s Eco soon before it goes out of stock!

Till then stay awesome 😀


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