Bringing back the retro girl!

Hello my lovely people!

Here is a post which has been kept pending from a long long time. I had planned this outfit shoot way back in February but somehow just couldn’t get to post this. And finally here is it and it’s all about the good old 90’s fashion.

If you follow fashion world a bit, you’ll know how 90’s trends are all coming back and being a kid from the 90’s, I can’t tell you how elated and happy I am. So a few months back while cleaning up my huge trunks, I found some of my old clothes and among all that, I found my then favorite pair of high waist bell-bottom trousers that was a gift from my dad on my 16th birthday. Well, sadly I never grew much from then except for putting on oodles of weight here and there but somehow it still fit me so well and hugged my body from all the perfect places.

The retro inspired trousers are totally making their way back into our closets this season, giving skinny pants a much needed break. So here is a look that I put together for you all. It’s super comfy and I feel bell bottom pants are a blessing in disguise for girls like me who are short and have wide hips because these pants make your legs look slender and you look really tall. I’ve also paired this with a basic white crop top and a brown leather jacket and leather boots to give a biker girl look from the 90’s. Somehow , I couldn’t find my choker neck piece, so I just created one from my usual neck piece. Hope you all like it 🙂








Flared trousers: From Singapore; White Crop top: Koovs; Brown leather jacket: Kazo; Brown boots: SSS

Here are a few tips to wear flared/ bell bottom pants:

  • Make sure to go for high-waisted as they make you look taller and who doesn’t want to look tall right 😛
  • Go for pants that are tight at the thighs and flares up at the bottom.
  • If you are slightly broad at the bottom, go for dark colors to make your figure look flattering
  • Make sure to wear high heels or wedges to perfect the look

Hope these tips and outfit ideas helped you a bit. So go ahead and dig into your old clothes or there are lots of options available in stores for bell bottom or flared pants these days. Don’t forget to checkout @thesingshotscompany who took these amazing photographs.

Make sure to write down your opinion and views in the comments section below and I would love to know what you think of this look. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with my random shenanigans 🙂

Till then stay awesome 😀

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Beauty Services at home with StayGlad


You know how we all dread the times when we have an urgent event to attend and make a call at the salon for an appointment and the lady at the other end breaks the bad news that there are no slots!! Well well! What if I tell you that you never ever have to go through any of those situations and get the best beauty services right at your home?? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me explain everything now….

StayGlad is a company that provides all kinds of beauty services right at your doorstep. It is just as easy as booking your cabs these days. Just visit their website or download their APP, and book the services that you require right at the comfort of your couch. All you have to mention is the time, location and that’s it, you’ll get a confirmation soon after along with the name of the person who will be coming to your house for the services. Ain’t that super simple!!


I remember a few years back, an aunty use to come to my house to do my eyebrows and waxing and to be honest I hated it when she dirtied the entire room by the end she was done with wax spilled everywhere and dirty waxing strips on the floor. Gross!! Don’t you even think once that it’s the same case with the associates from StayGlad. They are squeaky clean and hygienic and make sure that every nook and corner of the room is clean before they leave the house.


My Experience:

So a week back, I had booked an appointment for a hair spa, de-tan facial and waxing in the morning and within an hour before the service I got a call with confirmation. The associate reached on time and made sure to sanitize the place well by spreading out disposable sheets and giving me a disposable gown to wear. Everything was so impressive and I was glad to see that every product was opened right in front of me which gave me the assurity that I have the best service ever.

Super Hygienic Services by StayGlad
Super Hygienic Services by StayGlad

I absolutely loved the neck massage that she gave me during the spa and the de-tan facial was just divine. It felt like I’m having a mini spa experience without bothering about appointments or getting stuck in horrible Bangalore traffic. I was the happiest person after the service and not just that, they clean up all the mess and you don’t have to worry about your room getting dirty with stained floors etc and for a chocolate lover like me, brownie points to StayGlad as they also treat you with a mystery box filled with chocolates at the end of the service. 😀


MysteryBox by StayGlad
MysteryBox by StayGlad


  • No appointment hassles or waiting at the parlor
  • Affordable pricing
  • No need to get stuck in traffic
  • Hygienic
  • Amazing customer service


  • Services only in Bangalore
  • No current services for men

I would never look back to going to a salon ever after experiencing StayGlad. They have very affordable prices for all the services and the best customer service I’ve experienced so far. I definitely recommend all you ladies in Bangalore to try StayGlad once and make your own decisions.

Have you ever tried at-home beauty services before? What do you think of StayGlad? Make sure to leave your comments below with your views and opinions.

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Till then stay awesome 😀


PS: The services were offered in return of an honest review.None of my views here are influenced by the brand