Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge- The Final Verdict

Hello my lovely people,

This is going to be the final post from my #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge series with Gillette Venus and if you haven’t read the previous posts where I busted some common shaving myths you can check them out all by clicking here, herehere and here 😀

When I took up this challenge almost 4 weeks back, I really didn’t expect that I’m going to take up shaving so seriously and never look back to bothering about salon appointments. Today, I’ll be sharing some easy ways of shaving, tips and tricks to shave and why I feel shaving is a better option for hair removal in this post. I’m sure most of you will be convinced to take up shaving by the end of this post (No harm in being optimistic right :P)

Gillette Venus Shaving kit
Gillette Venus Shaving kit

Want hassle-free shaving? Learn how..

  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub: Yessss! That’s the magical phrase to remember before you shave. Use a good body scrub and massage it gently onto the areas that needs to be shaved like legs, underarms or arms. This helps in removing those stubborn ingrown hairs from the hair follicles and gives you a cleaner shave.
  2. Quality matters: Don’t just go get a razor that is just lying in your father’s, brother’s or your partner’s cupboard and use them for a shave. Women have various curves and also different hair texture and men’s razor is not meant for that. A good razor like the Gillette Venus razor that has been specifically made for women’s body is what you need for a trouble free shave.
  3. Foam is the solution: A few years back, I didn’t know you need a prepping product before you start shaving, and unknowingly I used to just wet my skin and used to shave. This caused me serious bumps and cuts in future. Make sure you don’t do this. Use a good quality shaving gel which make the skin ready for the shaving process and also help the razor to glide smoothly.
  4. Pamper the skin with Moisturizer: The skin needs more moisture than usual after a shave as the top layer has been stripped off the natural oils along with the dead skin and hair. Thus soon after you shave, make sure to apply a good and heavy moisturizer preferably something that has ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter.

Some useful tips if you are a newbie:

  • Always try to shave during your bath. The skin needs enough hydration to have a smooth shaving experience and while you are in the shower, the skin is adequately hydrated and hence you can have a much better result.
  • Make sure that the washroom or wherever you plan to shave is a well lit area to make sure no area is left behind. You don’t want a patch of hair left behind when you go out in your pretty dress.
  • Try to go against the hair growth to get a much closer shave. This helps in removing the hair in a much more precise manner.
  • In case you don’t own a shaving gel, try a good conditioner that’s not too harsh on your skin. Or you can easily a get the Gillette satin care online which is also very affordable.
  • Always change the razor blades after a few uses or when you feel it’s not doing the job well. Being stingy will only give you troubles later.IMG_1672

Also, a few of you asked me why not go for other hair removals methods like waxing, epilating or hair removal creams. Well, waxing is a tedious and time-taking job and you need to wait for the hair to grow a certain length to get it waxed. Epilating is damn painful and if you have sensitive skin, it can even give you rashes. Hair removal creams were the first ever method I used years back, but the horrible smell of it always gave me headaches. Plus, the chemicals used in them can be very very bad to your skin and can cause serious issues.

Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge
Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Shaving on the other hand, has no chemicals involved in it and doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort or pain to you and is super easy to do at home. I have been definitely loving the whole shaving process this summer and going to continue with it for a long long time.

If you are finally convinced to start shaving or still have your doubts, make sure to comment all about it down in the comments section and I would love to help you with it.You can also check the Gillette App to know shaving.

Till then stay awesome 😀


4 thoughts on “Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge- The Final Verdict

  1. You are an amazing writer 🙂 got to learn so much from your blog..:) i agree wet shaving is a quick and easy way . Plus it’s inexpensive and convenient; you never even have to leave the comfort of your own homeI have but i have A few questions..Shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster 😦

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