It’s time to skip the mall|Reasons to shop online

Hello lovely ladies,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Do you love shopping but hate the rush , the wait and the long queues especially during the summers? If that’s what the case is , then you definitely are my kind and online shopping is for you my loves. 😀


Recently there has been an immense increase in the number of fashion shopping online that gives you numerous options to shop from. Besides, fashion shopping online site is gaining popularity for a lot of reasons and I’m going to talk about a few of them here:

  • Those bags are heavier

Shopping in malls is becoming cumbersome for those addicted to buying clothes, shoes and other fashion apparels from the comfort of their home. Besides, shopping online for fashionable outfits saves you from carrying  those heavy bags from the mall after you are done shopping.

  • Pants or no pants? 

Shopping from the comfort of your homes has another privilege; you just don’t have to bother about what you are wearing. Shopping online for fashion apparels also saves you the time which you would have spent in deciding what to wear to the mall and then dressing up and then obviously the ever so famous traffic. lol!

  • Have been standing in the queue for too long?

Shopping malls get very crowded especially during sale seasons. Hence it is better to opt for fashion shopping online. Online shopping sites can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. And, you don’t need to get frustrated getting through the crowd anymore. On the web, it’s like you are the only person shopping at that particular time thus making the whole experience a pleasurable one.

  • No strolling from one store to another

When shopping in malls or open markets you will have to keep moving from one place to another to make sure that you have bought everything you needed at the best price. However, it’s different when shopping online. Here you can search the products you need and shop without having to travel from one mall to another with those gigantic heavy bags.

  • The search box 

The search box comes as a shopping for our shopping needs. We can search for particular things and can also customize it according to our needs by selecting options like “Sort” or “Prices from low to high”.

Although, these days online shopping can be used for buying anything from grocery to household items, clothes shopping is something which has become very popular owing to the large number of online shopping sites. We women love shopping for clothes, switching from one site to another to find more style and variety. Keeping in with the vibe of the summer season, shopping for dresses is favoured by women more than other clothing options. There are a large number of websites available such as,, jabong etc from where you can buy dresses online in India. I have been using most of these websites ever since they were started few years back and one of my favorites among all the available websites is definitely SBL (Stalkbuylove) as they always gave some of the best international designs at a much affordable prices back then as compared to others.

Dresses can be found in so many variants and styles in all these Indian online websites . Some of my favorite styles are the all time favorite little black dress or LBD, the super sexy maxi dress, the fuss free slip dress, and the elegant shirt dress. There are obviously many other varieties that you can opt for and recently I came across some really cute off-shoulder dresses and tops on Stalk Buy Love that are much in trend these days and perfect for the summers to flaunt. Also if you want to experiment with your looks, you can even wear dungarees on top of a cropped off shoulder top and you can see all the attention is going to be on you the next time you go out to meet your friends. Here are some of the outfits I found perfect for the summers and thought I would share with you all. You can even browse through Stalk Buy love  for other options and buy some amazing dresses online if you are from India according to your taste and style.


fashion dress -stalk buy love


If you love shopping, then you will definitely enjoy the convenience of online shopping and the amount of time you can save from getting ready to getting stuck in traffic to passing through the rush in the stores. If you are someone like me who love to shop especially online, do let me know below and also your favorite online shopping sites that you think I should explore too.


Till then stay awesome 😀

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