Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Update- Week 4

Hello ladies,

Today was a super busy day with 3 back to back blog shoots for me and with the scorching heat Bangalore has been experiencing this year, even getting up early morning didn’t really help much in not melting my makeup away. :/  So coming back to today’s post, if you are regular reader here, you’ll know 4 weeks back, I had taken up the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge with Gillette Venus and here is a quick update on how my shaving experience has been so far.

The journey has been super easy and convenient so far and to be honest I had my doubts before i started using Gillette Venus razor. I use to believe that waxing was the sole solution to having smooth legs and arms in an affordable but Gillette Venus proved me wrong. Now I can wear skirts and shorts and everything that I want without worrying waiting for the hair to grow the right length and then go for waxing. Life has never been so simple (If you are a girl, you’ll know what i mean :D)


I have totally converted to a shaving person and you know why? Here are my top 5 reasons:

  • Saves me so much time especially during sudden plans or events.
  • Made my skin less bumpy and can see a slight reduction in ingrown hair.
  • I’ve started exfoliating my skin regularly in the process of a smoother shaving process.
  • The Gillette Satin care Shaving gel makes my skin soft and moisturized.
  • The awesome technology used to make the Razors helps me avoid any sorts of cuts and makes the shaving process super simple.

I have forgotten how it feels to a waxing done and I’m so glad I took up this challenge because it saves time and obviously money that you usually spend every month on your salon trips. I love this shaving journey so far and all you ladies and girls who think shaving gives you bad skin or makes your skin dark, you need read all my previous posts on how I busted some of the common shaving myths here, here and here. IMG_3125

Stay tuned for the last post from this series where I give you some really cool and helpful shaving tips and lots more. Till then keep dropping your questions about shaving in the comments section below and I’ll be glad to help you with all what you need to know if you are a beginner or maybe think shaving isn’t the right kind of thing for you.


Till then stay awesome 😀

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