“Does Shaving change the skin color or hair texture”-Myth 2 busted with Gillette Venus #Subscribetosmooth challenge

Hello ladies,

In the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge series, here is my 2nd week update and how shaving with Gillette Venus razor has helped me bust another very common myth, that is: “Does Shaving leads to skin discoloration and change in hair texture”. Well if you already haven’t read my previous two posts click here and here.

Gillette Venus Shaving kit
Gillette Venus Shaving kit

To be honest, i was one of those girls who used to think this and stopped using razors. But after attending the session with Dr. Rashmi Shetty and using the Gillette Venus razor myself, I realized that’s the most ridiculous thing to even think about. Let’s talk point by point…

  • Hair color will never become darker after shaving. The color of your hair is always determined by your genes and hormones and definitely not the razor you use. So that’s one thing to not worry about if you are keeping  yourselves away from shaving.
  • After shaving, once the hair starts growing, you feel the prickliness as the hair is still in it growing stage and it’s been cut of from the top and not the entire roots like waxing. Wait for 2-3 days for it to grow and make sure to be in your loose and comfy clothes as it might be a bit uncomfortable if you wear body hugging clothes. Let the skin breathe well during this time.
  • The color of your skin is never going to get darker if you shave. Infact shaving helps you remove the top layer of dead skin making it more softer that before. As mentioned in the previous post from this series, the key to a smooth shaved skin is good exfoliation before shaving, a good shaving gel or foam and an even better moisturization post shaving.

Now that, we have talked about this myth and how there’s absolutely no truth in it, let me tell you how I feel about shaving post 2 weeks of using the Gillette Venus razor along with the Shaving foam. The shaving foam from Gillette Satin care has definitely played a vital role in changing my perception about shaving. I never realized how important a shaving foam can be and how much difference it can do to your shaving game.

Gillette satin care shaving gel
Gillette satin care shaving gel


I use a coffee scrub from Mr. Bean(PS: I love this baby) before I apply the Gillette satin care shaving foam and a bath and body works moisturizer for a good hydrated and moisturized skin. And yes, all of this is done when I’m in my shower because that’s the best time to shave for your body is well hydrated. Well, I’m absolutely loving this challenge and you need to stay tuned to this space to know more about the shaving myths and how I busted them.

My shaving essentials- A good scrub, gillette shaving gel, gillette venus razor, bath and body body lotion

If you have any kind of questions regarding shaving, feel free to ask me here or checkout the Gillette Venus app and also do share your shaving experience in the comments section below.

Till then stay awesome 😀

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