Honor 5X- A budget friendly phone with loads to offer

Hello everyone,


How are you all doing? I’ve not been very consistent with my posts lately due to all the travelling that I’ve been indulging in from last 2 weeks. Here’s a promise, I am going to post regularly from now on. Pinky promise 😀

So from almost a month, I’ve been using the Honor 5X smartphone, a product by the well known brand HUAWEI. This is the latest mid range product which makes sure that the consumer gets the best features for the most affordable price. Let me tell you all about my experience and what I think about this baby….


Price: A super cool price of just 12999INR. A tough one for the other competitors in the market I feel.

Stylish looks:

Well, the look of a phone is very important to me and to many like me. The phone has a metal body with a bit of a texture to it. I have the phone in gold color and I absolutely adore it for the simple fact that it’s really light weight and doesn’t heat up after hours of usage also.



Fingerprint sensor:

Fingerprint sensor is something that we all dream about in our phones these days and at a mere price of 12999INR is a miracle in disguise. And guess what, you can use each finger to function as different commands like clicking pictures, answering calls and even send SOS calls (a must have for women these days).

Multi purpose fingerprint sensor
Multi purpose fingerprint sensor


Isn’t this one of the first things we all see while buying a phone??Well the phone has a very good camera;both rear and front and gives a decent enough picture clarity and for a price like this, it is indeed super impressive. The front camera is 5MP and the rear is 13MP with a very good flash feature. It also has some really good features like “GOOD FOOD” which is specially awesome for bloggers who love posting pictures of what they eat almost all the time on social media. Apart from this, it has features like slo-mo, beauty, panorama etc that are great if you want to experiment with your pictures and videos and also need quality in them.


Picture taken in the day light
Picture taken in the day light
Picture taken in the evening
Picture taken in the evening

The pictures taken outdoor were amazing and the camera performed well indoors and okayish in low light. The fingerprint sensor can be easily used for taking selfies which is super convenient if you want some quick selfies.

Selfie taken with the "Beauty" feature
Selfie taken with the “Beauty” feature

Battery life:

Ok so this is something we all struggle with most of the times. A special moment to capture or an emergency to call and BAMM, no charge in the phone. The Honor 5X has an amazing battery backup which was surprising for me as most of budget phones are dealing with low battery backup these days. The phone also has an option of saving your battery when it goes to 20%. With 3 different power modes:Normal, smart and ultra power saving, one can easily save up battery especially when you are travelling and don’t have a place to charge the phone. A big thumbs up for that.

The phone does have a bit of lagging while switching between apps but other than that, I did not find much of a heating problem so far even after some big size games were installed on them by my brother.


Apart from these main features, the Honor 5X also has a 2GB ram and a 16GB memory with an expandable memory option. The sim tray has two slots for one micro sim slot and the other for a nano sim slot which I think is quite convenient. The phone comes with a USB charger and some other additional features include gestures such as double press the volume button to click a picture instantly etc.

My Final Verdict:

The HONOR 5X is one of the best budget phones available in the market I feel and coming from a well established brand like HUAWEI makes it even better due to the trust factor. The battery quality is the impressive feature of this phone for me as I can carry the phone without worrying much about searching for a charging point. For a blogger, it’s very important to be available on social media most of the times and this phone makes sure to not ditch me during important times by giving me the best battery backup. I would definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a good looking phone at an affordable price without burning a hole in the pocket.


If you wish to purchase this phone you can find it on AMAZON and FLIPKART and also has the option to choose from their 3 different colors available.

What do you think of HONOR 5X? Do you own this phone? Make sure to comment your views down in the comment section below.


Till then stay awesome 😀

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