WAG BOX- A Pamper box for your Dogs!

“If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either”

Hello all dog lovers,

You all must have by now figured out my obsession for subscription boxes and how much I love trying out new boxes and bags whenever I get an opportunity to. But do you know apart from makeup and jewellery boxes, there are boxes for your cute lil pets too???

Last month I received WAG BOX from a popular online website named HEADS UP FOR TAILS(HUFT) who cater to all your pet supplies from their food to grooming products to the most quirkiest clothes and collars for your cuties. And guess what? This box is the perfect pamper box for your doggies. Interesting right??? So let’s know a bit about Wag Box before we proceed further into details…

“The Wag Box is all about a heady mixture of surprises, happiness, personal care, treats and love. After all, nowhere else do you get a personal shopper cum happiness officer for your dog and yes, there are some lovely surprises in store too!
Our Wag Box is designed for pet owners who truly appreciate the marvellous meanings that gifts give to life in general, who understand the need for their pets to be pampered just like a little child and of course, for those who love their dogs more than anything else in the whole wide world! This little Wag Box is our own special offering for owners and dogs, something that we envision as our own little bundle of happiness that spreads warmth across as many homes as possible!”

Pricewag box

Where can you order from: 

Click here:  Subscribe for wagbox

wag box1

What Pluto got inside his box: So this was a small birthday present for my labrador Pluto as he needed to be pampered for his 1st ever birthday with us. Being a hyper excited puppy, he’s super destructible with his toys and a bit fussy when it comes to food he eats. The form that you get to fill before subscribing to the box definitely caters to personalizing the box as per your dog’s taste and breed and size so that the sweet guys at HUFT can get your doggie the best stuff from their warehouse.



Oh by the way, don’t forget o wish my baby Pluto a belated Happy Birthday. He ate half a cake and pooped whole day the day after. LOL!! So afer that TMI, let’s come back to the box. The box was super cute with adorable patterns all over and a sweet note to the owner. Everything was nicely packed but sadly one of the products leaked badly but anyhow, I still was pretty excited to open up the products with Pluto. I received 6 products in total and let’s see what all are they:


  • Dog Collar: The dog collar had the most cues thing ever printed on it which said “Taking the human for a walk”. Hahaha! That just won my hear right away. I tried taking his pictures with the collar on, but this naughty puppy refused to stand still.DSC_1961
  • Dog cookies: Pluto  loved these cookies as he loves Chicken and anything that has chicken can win his heart. Woof Woof! he box is empty already and I’m planning to buy them soon.DSC_1959
  • Rope toy: I had mentioned in the form that he loves toys that can be snatched away from him and HUFt team made sure about that and sent him a toy made of thick ropes but sadly in a week’s time, he managed to untie he toy and tear it into a hundred other pieces. DSC_1952
  • PETA clean dry bath waterless shampoo: This was the best product in the box for the naughty puppy since he goes around and makes himself dirty every time he goes for a stroll and giving dogs bath everyday isn’t advisable and possible as well. This dry shampoo makes sure he’s clean everyday without any hassle.DSC_1960
  • Hoggers Meat lamb choosticks: These were his favorite among the others and a few pieces are still kept just to lure him everytime we wan him to behave. 😀DSC_1963
  • Bowtie: Cute as hell but definitely not something Pluto will like to wear. We did try to make him get all dressy with this bowtie on his birthday, but unfortunately it was in his mouth within 5 Minutes.DSC_1962
  • Coffee mug: HUFT made sure the owner doesn’t feel left out and thus his coffee mug made me the happiest with “Lessons to learn from a DOG” all over it.DSC_1965 DSC_1966

My Final Verdict: I absolutely love his box but more than me the star of this post Mr. Pluto was so happy and excited with all the awesome sauce products in the WAG BOX. His favorites were definitely the toy, the cookies and the choosticks. Being the most wonderful creature in the world who welcomes you with joy and excitement every time you reach home, loves you unconditionally and makes sure you are happy all the time, these lovely doggies need their part of pampering and love too and WAG BOX is just the perfect box for that. You should definitely give it a try to for your pet or you can even buy products individually from their website as they have really unique collection on their site.


Do tell me what you think of this special box for pets in the comments box.

Till then stay awesome 😀

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