Make way for Newbies in Your Closet- The art of selling on Elanic

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite sometime since I posted here. I was busy setting up my room and decluttering my clothes and other “not much used” stuffs and now I’m planning to sell them on Elanic. Well if you don’t know what Elanic is, you need to go back and read this POST that i had posted when they had just started off in the market. And guys, I have seen how they have grown and are doing an amazing work for those of us who love shopping and end up wearing those newbies maybe once or twice and throw them somewhere in our closets.

This post is all about how you can get rid of those “hardly used” products from clothes, shoes and accessories to even your beauty products, home decor and so many to name. Not just that, you can even quote your own price and at the comfort of your house, Elanic makes sure you earn some nice money and not bother about sanitizing them or take the hassle of sending across through courier companies.

Hassle Free selling

Have you had the situation where you have an event to attend and you are digging through your closet and still not able to decide what you want to wear? That happens to me quite a lot and the reason  behind it is the never ending stack of clothes and accessories which we don’t plan to wear anymore or are way too out of our league now (thanks to all those pizzas and burgers :P). I have a solution for you all including men who think I don’t give them shopping tips. Haha!

All you need to do is to follow these steps and BAMMM!! You have a super organized closet and some crazy cash in your wallet! So let’s begin 😀

Screenshot_2016-03-09-17-19-17 - Copy
Super friendly App
Super friendly App
Variety of Categories to choose from
  • Go to your Playstore or App store and download Elanic on your phone.
  • Create an account and click some good quality pictures of anything that you would want to sell from your closet.
  • List/Add these items on your profile by clicking on the “+” icon where you will be taken to a page that has an option to add your pictures, choose categories, details of your product like color, brand, size etc and the price at which you would want to sell these items.
  • The Elanic guys then check your listings and approve them and that’s it! All you have to do is sit back and relax. Isn’t that something we all love to do 😀
  • Once someone likes your product and decides to buy it, you will receive a notification on the app as well as an email and they would send a mail guy to pick up the product from you. See I told you that you have to just relax!
  • The product is then undergone a strict quality check to ensure there’s no damage and is as per the details given by you on the app and then is sent for sanitization to ensure that the product is squeaky clean and is as good as new.
  • This product is sent to the buyer in a nicely packed zip lock with a cute note and that’s it. The product you have been taking care of all this time is definitely going to be loved and taken care by it’s new owner 🙂
Key features of Elanic



The entire process takes 7-10 days and the buyer has an option to return the items within 3 days of receiving it. If you wish to buy some awesome stuffs like branded denims or a chic jacket, you can even search your desired product on Elanic App and you might be lucky to get amazing deals. I have bought so many things from the App and trust me guys, they are some of my best purchases. They look as good as new and at some really great price.  Here’s a small video on the entire process I explained above: How to sell and buy on Elanic


Tips to make a quick sale:

  1. Make sure to click good quality pictures of the product you are selling.
  2. Add as many details as possible about the product, like the material, size, how many times it has been used etc.
  3. The prices should be reasonable keeping in mind, it’s pre-owned and if someone really wants to pay a high price, they can as well go to the store and buy a brand new product.
  4. Don’t refrain from negotiating to get your closet empty as soon as possible.

I have listed a few items on Elanic and you can find me with the username @quirky_wanderlust and shop some of the products that I have never used at all or have hardly used once or twice. I will be listing many more products on my profile and you can get all the updates of my new listings by following me there. Guess what! You can even avail an Elanic Credit of Rs 200 by using the Referral code AM200. Now you can buy from the closets of many fashion bloggers on Elanic apart from me and make sure you are up to date with the latest trends. So what are you all waiting for!! Go ahead and download the Elanic app and sell all those clothes and accessories that are just lying in your closet unused and make way for new ones.

If you have already used the Elanic App, do let me know your experience in the comments section below and I would love to know what you think of this cool concept.


Till then stay awesome 🙂

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