The Girl in the Orange Skirt featuring Crisp luxury

Hello lovely people,

I’ve been wanting to do some themed outfit posts  from a very long time and finally it’s here! So this and the next 2 posts in the coming week will be featuring the luxury store called Crisp. But before that, let me tell you a bit about CRISP; it’s a store that provides you some of the best and well-known designer brands from all over the world like Nina Ricci,Furla,Emilio Pucci, Helmut Lang and many more.The store has a very contemporary and raw interiors which was perfect for me, since I didn’t have to break my head over shoot locations. HEHE! If you are someone who likes to splurge once in a while on designer clothing, this is the perfect place for you, be it a man or a woman, they have everything in store, from clothes to footwear to even high-end accessories, you name it and they have it!

The pretty dress at the entrance is made out of world maps
The pretty dress at the entrance is made out of world maps
Don't forget to checkout their huge 60% discount
Don’t forget to checkout their huge 60% discount



I found a very pretty silk fabric flared skirt and it looked absolutely stunning. I paired the skirt with a crisp white shirt which had golden tassels on the collar and styled it with a black handbag with strawberries on it and well of course went for my comfy flats from Steve Maddens instead of heels though they have some droolworthy heels from well known designers in the store. The whole outfit looks super fun yet chic and classy. The lighting was a tad bit yellow in the store and hence the white shirt might look cream to you all but it’s a crisp white shirt and can be added to your wardrobe essentials. Enjoy the pictures(PS: Don’t mind the tags since I wasn’t allowed to remove them) 🙂


“Dressed in a sundress
Under the pouring rain
She twirled around
Raising her hands to the air
Droplets fell onto her hair”



“Nobody knows who she was
No one knows where she came from
All they knew she was silent
Like the wind in everyone’s hair”



“Her grief hidden behind a mask
She lifted her eyes to the sky
And started to dance
Throwing away all her sorrow
She started to smile again
She’s the girl in the rain”

Hope you like my first fashion editorial post and I would love to get your suggestions, so that the next two upcoming ones can be even better than this one. Do let me know your views and suggestions in the comments below. Also checkout CRISP LUXURY STORE if you are in Vittal Mallya road, Bangalore to experience some high-end shopping.

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Photo Credits: The Sling shots Company

Till then stay awesome 🙂


PS: The verses used in the post are from familyfriendpoems and the post was in association with the brand. All the views expressed are solely mine and not influenced by the brand in any way.

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