Love at first sight with LeEco Le1s- Full review

Hello my people!

So a few days back I had posted my 3-day experience with the LeEco Le1s superphone and how I was already in love with it and if by any chance you missed that post, click here. Since I have used the phone to the best way possible for more than a week now, it’s time to post the full review barring all the complex technicalities, since that’s not definitely my genre.

DSC_2680This review is totally from a fashion blogger’s point of view and the usual things that I would look for in a phone is its camera quality- both front and rear, battery backup, audio quality and of course the processor speed. So here we go: 

Appearance: The rose gold looks absolutely chic and classy and the sleek look makes it super stylish to flaunt it like its worth millions. Hehehe! The phone doesn’t feel heavy and can be easily kept in the pocket as well as in your small clutch bag.



Camera: The amazing ISOCELL technology in the camera is what makes the quality of the pictures so good for such a budget friendly phone. The front camera is absolutely brilliant with 5MP and the rear camera, 13MP works pretty decently too. I was a tad bit disappointed with its performance in low light since the pictures came a bit grainy but other than that everything was perfect about the front and rear camera in this phone.

Apart from that, it even has different filters which you can use while clicking pictures itself and also use the Slo-Mo feature and take some really interesting videos too. The video quality is equally good and one can take pretty decent videos in the phone.

Selfie taken with the front camera

Battery backup: This is the star feature of Le1s and you would ask why? As mentioned in my last post, the Type-C USB charger is the reason why the phone can be charged in almost an hour’s time. And for a person like me who has to use the phone to be live on the social media throughout the day, this feature works great.




When I didn’t have too many apps on the phone, the battery lasted for the entire day, but as I started installing more apps and some of which were games as well, I noticed that the battery was draining out in around 7-8 hours which is quite Ok, since these apps do take a lot of power. The phone also had a bit of heating issues due to excessive use but the awesome part was the fact that if you leave it idle for a few minutes, it instantly cools down due it’s metal body. I think that’s quite cool and wins me over in every way. 😀


Audio: I’m not a fan of listening to music all the time, but when I listen I want the quality to be real good! And trust me guys, this phone has a super cool sound quality. The clarity is amazing and also sounds good with and without any earphones. Again a pointer for Le 1s 🙂

Though, it doesn’t come with earphones but you can use your existing earphones since it supports other external devices quite well. I have tried them with my Philips earphones and the sound quality remains absolutely perfect but I would love LeEco to come up with accessories for the phone soon.

Memory: The phone doesn’t come with an expandable memory but having 32GB of inbuilt memory is more than enough for I think most of us. I have so many apps installed and tons of photos and videos already, thanks to my selfie addiction and I still managed to have 21GB left and for me it’s commendable how we need not worry about expanding memories and all that jazz.

Fingerprint scanner: The second star in Le 1s is the fingerprint scanner which can be used to unlock the phone and even click pictures without using any buttons. All you have to do is just input your fingerprint the first time and you are all set to show-off in front of your friends and colleagues. Just place your finger and click pictures to your heart’s content and if you are a selfie addict, well you know which phone to get right 😉


So here’s a thing, after using the phone for so many days, I can vouch that this phone is one of the best in the market currently available with world class features. The metallic body, the fingerprint scanner, the super fast charger and what not, you name it and LeEco Le 1s has it all. For a mere price of 10999 INR, you will not find any phone with these features. The phone looks absolutely classy in your hand and for those who want to experience iPhone(as close to it as possible) but still not want to burn a hole in the pocket, this is your best choice.

Here’s a good news! Today is the LeEco Day(25th February,2016) and from today onwards you can order the Le1s without any registration on Flipkart and not worry about registration hassles or get disappointed that the stocks ran out. Grab this opportunity and get your hands on the Le1s if you are looking out for a good phone that looks good and has amazing features and still doesn’t cost you a bomb.

If you happen to buy it or have used the LeEco Le1s, do share your experience with me in the comments section below.


Till then stay awesome 😀


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