Polaroid Action Camera in Action at #FlipkartOutdoors

Here’s all we did at the #FipkartOutdoors event with indiblogger at Mango Mist. A very well captured video by the team mebers.

The Life of Prince

Polaroid Action Camera is one little, cute, absolutely adorable but sturdy, shock proof, splash resistant, mountable & built for a lot of fun !

So many features are packed in this little magical device that makes you go Wow !! Its only a 3.5mm wide and high device but can record upto  90 minutes a video of 1080p.  Supporting upto 32 gb of space, I bet we’ll never run out of memory and keep capturing endless memories with this. On display were also a lot of accessories that goes along, helping us capture moments wherever it happens.

We picked one cutie and started exploring its features while we explored the resort – Mango Mist. We captured our fun moments, while we made our way to Rock climbing. A first person video was shot as we mounted this on climber’s helmet and all it needed was just a placement. Easy to…

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