The Girl in the Orange Skirt featuring Crisp luxury

Hello lovely people,

I’ve been wanting to do some themed outfit posts  from a very long time and finally it’s here! So this and the next 2 posts in the coming week will be featuring the luxury store called Crisp. But before that, let me tell you a bit about CRISP; it’s a store that provides you some of the best and well-known designer brands from all over the world like Nina Ricci,Furla,Emilio Pucci, Helmut Lang and many more.The store has a very contemporary and raw interiors which was perfect for me, since I didn’t have to break my head over shoot locations. HEHE! If you are someone who likes to splurge once in a while on designer clothing, this is the perfect place for you, be it a man or a woman, they have everything in store, from clothes to footwear to even high-end accessories, you name it and they have it!

The pretty dress at the entrance is made out of world maps
The pretty dress at the entrance is made out of world maps
Don't forget to checkout their huge 60% discount
Don’t forget to checkout their huge 60% discount



I found a very pretty silk fabric flared skirt and it looked absolutely stunning. I paired the skirt with a crisp white shirt which had golden tassels on the collar and styled it with a black handbag with strawberries on it and well of course went for my comfy flats from Steve Maddens instead of heels though they have some droolworthy heels from well known designers in the store. The whole outfit looks super fun yet chic and classy. The lighting was a tad bit yellow in the store and hence the white shirt might look cream to you all but it’s a crisp white shirt and can be added to your wardrobe essentials. Enjoy the pictures(PS: Don’t mind the tags since I wasn’t allowed to remove them) 🙂


“Dressed in a sundress
Under the pouring rain
She twirled around
Raising her hands to the air
Droplets fell onto her hair”



“Nobody knows who she was
No one knows where she came from
All they knew she was silent
Like the wind in everyone’s hair”



“Her grief hidden behind a mask
She lifted her eyes to the sky
And started to dance
Throwing away all her sorrow
She started to smile again
She’s the girl in the rain”

Hope you like my first fashion editorial post and I would love to get your suggestions, so that the next two upcoming ones can be even better than this one. Do let me know your views and suggestions in the comments below. Also checkout CRISP LUXURY STORE if you are in Vittal Mallya road, Bangalore to experience some high-end shopping.

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Photo Credits: The Sling shots Company

Till then stay awesome 🙂


PS: The verses used in the post are from familyfriendpoems and the post was in association with the brand. All the views expressed are solely mine and not influenced by the brand in any way.

Love at first sight with LeEco Le1s- Full review

Hello my people!

So a few days back I had posted my 3-day experience with the LeEco Le1s superphone and how I was already in love with it and if by any chance you missed that post, click here. Since I have used the phone to the best way possible for more than a week now, it’s time to post the full review barring all the complex technicalities, since that’s not definitely my genre.

DSC_2680This review is totally from a fashion blogger’s point of view and the usual things that I would look for in a phone is its camera quality- both front and rear, battery backup, audio quality and of course the processor speed. So here we go: 

Appearance: The rose gold looks absolutely chic and classy and the sleek look makes it super stylish to flaunt it like its worth millions. Hehehe! The phone doesn’t feel heavy and can be easily kept in the pocket as well as in your small clutch bag.



Camera: The amazing ISOCELL technology in the camera is what makes the quality of the pictures so good for such a budget friendly phone. The front camera is absolutely brilliant with 5MP and the rear camera, 13MP works pretty decently too. I was a tad bit disappointed with its performance in low light since the pictures came a bit grainy but other than that everything was perfect about the front and rear camera in this phone.

Apart from that, it even has different filters which you can use while clicking pictures itself and also use the Slo-Mo feature and take some really interesting videos too. The video quality is equally good and one can take pretty decent videos in the phone.

Selfie taken with the front camera

Battery backup: This is the star feature of Le1s and you would ask why? As mentioned in my last post, the Type-C USB charger is the reason why the phone can be charged in almost an hour’s time. And for a person like me who has to use the phone to be live on the social media throughout the day, this feature works great.




When I didn’t have too many apps on the phone, the battery lasted for the entire day, but as I started installing more apps and some of which were games as well, I noticed that the battery was draining out in around 7-8 hours which is quite Ok, since these apps do take a lot of power. The phone also had a bit of heating issues due to excessive use but the awesome part was the fact that if you leave it idle for a few minutes, it instantly cools down due it’s metal body. I think that’s quite cool and wins me over in every way. 😀


Audio: I’m not a fan of listening to music all the time, but when I listen I want the quality to be real good! And trust me guys, this phone has a super cool sound quality. The clarity is amazing and also sounds good with and without any earphones. Again a pointer for Le 1s 🙂

Though, it doesn’t come with earphones but you can use your existing earphones since it supports other external devices quite well. I have tried them with my Philips earphones and the sound quality remains absolutely perfect but I would love LeEco to come up with accessories for the phone soon.

Memory: The phone doesn’t come with an expandable memory but having 32GB of inbuilt memory is more than enough for I think most of us. I have so many apps installed and tons of photos and videos already, thanks to my selfie addiction and I still managed to have 21GB left and for me it’s commendable how we need not worry about expanding memories and all that jazz.

Fingerprint scanner: The second star in Le 1s is the fingerprint scanner which can be used to unlock the phone and even click pictures without using any buttons. All you have to do is just input your fingerprint the first time and you are all set to show-off in front of your friends and colleagues. Just place your finger and click pictures to your heart’s content and if you are a selfie addict, well you know which phone to get right 😉


So here’s a thing, after using the phone for so many days, I can vouch that this phone is one of the best in the market currently available with world class features. The metallic body, the fingerprint scanner, the super fast charger and what not, you name it and LeEco Le 1s has it all. For a mere price of 10999 INR, you will not find any phone with these features. The phone looks absolutely classy in your hand and for those who want to experience iPhone(as close to it as possible) but still not want to burn a hole in the pocket, this is your best choice.

Here’s a good news! Today is the LeEco Day(25th February,2016) and from today onwards you can order the Le1s without any registration on Flipkart and not worry about registration hassles or get disappointed that the stocks ran out. Grab this opportunity and get your hands on the Le1s if you are looking out for a good phone that looks good and has amazing features and still doesn’t cost you a bomb.

If you happen to buy it or have used the LeEco Le1s, do share your experience with me in the comments section below.


Till then stay awesome 😀


Irresistible Me Hair extensions- review and styling

Hello people,

I broke my glasses and I’m practically typing this with somewhat being blind 😦 Waiting for my new glasses which will take 2 more days now :/

So coming back to the post, a few weeks back i got a chance to try out the  much hyped hair extensions from I always had a perception that hair extensions can only be worn with the help of a hair expert in a salon, but guess what, these hair extensions from Irresistible Me are user friendly and can be worn at home just in a matter of few minutes. Let’s discuss a few points about the type of extensions, length and color before talking about my personal experience.


Types: Silky Touch: Silky Touch is our best-selling line made with 100% human Remy hair. These hair extensions are fantastic quality for a friendly price and can be very easily styled, cut, colored and curled to blend in your hair perfectly. The thickness of the hair decreases very slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them.

Royal RemyRoyal Remy is our premium line made with 100% human Remy hair. We use top of the line hair and a special treatment unique to Irresistible Me to add extra silkiness and durability and make these the best hair extensions you can find. The thickness of the hair is amazing – the same from the top of the weft to the bottom. This provide a lot of body and bounce while wearing them.


IrresistibleMe length

Color: It is advised to choose a color one shade lighter than your natural hair color so that you can color them to match perfectly to your hair color once you get them. You can choose your perfect match after watching the video in the following link below: Choose the right color-Video here

How to use: How to clip-in the extensions

My experience:

The extensions came nicely packed in a black box which looked pretty classy outside and inside and the package reached to me in about a weeks time which was super quick. I selected the 24 inches “NATURAL BLACK” Silky Touch Hair extensions since I have a brownish tint to my otherwise black colored hair. The extensions were nicely enclosed in a zip lock packaging with 2 different slots wherein the small slot has a TESTER EXTENSION and this is meant for you to try it on and check if the color matches you along with extra clips. MIND YOU! Do not open the bigger slot, else you won’t be able to return them in case the color doesn’t match you. I found this concept really good since it’s so convenient with amazing return policy.




The  set that I chose came with a total of ten pieces – 1 piece of 4 clips , 2 pieces of 3 clips , 5 pieces of 2 clips , 2 pieces of 1 clip . My hair is a little above my waist and is super thick, hence I used only 1 -4 clip, 2 -2 clip and 2 -1 clip wefts and they did feel a bit weird in the beginning since  my hair is already quite heavy and also because I had got the heaviest extensions among all. The hair is as natural as a any of our usual hair and didn’t feel plastic-like in any way. They stay snugly onto your hair and nobody would get to know you have something extra on your head can go about your daily activities without any worry. The hair is ridiculously soft and smooth and aren’t too shiny.



The best part is you can color, straighten, curl them and have to take care of them as you would to your own hair. The hair is thinner at the bottom and curls a bit like natural hair but since I have chemically straightened hair, I would have to straighten them too. All in all I love the Irresistible me hair extensions and have already used them twice. I am planning to cut the ends a bit since it is a bit longer than my natural hair length. This is suitable for daily use as well as for occasions like weddings, parties when you need more hair to style them and still make them look voluminous.





Care details: 

  • Comb them before storing and tie them in a pony and store them in the same zip lock pouch.
  • Wash after 10-15 uses or when you feel the hair is becoming greasy or dirty. Use  a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Don’t use too much of styling products and heating tools. treat it just like your hair

Have your ever tried hair extensions? I would love to know your view about hair extensions in the comments below.

Irresistible Me YouTube

Till then stay awesome 😀

Jazz up your home with DECOHOME.IN- Website Review

Hello everyone,

I’m just too happy this week and hence I thought of giving you guys the 3rd post of the week 😀

It’s about this awesome website I came across called the DECO HOME where they sell everything that is required to make your house look classy. They have some pretty cool products from categories like Bedding, cushions,  decorative wall shelves, beautiful garden torches etc which would certainly amplify the beauty of your house as well as your pretty garden area. They have two sections- Deco Essential and Deco Window which offers various products from bed covers to curtain to tie backs etc.



If you are one of those people who love to accessorize your house with the most unique and classy items, then DECOHOME.IN is your place. They have home decor products from all across the world and have made their niche in this field internationally. Their range includes classic to modern profiles and each piece is engineered for durability, functionality and aesthetics and together with Add on curtain rods, special wall brackets and rings give you endless possibilities to indulge in designing your house interiors in the best way possible. My favorite was ofcourse their bedding category which has some classy looking bed covers and what attracted me is the dark colors like Moss, brown etc which draws all the attention and boosts any color furniture in your room.


Their speciality is definitely the decorative curtain hardware collection, which is the first of its kind for the Indian market. You must be thinking, so many great info about this website, must be definitely expensive..NOPE! Their commitment to provide the best quality HOME SOLUTIONS in an affordable manner for all the Indian homes is what makes them a tad bit special. I showed the website to my dad and he was so impressed by the garden lamps and the wall shelves that he right away order them for the house. They have FREE SHIPPING in India with the facility for CASH ON DELIVERY and also a very cool return policy. Isn’t that awesome!!

Garden Torch Decohome.High res


I have shown you below some of my favorite products from their website and I hope you find some for your house too…:D

Deco Home tulip garden torches price 2499 (1)

Decowindowin wall shelf sheesham natural price 1199 runner dark blue price 699


The rise of online websites In India for products that will help getting your house setup with less hassles and running around is becoming a big trend and the market will give you a lot of choices too, but getting products at an affordable price with international standards is something that you have to keep in mind too.

Do checkout if you are looking out for classy home decor products and do let me know what you think of this website and if you happened to order something from them.


Till then stay awesome 🙂


3 Days with LeEco Le1s- A Fashion Blogger’s First Impressions

Hello people!!!

I’m addicted to my current phone to death but for some reason I prefer sticking to one phone atleast for 2-3 years because of the hassle of installing the apps all over again in a new phone. Recently I heard about the launch of the LeEco Le1s mobile phone which made news all over the media for the fact that it was all sold out in literally 2 seconds in their first flash sale on Flipkart. So when I received the Le1s for review, I was pretty excited to get my hands on the phone and see what’s the whole deal about. Here are my views about the phone after using for 3 straight days…..

Day1- Unboxing and first impression

The phone came in a white box with its brand name “LeTv” written at the sides. I received the phone in ROSE GOLD color and to be honest I was really happy that i didn’t receive the silver color. Well, with the trend of rose gold being everywhere, isn’t it cool to have a phone in the same color! The first thing I noticed was it’s metal body and how it resembled the great “iPhone”. The phone had the accessories in the lower level which came with a Type C USB port, which means you will have to carry the charger with you everywhere due to its availability problems. The best part- it has a FINGERPRINT SENSOR, which means just keep the finger on the sensor and whoosh..the phone unlocks 😀 The phone is priced at a very mere amount of just Rs 10999 for which I don’t think you’ll find many phones with so many features.




Day 2 and Day 3:

So the charger that comes with the phone is a fast charger which means you charge the phone in almost an hour to 100% battery. Isnt that cooool!!! The previous night I decided to discharge the entire battery and test this in the morning and to my surprise it took less than an hour for the phone to charge fully and was all set for me to test what matters to me the most- CAMERA!


The phone has a rear camera of 13MP and a front camera of 5MP which is pretty awesome for a phone that looks super classy and expensive but is pocket friendly in real.  Due to the ISOCELL in the rear camera, the pictures I took were of good quality in the daylight but a bit weird looking with low light. Talking about the front camera, the pictures are good but I would not say the best due to the noise that’s visible once you zoom them. The camera also has some really nice filters which you can use while taking the pictures. The phone comes with an inbuilt and non expandable 32 gm ROM and 3 gb RAM with dual sim slots (1 micro+1 nano) and a gorilla glass 3.




I did use the music player which is an inbuilt in the phone, and the sound quality is really good for a person like me who is not into ridiculously loud music. The  speakers it has at the side bottom of the phone is what makes the sound quality so good.


By the end of the day, the phone was dead due to continuous usage of internet and clicking numerous pictures and taking videos. I do need to now install a few apps and games to check if there would be any lags and heating issues.

These were my views for the 3 days I used the LeEco Le1s and by the end of the week, I would be posting my complete review on the phone along with some specifications that you guys would be interested in. Do checkout Flipkart for their next Flash Sale if you are already impressed with this classy looking phone.


Have you used the LeEco Le1s? Do you plan to buy this phone? Do let me know what is your view about this new baby in the mobile phone market in the comments below and wait for my full review on Sunday 🙂


Till then stay awesome 🙂



Quirky home decor with Freedom Tree

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a love filled weekend and today i decided to write about something different from the usual beauty and fashion posts.

So recently we did a house warming ceremony for our new house in Kerala and I had always wanted my bedroom to be colorful and lively long back when the construction had started and that’s when I started exploring home decor websites. Today i’m going to talk about one such website called FREEDOM TREE that I absolutely fell in love with at the very first site. They have some of the best home decor products for not just for your bedroom but almost every part of your house but my favorite was their bedroom decor collection. I have been lately getting into “MAKE IN INDIA” products a lot and FREEDOM TREE interested me even more because of the fact that all the products are designed and manufacture right in our country. And if you live in Mumbai, you can even visit their store in Bandra.

The designs are the most quirkiest and colorful which is definitely an attraction for the younger generation and can definitely find Freedom Tree one of its kind website for those who are excited to setup their first ever house. The patterns are so out of the box that one can not click that “X” button without having a second look at their products and making a few orders. They have every product that you are looking for to decorate your nest; From bed lamps to pillow cases to bed covers to even knick knacks to make your bedroom look quirky and interesting, you will find everything here. The best part, all the products, including the bolts of fabric are handmade,handwoven and hand-painted by artisans from all across the country and are reasonably priced.


If you want your kids to study without any complaints, they even have attractive kid’s study tables and cute industrial book shelves to make your life stress free. Some of my favorite pieces were their industrial coffee tables, distressed storage shelves and their most amazing contemporary furniture. I am one of those who love to be at home and if you have such beautiful pieces in your house especially your bedroom, where you spend most of the time in a day, I think you definitely deserve good decor.

Apart from bedroom, they even have some out of the box and stylish furniture for your living room which will definitely make your house popular among your friends and you might expect more than expected guests at your doorstep all the time. LOL!! Here are some of the products that I fell in love with especially their BOHEMIAN COLLECTION and I’m definitely going to order for my new house.BACKBAY BEDCOVER DOUBLE CHARCOAL L 108 X W 90 IN








Make sure to visit their Website and Facebook page and get your dream home decorated in the most unusual way with Freedom Tree.

Do you want to see more lifestyle related posts? Do let me know what you think of Freedom Tree products in the comments below.


Till then stay awesome 🙂

Valentine’s Day Desserts for your luvbugs featuring SPRINKLED!

Hello everyone,

Here’s the third post from my #VDayWeek edition and it’s all things sweet and nice 😀

We all love gifts that are unique and exclusive and if it’s gifted by someone close to us, it’s like a dream. Last month for my birthday I got this pretty pretty Fashion themed dark chocolate truffle cake….What better gift for someone like me who loves everything FASHION right!

My Surprise Birthday Cake from Sprinkled
My Surprise Birthday Cake from Sprinkled

When I asked my friend where he got the cake from, I was told about this newbie baker in Bangalore who owns a baking company called SPRINKLED. And that’s when I realised this was someone whom I was following on Facebook for quite a while. Gauthami shankar, a hospitality graduate from Christ University,Bangalore started this boutique bakery on 18th December 2015 and was named SPRINKLED in order to sprinkle each ones life with a whole lot of love and sweetness . That’s how the tag line #sprinkledwithinfinitelove came up. She is accompanied by the well know food truck owner Siddhanth Sawkar from Spitfire BBQ who helps her manage the bakery.

Sprinkled’s Owner- Gauthami Shankar

Let me tell how you a bit more about this awesome place and how you can pre order some of the best and quality made desserts from Sprinkled this Valentine’s day and make your loved one’s feel special.

Sprinkled caters to tailor made cakes, desserts in jars, celebratory desserts like the macaroon tower and also cupcakes and healthy muffins to name a few ! They also cater to all occassions be it birthdays, anniversary, weddings, baby showers , ring ceremonies, bachelors cakes etc. They also do themed cakes which are exclusively customized as per a customer’s requirement. Since it’s the season of love, they have curated a special Valentine’s Day hamper that can be pre-ordered to treat your love on 14th of February.



Love Hamper by Sprinkled: They have curated these hampers keeping in mind the seasonal produce, chocolate to be the key ingredient behind love and also everything sweet and nice.

VDAy special Love Hamper
VDAy special Love Hamper
The hamper consists of :
  • handcrafted dark and white chocolate truffles
  • red velvet and cream cheese dessert jars
  • chocolate and salted caramel tea cake
  • cheesy herb grissini
  • artisanal Italian style strawberry and cinnamon preserve
  • a trio of chocolate donuts
  • a valentine card
  • a custom made weaved wicker basket.
One can place an order for this hamper priced at 1800INR before the 10th February and anyone ordering through the lookup app will get a 10% discount and also a free delivery within 7 km radius from Kamanahalli, Bangalore. They are also taking bulk orders for organizations who are planning to do a valentine’s day special event at their workplace.

I have personally had a really nice experience with them and plan to get the MACAROON TOWER Cake soon, since it’s very unique and pretty. Their delivery is on point and the charges are reasonable for the quality they are providing. So, don’t give a miss to this new boutique bakery in Bangalore as they are bringing uniqueness an great quality right at your doorstep followed by loads of love this Valentine season. You can connect with them on their social media profiles to place an order:
What do you think of Sprinkled’s creations? Do let me know below and we can have a discussion here.
Till then stay awesome 😀


Date Essentials for Men- A woman’s perspective!


The last post kick started my #VDayWeek special series for this whole week and today I am here with a special post for all the men out there who have a date to go to this 14th Feb. Dates,especially first dates can be nerve-wracking, but I promise you they’ll be less if you go in with the right attitude and the right look, of course. And if you need a little more direction, here are the must-have essentials when you have a special date to look forward to.

  • Clean yourself up: Get off work early so you can go home and change with some good amount of time in your hands. If you smell bad, shower – in the bathroom and  not with your perfume :P. Brush your teeth,shave and comb your hair. Make sure your face isn’t shiny or oily because she’s not expecting to meet a grease ball on her date. 91XI2OdMP2L._SL1500_
  • Keep your wallet full: It seems the whole world has gone plastic, but a gentleman should always have cash on him, particularly on a date. This is important when you are looking in your wallet to provide change to the parking guy and of course asking your date to pay won’t be that impressive right??

  • Perfume: There’s no need for ultra-fancy colognes or overpowering body sprays. But keeping a sample size perfume in your pocket or wallet ain’t a bad idea, especially for those who tend to sweat a lot. And this is from my personal experience, guys who smell bad, ahh ahh, not impressive at all.Titan-Steel-Edp-Men-100ml-SDL749131557-1-10202
  • Be on time: It’s important to avoid being late when picking a girl up, check for traffic an hour before your estimated time of arrival. If it looks like you won’t get there on time due to traffic, make sure that you leave early. Wearing a watch will look sophisticated and give an impression that you value time.7713b583606f60d4160306c4bd5fca37
  • Check your breath: Before meeting your date, make sure that your dry mouth hasn’t produced any noxious fumes. Keep a pack of mints or gum in your pocket or drink some water before you talk to your date. Trust me, your date doesn’t want to smell what you ate for dinner the rest of the nightmr-men-mints
  • Don’t overdo the outfit: Don’t throw on just any old t-shirt for the first date. You know where you’re going on the date, so dress appropriately for it. If it’s a five-star restaurant, wear a dinner jacket. If it’s a movie, wear a clean shirt or a tee shirt with no fancy writings on it. Denim is fine for a first date, as long as you don’t go crazy. There will be plenty of time to showcase your casual look later on with acid washes, rips, patches – whatever your heart desires. For now, stick with a straight, dark pair of denims.fashionable-clothes-for-men-2012
  • Clean shoes: Never underestimate the power of a good, solid shoe. Women have a thing with shoes and I can bet she will look what you are wearing. You can wear anything from canvas sneakers to loafers, but just make sure they are clean, stylish, and functional. dating-tips-for-men-first-date-shoes

These are just the basic tips that you need to think about before going out on a date anytime and not just Valentine’s Day. It’s not very hard to make yourself  presentable as it all depends on your willingness to make an effort for the woman that you like.

Till then stay awesome and wait for tomorrow’s post 🙂

Skin & Hair Care routine for a perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Hello my lovelies!!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many of you would have already started planning over your outfits and things to do on your date. Love is in the air! But this Valentine’s Day you need to love your skin and hair first and start indulging in proper skin and hair care to look your best on your date.  Don’t forget to give that extra care and pampering to your skin as well before going for that SPECIAL Date with your boyfriend, husband or even with your girl gang (for those who think valentine’s day is only for lovers, HELL NO!!).

Here are a few ways you can pamper yourself a bit more a night before your valentine’s day date!!!

  • Cleansing: When I say cleansing, I don’t mean just your face but your entire body. Use a good body scrub/polish to remove those dead skin out and get a healthy and glowing skin. Also, use a facial cleansing brush and good face exfoliator to remove all the gunk and clear out your pores so that you look super fresh for that special date. Don’t forget to scrub your heels too, since this well get you to a relaxed mode and clean away all the week’s dirt to flaunt those sexy heels.
    Strawberry Body polish by Body Shop
    Strawberry Body polish by Body Shop




Cleansing Brush from Forever21
Cleansing Brush from Forever21                                        
  • Hair and Scalp: Indulge in hot oil hair massages for your scalp and hair by adding some CURRY LEAVES and heating the oil. You can keep this oil overnight and then wash the next day with proper conditioning. Follow this routine every week to keep hair nourished, shiny and damage free. You can also use home-made hair masks to get softer tresses.

Apply oil using a cotton ball on the scalpApply oil using a cotton ball on the scalp

Macadamia Hair Mask

Macadamia Hair Mask

  • Take steam:  Taking steam for both face and your hair will make sure that the pores are squeaky clean and also your hair becomes silky smooth once you are out of the bath. Giving steam to your hair makes sure that the oil that you have applied before goes deep into your roots which stimulates the growth of healthy hair.Increase the pleasure of a facial steam by adding a few drops of essential oil to the water to have a relaxing effect.
Facial steam with essential oil
Facial steam with essential oil
  • Essential oils and Bath salts: This is an awesome way to give you the benefits of aromatherapy  which is great for your body especially to relax your mind. You don’t have to limit yourself to bath salts. Feel free to add bubble bath, bath oils, bath beads, bath bombs, and anything else that helps you relax. Once you are done, you’ll come out of the bath with baby-soft skin. 😀
Bath salt from Soulflower
Bath salt from Soulflower
Tea tree oil from Khadi
Tea tree oil from Khadi
  •  Sheet Masks: There are so many sheet masks available in the market these days and they are a great way of giving enough moisture to your skin without the hassle of going to a salon. Sheet masks are now available not only for your face, but also for hands and feet too which can give you the benefits of at-home mani-pedi experience. You can find more about sheet masks HERE and HERE
Sheet masks for feet and hands
Sheet masks for feet and hands
  • Manicure-Pedicure: Talking about mani-pedi, there are so many options available these days where the beauty treatments can be done right at home. You can avail at-home beauty services from companies like HOUSEOFJOY.COM or LOCALOYE.COM and get those lovely feet and hands super soft and supple and put on some beautiful nail color.
Relax and use beauty service option at home
Relax and use beauty service option at home
Or go to a salon like me to get mani-pedi (Location: JCB, Bangalore)

Follow these 6 simple steps right from today and by 14th of February, you will see a huge difference in the way your skin and hair looks and feel. These are very easy steps and won’t take much of your time if you include a few steps each day.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day???Do tell me if you have any more tips that can be included in this skin and hair care routine and we can all benefit out of it 😀


Till then stay awesome 🙂