The rise of “Athleisure” in 2016 for men!

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting to post this from quite sometime and recently someone really close to me pushed me to finally go ahead with it. This post is for all the men who hate dressing up and are more of a casual wear person. Here’s a good news for you guys; you can still look fashionable and well-dressed with your casual outfits.

Athleisure, a trend that represents clothes with immense style, but that can be worn to and from the gym as easily as to and from the office. Since 2016 is going to be more of a huge arena for popular sports events like the Euro cup or the Olympics, who would want to stay away from sports or the unavoidable rise of sportswear to better express the casualization of men’s clothing.

There are so many brands available now who are coming up with their sloungewears , in other words, the so-called track suits or I must say the white Reeboks and joggers of the 90’s are back and it’s here to stay for long long time and plus, you know, it’s dead comfy.Still, it’s not all fun and games. It can be a minefield out there: one wrong choice can see your outfit laughed out in  public. I have listed a few options for all the men out there who loves their casual clothes and yet want to look fashionable and blend in with the current trend. So here we go…..

Joggers: These come in two variations; the everyday gym jogger and the very new DENIM JOGGERS. The difference might not seem extremely obvious, but it’s all in the material. A jogger is a key athleisure staple and no lie are extremely comfy. Sitting around in the office in them is like wearing “nothing at all” 😀 They should always be dressed up and not down. Team them up with a button-down shirt and  cotton sweatshirt or something similarly formal up top, not obviously a football jersey.



Get yours from HERE on Amazon

Track jackets and hoodies: Perfect for layering and athletic usage, track jackets are extremely cool and really useful wardrobe items guys! Go for lighter material as it’ll probably get more wear and team it up over a polo shirt and see what magic it does to your look 😀

track jackets


Talking about hoodies, an extra hood on your jacket can not only make you feel safer from crappy emergencies like rain but  it’s also a great way to structure your layering for this winter time.


You can buy them here on Jabong––sweat-jackets/?sort=price&dir=desc

Sweatshirts: Breathable, everyday-wearable garment designed with moisture absorption and ergonomics in mind, slim cut sweatshirts can add an all new dimension to your outfit. Sporty sweatshirts can be worn under a minimal overcoat in winter or even on its own paired with some BOMBER JACKETS and Trousers.


Get them here on Jabong–

Running shoes/Trainers: When I say trainers, I don’t mean the old fashioned traditional pairs, but the fashionable and comfy ones that can not only help you while working out but also easily get styled for every day too. They offer supreme comfort and performance, yet are cool enough to wear with a pair of slim, dark wool trousers without looking like you’ve lost your mind.

Loved these ones from Nike HERE- check this out –


For the Athleisure lovers , I would say that there are options that work with personal styles that aren’t focused on being “on trend. and that’s the best part about it. You don’t have to think too much about what to pick up from your closet when all you can do is make a statement with your very own sports wear. Isn’t that a win-win situation??? 😀

Do let me know your take on this awesome trend in the comments section below and don’t forget to tag Shopaholibond the next time you try out this trend guys…


Till then stay awesome 😀


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