A fitting session for women at the ZIVAME Fit Lounge |#FitIsMyRight

Hello beautiful ladies,

The word BRA is still a very personal word in the Indian society and I have personally experienced this. I still remember how shy I used to feel to go to a shop to buy my lingerie and usually my mom used to accompany me for this embarrassing shopping experience. All that used to happen was the salesman or the lady at the shop glaring at your breasts and assuming the “RIGHT SIZE” for you just by looking. LOL!!


Thank god to online shopping, gone are the days of such embarrassments but trust me ladies, there are still women out there who experience the same old discomfort till date without knowing their right size or the type of bra they should wear. I fee a great fitting bra can completely change a woman’s confidence from how she walks, talks and how confident she feels.

Zivame, the leading online lingerie store recently did a survey and found out some shocking results that 4 out of 5 Indian women don’t know their right size and wear ill-fitting bras all their life! Also 53% of the women still don’t know about life of a bra and still wear super old bras. Almost 82% of women never received a professional fitting help while buying their lingerie. Shocking!! Isn’t it??? There are many consequences to this mainly scars,shoulder and chest pain, bad body posture etc followed by poking bra straps, slidings and inadequate coverage.

To solve these problems, Zivame has launched their flagship fit lounge in Indiranagar where women and girls alike can walk into the store and speak to their fitting experts and clarify doubts about lingerie along with getting fitted professionally and increase their knowledge about lingerie and their types.

When I was invited to their launch, I knew I had to be there. Sadly I missed their initial presentation about the issues with ill-fitted with bras but the sweet girls at Zivame made sure that I get all the info about it later. According to them most store assistants suggest a size that they assume to be the right size  and also a very uncomfortable situation where you can’t ask questions to them. It is said that the most intimate need is usually compromised by most of the women in India.

A presentation on the Right Fit!

Followed by this was my fitting session where the fitting expert will make sure you are comfortable before measuring the size. Like many other lady bloggers, I was sure I’m going to be faced with the reality of wearing wrong size bras but thankfully I was told I’m wearing the right size. Phewww!!They give you a card with your right sizes and how various types of bras can make the whole look different. Also I was advised to use a 3/4th coverage bra as a full coverage bra can hinder the growth. If you are still not aware, every woman should use a SPORTS BRA while working out as the regular bras will not give you the adequate support and can even damage your mammary glands and tissues.

Browse through the wide variety of lingerie and order it online at FitLounge



The whole session was an eye opener for all of us and ladies, if you are in Bangalore, make sure to visit the Fit Lounge to get your right sizes. In a country where lingerie is mostly sold by men and women try to avoid the embarrassment, Zivame has played an important role in making the life of a woman or a girl much easier to get what she deserves, that is the most well-fitted lingerie for a good health, better confidence and of course the right posture.

Met these beautiful blogger friends- Krupa and Nithya
Met a long lost friend here 🙂


Have you ever wondered if you are wearing the right size lingerie or ever experienced an embarrassing situation while buying them? Do let me know below about your experiences and also what you think of the ZIVAME FIT LOUNGE.


Till then stay happy and healthy ladies 😀



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