What’s in my Period box featuring BEING JULIET

Hello everyone,

I’m back again with yet another subscription box for you all. If you read my posts regularly, by now you would have come to know my love for new subscription boxes and how often I try them out. So out of all these subscription boxes, if only I could get something for that dreaded time of the month when you would be craving for chocolates and someone who can rub your back or get you hot water. And that’s when the new baby in town called BEINGJULIET comes into picture to cater to all your Period cravings.

Initially I was a bit skeptical , but after reading a lot of reviews about them, I thought to give it a try. BeingJuliet comes with various subscription plans from 3/6/12 months package. I was sent this box to review them and to let you all know that these experts know what you really need during your periods that can make you the most happiest girl in the world.

Packaging: The box comes in a discreet packaging to avoid any sort of inconvenience when it is delivered to you.

Price: 3 Months – Rs.1650
6 Months – Rs. 3300
1 Year – Rs. 6600

How it works: After you select the specific subscription you need to customize your basket where you can select the necessary sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners and you can choose upto 20 in total. They currently stock brands like whisper, stayfree,sofy,ria etc.Then you enter your period cycle details and they will make sure that the box is delivered atleast 5 days prior to your periods.

Apart from the pads, you will also receive other thoughtful gifts that cater to your period problems like your skin, cramps, cravings etc. Let’s see what I received in my December BeingJuliet Box:

Discreet Packaging



The box has products that takes care of your period pain, beauty issues ,mood and sanitation apart from the 20 customized pads.





Sanitation is a must when you are on your periods and these intimate wipes helps you stay clean. A very thoughtful product indeed.


We all want to smell good all the time. Isn’t that true ladies!! This Kronokare shower gel will indeed lift your mood when you are showering during your periods and also keep you smelling good all day long.


This was indeed a really thoughtful gift from BeingJuliet. The annoying period cramps are something we all dread of. Drinking ajwain water or tea can really help subdue the pain . This cute ajwain bottle is my favorite in the box.


Also received this awesome smelling shower soap from Nature’s keeping in mind hygiene during our period.


This is my second favorite in the box. The color combination is perfect for the winters and which woman would ever say no to a scarf. We can never have enough of them 😀


So this came as a surprise to me. This is a coupon to order ice cream that will be delivered right at your doorstep by HOKEYPOKEY. Now that’s called some pampering ladies!!Visit Being Juliet for a Carefree and Happy Period!!!


Every item in the box was very thoughtfully picked and curated for the subscriber. If you are looking to have something pamper you during the most painful time of the month, this is definitely a must try ladies. There’s nothing great as comfort and not even fashion for that matter. BeingJuliet has definitely brought a smile on my face and it would definitely bring one on your face too. Cant’ wait to receive my next box of Being Juliet !!!!! 😀

Till then happy period to you all!!! 😀


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