“Wear It”- The Virtual Mirror at Jealous 21

Hello everyone!!!

I am super stoked today to tell you all about this new and  highly advanced technology based concept introduced by Jealous21 at their Indiranagar, Bangalore store.  I don’t know how many of you have tried this, but a few years back creating avatars and dressing them up was a huge craze and I used to totally enjoy it. This is somewhat the same concept used by the awesome people at Jealous21 in “wear it” , but instead of an animated avatar, here they use our very own scanned self  of our body.

"Wear It"
“Wear It”


So let me tell you a bit how the Virtual Mirror or the “Wear it” works. The system identifies our size and shape as we stand in front of it and uses the motion- capture camera to produce a realistic image and gives us an idea how an outfit would look on us. So in short, we are trying out outfits without actually waiting in those long queues outside the trial rooms. The whole concept has been designed so beautifully that it can be controlled through our hand gestures. All we have to do is use our palm to navigate through various outfits and by showing a “pushing” gesture we can select outfits to see how it would look on us. The use of hand gestures might be a bit new to you in the beginning but after using it for a while, it will be smooth as silk to you and you would love the experience. They also have a mouse and keyboard in case you find it difficult to use hand gestures.



You can “mix-n-match” your lowers and tops according to your preference and create various looks which can be shared on your social media like Facebook or even sent to your email through the virtual mirror which I think is absolutely fabulous and fun.Though I would definitely mention that this will only help you see how an outfit might look on you but not help you with the correct fitting, but still saving a lot of time from sorting out clothes or wondering how it would look on you or if the color would look good on you or not.


I have always loved the denims at Jealous 21 and have been shopping from them from quite a few years. They have recently launched their new Miss Universe collection with the brand ambassador being Paulina Vega(miss universe 2014) and there are various fits catering to the Indian women body types ranging from Hottie, Hourglass and Bootilicious. I think creating amazing silhouettes and fabrics keeping in mind the customer’s requirement is something that really impressed me about Jealous 21 since the time I’ve started shopping from them




Since technology has been a key factor in everything possible we do these days, having something so fashionable created from this amazing technology is something you all should look forward to girls!!! This ultimate reality experience is soon going to become all of our life saviour from standing in long queues especially during SALE.Oh and I also picked up two pieces from their new collection which I will soon style it to show you all.



Soon to be styled

If you happen to be in Indirangar do checkout their new “Wear It” virtual mirror to experience something new and fun. Don’t forget to comment below if you find this new launch interesting or if your feedback about the post.

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Till then stay awesome 🙂


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