My personalized “Exclusive” mani-pedi pampering at Jean-Claude Biguine- A True French Experience


A few days ago, I was invited to experience the first ever “Exclusive”  Deep Moisturizing Manicure and pedicure at the well known French salon Jean-Claude Biguine (JCB). JCB has 4 branches in Bangalore loacted at Kormangala, Lavelle road, Phoenix market city and Indiranagar and 8 branches in Mumbai.




Jean Claude Biguine is one of the world’s leading Hair and Beauty Salon Chains, headquartered in Paris, France. They offer head to toe beauty and grooming services, coupled with expert global products, all under one roof. Their top French stylists and aestheticians work closely with trained Indian beauty experts, to discover trends that perfectly complement our Indian patrons.

My experience: 

I had a chance to visit the Kormangala branch where I was greeted with some lovely smiling faces. They proudly boast about their “exclusive” deep moisturizing manicure and pedicure services and asked me to try them. This was completely a new thing to me as previously my pedi-mani experiences were soaking my hands and feet in warm water and then the lady at the salon rigorously scraping the dead skin out(gross!!) . So let me tell you what this whole “exclusive” treatment is all about.

“All the gorgeousness of a manicure without any of the soaking! This is the exceptional dry manicure at Biguine.Collagen hydrates your hands from within and  keratin comes in to fortify your beautiful nails. Tea tree oil protects from any infections and finally Aloe vera  soothes and heals your hands in the gentlest way possible. What you are left with are stunning hands, without the soak!”


This beautiful soak free pedicure at Biguine brings you all the goodness of a pedicure without a soak! A healthy dose of collagen and glycerine  provide moisture and fortifying keratin ensures that your nails are strong as they are gorgeous. Tea tree oil brings in its natural anti bacterial benefits. And lastly Aloe vera and Allantoin ensure your feet stay hydrated for a very long time. Leave with soft light feet!”


So when they say exclusive, it is all done with no water used except for just cleaning your feet before starting the procedure. They have personalised kits for both manicure and pedicure which is opened right in front of you and everything from filer to the mask is disposed right in front of you; which means it’s the most HYGIENIC treatment ever you can find in the Indian market!!The two lovely ladies started filing and shaping my finger and toe nails and also used a wonderful device called the Peditrix that worked its magic on my feet and removed all the dead skin. There’s no need to worry about disinfected foot files with this method as it uses a foot massager with a rotating head onto which one can stick the sandpaper used in foot files  which is less messy and more hygienic. I was treated with some hot Green Tea and the whole process made me sink into the chair and relax to every tad bit. 🙂



Finally,the Pedikit and the Manikit was opened, which is a complete foot and hand mask infused with collagen to keep skin firm and smooth, tea tree oil, cuticle softeners, keratin to keep nails strong and aloe vera for a soothing effect. The mask was wrapped around my hands as well as feet and was supposed to be kept for 5-10 minutes. It smelled heavenly and she also cleaned the cuticles and nails during this time.



The final result was smooth and supple feet and hands. I felt like I had a baby’s hands and feet 😀 I got to choose some pretty nail paints from Cucio Nail Color Brand and it looked lovely on my newly done nails.  The higlight of the whole treatment was its exclusivity and hygiene and the fact that this is available only in JCB India and not anywhere else. Everything is right in front of you; from opening the kit to treating your delicate hands and feet to disposing everything for maintaining the hygiene. What more can you ask for !!!!!They use some of the best and natural sulphate-free products like Wella, Thalgo and Nioxin for haircare which I would be going back and trying for sure.



If you are looking for a clean, hygienic and relaxing spa experience and want to try out this “exclusive” treatment, then Jean-Claude Biguine Spa & Salon is your place to be at. I loved every bit of this experience and I’m sure you will love it too. You can checkout their WEBSITE and Facebook page to know about their services.


If you have been to JCB, do share your experience here with me in the comments below. Also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the updates about my posts.

Till then stay awesome 🙂


Disclaimer: The review/opinion is honest and based on my personal experience

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  1. Great color choice! I love the silver sparkle with your gorgeous complexion, and i also must say i adore the idea of using the button up dress as a long shirt halfway open, SO stylish 💕😁👍🏼👑

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