Let’s draw the line with Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal-Review and Swatches


It’s very rare when you come across products that can be a real boon in your life. I have the most sensitive and watery eyes in the world I feel and the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a blessing from God for me all the way from Germany.I have tried kajals and kohls from nearly all brands but nothing ever suited me.The moment I applied kajal to my lower waterline my eyes started to itch and the kajal will spread and I will look like a racoon. But this kajal from PLUM has really changed all that for me.


Let’s talk a bit about this baby now:

CLAIMS: NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is 100% preservative free, 100%vegan, 100% mineral-oil-free and ophthalmologically tested safe. This all-day-wear kohl kajal is designed for a gel-liner like performance.100%smudge-proof,water-proof,single-swipe brilliant black kohl-cum-liner that’s also gentle on your eyes. Convenience of 2-in-1 kajal cum liner.


PRICE & QUANTITY: 425 INR for 1.2 gms.

PACKAGING: The packaging comes in a cute purple colored pencil which has to sharpened as it is not retractable. You can get the sharpener which is around 125INR to sharpen the kajal instead of using the stationary sharpeners.

TEXTURE: The gel-based formula is super smooth on the eyes and you don’t need to tug or pull your eyelids to create a smooth application. The kajal is very soothing to the eyes and cause no irritation.


One swipe
One swipe

PIGMENTATION: I was so impressed by the jet black color of this kajal and knew this is my life now. One swipe and you will see its magic and if you need a more dramatic black liner, swipe it once more and you are all set.

The left one is with 2 swipes and the right is with one swipe

THE LASTING POWER: The kajal gives a very matter finish and does not SMUDGE at all. When I say no smudging, it DOES NOT. You rub your eyes or even wash your face, the kajal will remain intact without any slipping or smudging. It’s true to its claim of being water-proof and smudge-proof.

No smudging even after washing hands with water
No smudging even after washing hands with water

DSC_1248 DSC_1251

MY EXPERIENCE: I use this product every single day now and lasts for the entire day without making me look like a ghost by the end of the day will my kajal everywhere. Overall the product is really impressive and stands upto my expectations. The price range is really affordable and can beat all the high-end gel liners and kajals.


  • Gel-based formula in a pencil
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • Travel friendly and budget friendly
  • Matte finish and highly pigmented
  • 100% Vegan and ophthalmologically tested


Sharpening the pencil leads to a lot of wastage. Maybe something to improve this???

RATINGS: 4.9/5

You can buy this product HERE .Have you tried the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal yet? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀


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