What’s in my Period box featuring BEING JULIET

Hello everyone,

I’m back again with yet another subscription box for you all. If you read my posts regularly, by now you would have come to know my love for new subscription boxes and how often I try them out. So out of all these subscription boxes, if only I could get something for that dreaded time of the month when you would be craving for chocolates and someone who can rub your back or get you hot water. And that’s when the new baby in town called BEINGJULIET comes into picture to cater to all your Period cravings.

Initially I was a bit skeptical , but after reading a lot of reviews about them, I thought to give it a try. BeingJuliet comes with various subscription plans from 3/6/12 months package. I was sent this box to review them and to let you all know that these experts know what you really need during your periods that can make you the most happiest girl in the world.

Packaging: The box comes in a discreet packaging to avoid any sort of inconvenience when it is delivered to you.

Price: 3 Months – Rs.1650
6 Months – Rs. 3300
1 Year – Rs. 6600

How it works: After you select the specific subscription you need to customize your basket where you can select the necessary sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners and you can choose upto 20 in total. They currently stock brands like whisper, stayfree,sofy,ria etc.Then you enter your period cycle details and they will make sure that the box is delivered atleast 5 days prior to your periods.

Apart from the pads, you will also receive other thoughtful gifts that cater to your period problems like your skin, cramps, cravings etc. Let’s see what I received in my December BeingJuliet Box:

Discreet Packaging



The box has products that takes care of your period pain, beauty issues ,mood and sanitation apart from the 20 customized pads.





Sanitation is a must when you are on your periods and these intimate wipes helps you stay clean. A very thoughtful product indeed.


We all want to smell good all the time. Isn’t that true ladies!! This Kronokare shower gel will indeed lift your mood when you are showering during your periods and also keep you smelling good all day long.


This was indeed a really thoughtful gift from BeingJuliet. The annoying period cramps are something we all dread of. Drinking ajwain water or tea can really help subdue the pain . This cute ajwain bottle is my favorite in the box.


Also received this awesome smelling shower soap from Nature’s keeping in mind hygiene during our period.


This is my second favorite in the box. The color combination is perfect for the winters and which woman would ever say no to a scarf. We can never have enough of them 😀


So this came as a surprise to me. This is a coupon to order ice cream that will be delivered right at your doorstep by HOKEYPOKEY. Now that’s called some pampering ladies!!Visit Being Juliet for a Carefree and Happy Period!!!


Every item in the box was very thoughtfully picked and curated for the subscriber. If you are looking to have something pamper you during the most painful time of the month, this is definitely a must try ladies. There’s nothing great as comfort and not even fashion for that matter. BeingJuliet has definitely brought a smile on my face and it would definitely bring one on your face too. Cant’ wait to receive my next box of Being Juliet !!!!! 😀

Till then happy period to you all!!! 😀


Sugarbox “ANNIVERSARY EDITION”- Review and first impression


First of all so so sorry for not posting last week. I had a very important and my last exam to give and I’m finally all free now! Yayyy!!! And I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your friends and family.

This post is going a bit late, but last month I had ordered my first ever SUGARBOX as they were celebrating their 1st Anniversary and were running some great offers too. If you don’t know what sugarbox is you can read my post about SUBSCRIPTION BOXES here to know everything about this box.

The box came nicely packed in a huge cardboard box and inside there was a cute pink sugarbox with ribbons around it. I have seen the previous boxes from them and I was quite excited to get this one myself. Here are the things which I received in the box:

Look at the cute packaging!



Received this gift voucher worth 1000INR from WARREN-TRICOMI SALON. My birthday pampering is all set for next month 😀


Received this cute cupcake sling bag which you must have already seen my styled in one of my lookbook here.


I’ve been obsessing over mason jars lately and this unique bulb shaped one was just out of the box. Great job by Sugarbox.


I’m not a cap or hat person but this one’s just too adorable to not wear. The sad part is that it’s a bit tight on my head if I put the strap behind.


I was very disappointed with this scarf I received. Many of the other subscribers received a good quality scarf whereas this one looked kind of cheap and something that I wouldn’t really wear. 😦


When I received these earrings, I found one of them broken, but thankfully after contacting the Sugarbox team, they sent me a replacement for them. Their customer service is really good.So I’m all happy 🙂


This lollipop is just too cute to look at, that now I just don’t feel like even eating it. It’s still kept all wrapped with me 🙂


This ain’t an ice cream people. It’s a strawberry flavored handmade soap from the brand FUSCHIA. It smells divine and I am definitely going to try more products from this brand.


Oh my god!! The amount of times I’ve worn this tee and the compliments I’ve received is amazing. This t-shirt is so cute and chic that you can pair it up with anything possible. You can see me wearing this in the post here.


As I mentioned earlier, it was their 1st anniversary and they were running some contests on their instagram page, and I happened to win this heavenly smelling body lotion from PLUM.

I was expecting a bit more than this from Sugarbox as it was their anniversary special and hence was a tad bit disappointed since it was my first ever sugarbox. But I think I still got some of my favorites out of this box like the cupcake bag and the tee.

If you are looking to pamper yourself a bit, this subscription box is perfect for you as it is a blend of fashion, makeup and lifestyle related products.Their customer service is amazing even though they do not have a number to contact but they always reply to emails promptly. I would rate this box a 3.5/5 as I expected a bit more than what came in  the box. I’m definitely going to try their Holiday edition from this month as I’ve seen some really amazing goodies in their.

Have you ever subscribed to SUGARBOX ??Do let me know in the comments box and share your experience with me. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with new review and fashion posts.

Till then stay awesome 🙂

“Wear It”- The Virtual Mirror at Jealous 21

Hello everyone!!!

I am super stoked today to tell you all about this new and  highly advanced technology based concept introduced by Jealous21 at their Indiranagar, Bangalore store.  I don’t know how many of you have tried this, but a few years back creating avatars and dressing them up was a huge craze and I used to totally enjoy it. This is somewhat the same concept used by the awesome people at Jealous21 in “wear it” , but instead of an animated avatar, here they use our very own scanned self  of our body.

"Wear It"
“Wear It”


So let me tell you a bit how the Virtual Mirror or the “Wear it” works. The system identifies our size and shape as we stand in front of it and uses the motion- capture camera to produce a realistic image and gives us an idea how an outfit would look on us. So in short, we are trying out outfits without actually waiting in those long queues outside the trial rooms. The whole concept has been designed so beautifully that it can be controlled through our hand gestures. All we have to do is use our palm to navigate through various outfits and by showing a “pushing” gesture we can select outfits to see how it would look on us. The use of hand gestures might be a bit new to you in the beginning but after using it for a while, it will be smooth as silk to you and you would love the experience. They also have a mouse and keyboard in case you find it difficult to use hand gestures.



You can “mix-n-match” your lowers and tops according to your preference and create various looks which can be shared on your social media like Facebook or even sent to your email through the virtual mirror which I think is absolutely fabulous and fun.Though I would definitely mention that this will only help you see how an outfit might look on you but not help you with the correct fitting, but still saving a lot of time from sorting out clothes or wondering how it would look on you or if the color would look good on you or not.


I have always loved the denims at Jealous 21 and have been shopping from them from quite a few years. They have recently launched their new Miss Universe collection with the brand ambassador being Paulina Vega(miss universe 2014) and there are various fits catering to the Indian women body types ranging from Hottie, Hourglass and Bootilicious. I think creating amazing silhouettes and fabrics keeping in mind the customer’s requirement is something that really impressed me about Jealous 21 since the time I’ve started shopping from them




Since technology has been a key factor in everything possible we do these days, having something so fashionable created from this amazing technology is something you all should look forward to girls!!! This ultimate reality experience is soon going to become all of our life saviour from standing in long queues especially during SALE.Oh and I also picked up two pieces from their new collection which I will soon style it to show you all.



Soon to be styled

If you happen to be in Indirangar do checkout their new “Wear It” virtual mirror to experience something new and fun. Don’t forget to comment below if you find this new launch interesting or if your feedback about the post.

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Unlimited shopping with The Unlimited Fashion Store

Hello everyone!!

I am a huge street shopper and being a fan of hoarding and discovering some amazing pieces from random street shopping instantly brightens up my mood. We all look for that right pair of jeans or top with the best price ever and that’s it; we run for it and make a purchase.

Today I’m going to tell you about one such awesome place I discovered called the UNLIMITED FASHION. THE Unlimited fashion, store is a place where you can find the best of the best when it comes to affordable fashion. Be it western or Indian they have a lot to offer and the best part is they are all at a steal prices.When I was asked to do the #3kunlimited challenge, I right away said yes. Who wouldn’t love to shop and create looks with some really amazing finds under a budget right???

When I first reached the store, I was in an impression that i would end up buying maybe one piece of clothing and come back but guess what with the amazingly priced stuff out there, I ended up buying 5 different pieces which even included an ACID-WASHED jeans!!! I have put together 3 different looks which are apt for casual day wear as well as for college-goers. Since its winter time, I opted for more blacks and tried to do a bit of layering for the Bangalore winters.






Orange woven top(499INR)-Unlimited Fashion Store, Acid-wash Jeans(1399INR)-Unlimited Fashion Store

I absolutely love this Indo-western look that I created with the orange button down top and my best steal , these denims which fit me so well. I always opt for a loose fitting jeans for comfort and that’s exactly what these jeans does to me. For accessories, I paired it up with silver neckpiece and bangles and pretty silver Kolhapuris. To add a bit more of contrast, I paired this pretty green overcoat which I’d purchased from MAX FASHIONS.





Graphic tee- Unlimited Fashion Store(249INR), Acid-Wash Jeans(1399INR)-Unlimited Fashion

Cupcake sling bag-Sugarbox, Golden Flats-Street Style Store

This look is very simple yet stylish;a perfect outfit for the college-goers. I love graphic tees for the fact that it inspires you every time you look at it. “Never stop dreaming” is something that I’ve always believed in and it motivates me in all the stylish way possible.




Black 3/4th sleeve tee(599INR)-Unlimited Fashion Store,

Tights-Forever21,Skirt-Random purchase,Sneakers-Koovs

This one’s my absolute go-to look for a daily wear this season. This tee is super comfy at the same time chic as well and has a bit of sequins to it which I love. To add the casual look to it, I added these studded sneakers from Koovs and paired a bodycon skirt and tights for the cold wintery nights.

The best part about Unlimited Fashion is that they have some really trendy and in-vogue collection in their store. From western wear to ethnic and fusion wear to handbags and accessories, you will find everything according to your style and comfort. And men and kids don’t need to be disappointed, as they have the most affordable collection for them as well 🙂

The only thing missing is a footwear section and I’m sure they would be coming up with that as well.They have stores all over the country and cater to all you budget friendly peeps.

Head over to any of the UNLIMITED FASHION STORES or DM them on their Insta page to take up the #3kUnlimited Challenge and create some amazing looks and do share with me here or any of my social media accounts. You can follow me on Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook to catch up with all the updates.

Till then Stay Awesome 😀


Four Season’s Multi Vita Brightening Sheet Mask- Review and Christmas announcement

Hello my lovely people,

Hope you all are having an amazing new week. The year is about to be over and I have super awesome posts lined up for you all. Recently I had done a haul post featuring SKIN18.COM(Read here) and most of the products that I received were some amazing Korean sheet masks. Here’s a review of one of the sheet masks that I used this weekend from the FOUR SEASON and how it turned out to be for my skin.(pssstt I have something amazing for you all at the end of the post)


Claims:  The highly concentrated multi vitamin essence brightens and vitalizes dull and dark skin.

Fragrance: This mask has a very mild and pleasant fragrance of natural green tea and vitamin E and nothing disturbing to sensitive nose.

Ingredients: Vitamin E,C,B5, green tea extract,Witch hazel extract

How to use: Apply the mask over cleansed and toned face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Massage the remaining essence onto the face in an upward circular motion and leave it.


My experience: After keeping this mask for around 20 minutes, my skin felt hydrated and supple. A few breakouts were settled soon after the mask was taken off which was an amazing result. I have previously used other sheet masks from INNISFREE and I felt this one being on a more affordable side did the same job except that I liked the fragrance of the Innisfree mask more.

My dull and weird face before using the mask
My dull and weird face before using the mask
#Sleepyface Slept with the mask for about 20 minutes

Your face will look a bit shiny after using this mask and i suggest you to use this in the night because by morning all the shininess would be gone and your skin will look fresh and rejuvenated.

After using the sheet mask

Availability: You can get this mask and many other Korean products from SKIN18.COM at a very affordable price of 0.85$.


  • Antibacterial and treats wounds caused by pimples and acne
  • Eliminates dullness and reduces dark circles to some extent


  • Available only on Skin18.com and ebay currently.

Rating: 4/5

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The sweet folks at SKIN18.COM were really sweet to give all my readers a huge Christmas gift by offering a 25% off on any purchase and you can use it any number of times. Awesome right???

Use the code SPECIAL25OFFAISHWARYA on your orders to avail this offer on or before 31st December, 2015. You can also use this code multiple times to make an order. Hope you guys will like this small pre-Christmas gift from my end for all the love you guys have given me.

Have an amazing week and stay awesome 🙂

My personalized “Exclusive” mani-pedi pampering at Jean-Claude Biguine- A True French Experience


A few days ago, I was invited to experience the first ever “Exclusive”  Deep Moisturizing Manicure and pedicure at the well known French salon Jean-Claude Biguine (JCB). JCB has 4 branches in Bangalore loacted at Kormangala, Lavelle road, Phoenix market city and Indiranagar and 8 branches in Mumbai.




Jean Claude Biguine is one of the world’s leading Hair and Beauty Salon Chains, headquartered in Paris, France. They offer head to toe beauty and grooming services, coupled with expert global products, all under one roof. Their top French stylists and aestheticians work closely with trained Indian beauty experts, to discover trends that perfectly complement our Indian patrons.

My experience: 

I had a chance to visit the Kormangala branch where I was greeted with some lovely smiling faces. They proudly boast about their “exclusive” deep moisturizing manicure and pedicure services and asked me to try them. This was completely a new thing to me as previously my pedi-mani experiences were soaking my hands and feet in warm water and then the lady at the salon rigorously scraping the dead skin out(gross!!) . So let me tell you what this whole “exclusive” treatment is all about.

“All the gorgeousness of a manicure without any of the soaking! This is the exceptional dry manicure at Biguine.Collagen hydrates your hands from within and  keratin comes in to fortify your beautiful nails. Tea tree oil protects from any infections and finally Aloe vera  soothes and heals your hands in the gentlest way possible. What you are left with are stunning hands, without the soak!”


This beautiful soak free pedicure at Biguine brings you all the goodness of a pedicure without a soak! A healthy dose of collagen and glycerine  provide moisture and fortifying keratin ensures that your nails are strong as they are gorgeous. Tea tree oil brings in its natural anti bacterial benefits. And lastly Aloe vera and Allantoin ensure your feet stay hydrated for a very long time. Leave with soft light feet!”


So when they say exclusive, it is all done with no water used except for just cleaning your feet before starting the procedure. They have personalised kits for both manicure and pedicure which is opened right in front of you and everything from filer to the mask is disposed right in front of you; which means it’s the most HYGIENIC treatment ever you can find in the Indian market!!The two lovely ladies started filing and shaping my finger and toe nails and also used a wonderful device called the Peditrix that worked its magic on my feet and removed all the dead skin. There’s no need to worry about disinfected foot files with this method as it uses a foot massager with a rotating head onto which one can stick the sandpaper used in foot files  which is less messy and more hygienic. I was treated with some hot Green Tea and the whole process made me sink into the chair and relax to every tad bit. 🙂



Finally,the Pedikit and the Manikit was opened, which is a complete foot and hand mask infused with collagen to keep skin firm and smooth, tea tree oil, cuticle softeners, keratin to keep nails strong and aloe vera for a soothing effect. The mask was wrapped around my hands as well as feet and was supposed to be kept for 5-10 minutes. It smelled heavenly and she also cleaned the cuticles and nails during this time.



The final result was smooth and supple feet and hands. I felt like I had a baby’s hands and feet 😀 I got to choose some pretty nail paints from Cucio Nail Color Brand and it looked lovely on my newly done nails.  The higlight of the whole treatment was its exclusivity and hygiene and the fact that this is available only in JCB India and not anywhere else. Everything is right in front of you; from opening the kit to treating your delicate hands and feet to disposing everything for maintaining the hygiene. What more can you ask for !!!!!They use some of the best and natural sulphate-free products like Wella, Thalgo and Nioxin for haircare which I would be going back and trying for sure.



If you are looking for a clean, hygienic and relaxing spa experience and want to try out this “exclusive” treatment, then Jean-Claude Biguine Spa & Salon is your place to be at. I loved every bit of this experience and I’m sure you will love it too. You can checkout their WEBSITE and Facebook page to know about their services.


If you have been to JCB, do share your experience here with me in the comments below. Also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the updates about my posts.

Till then stay awesome 🙂


Disclaimer: The review/opinion is honest and based on my personal experience

Nature’s Co. Beauty Wish Box- November “WINTER BLISS” Edition

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. I’m down with cold and feeling home sick and maybe soon after the exams would be running back home. Anyway, I had done a post a few months back about various beauty subscription boxes in India and Nature’s Co. Beauty Wish Box was one of them. If you haven’t read that post click HERE.

Winters are here and most of us go through a very bad skin transition, from dry and flaky skin to dehydrated and dull face and this happens to both men and women equally. The Nature’s Co. is known for it’s natural skincare products and this Beauty wish Box from them sends you 1 full size and 5 deluxe size products at a mere price of 595INR along with sometimes accessories or bags.

This month’s bag had a theme names “WINTER BLISS” and caters to all the winter care that your skin needs. Let’s see what all I received in the box.

All the products came in purple colored crochet bordered sling bag. You can carry this bag outside maybe with a indo-western outfit like palazzo, maxi skirts etc. I’m planning to give it away to my mom.





Everything inside was nicely bubble wrapped and that made sure that the products are safe from spilling or leaking. It also came with an instruction manual with the product details and each product was specified for different parts of the body that requires special care during the winters ranging from face,hands,body,feet and lips.I also received a gift voucher of 35% on all the full size products that I received in this bag.

  1. A hand and nail cream in a full size tube from their FORESSENCE range. This smells divine and I use it every single day since the time I’ve received it.



2. A Lavendar- YLANG YLANG body butter cream from their ATMOSPURE range. This is perfect for all                those who are suffering from dry and flaky skin due to the winters or even in general.


3. Vanilla- Vitamin E face cream which is suitable for all kinds of skin types. The aroma of this cream is just like a            vanilla chocolate ice-cream and everytime I use it, my face has retained its moisture the entire day.


4. The Vanilla creme body wash leaves my washroom smell like an ice-cream parlor for a long long time. This            is  also from their ATMOSPURE range and I love it.


5. This walnut-mint foot scrub is a must for me as I tend to get chapped feet almost every winter time. I use this         on a pumice stone and gently scrub my feet once a week to remove the dead skin.


6. Green apple lip-pop. I’ve not yet started using this lip-pop but it has very mild and soothing fragrance.


Overall the bag is perfect with all the winter care essentials for your skin and I think if you are looking for something to cater to your skin with less chemicals, NATURE’S CO. products are an absolute must. It’s cheap and effective and has got really amazing reviews from everyone who has previously used their products. You can order their bag and other products from their website HERE.  They send decently sized products so that one can try it and decide if they would want to purchase the full size bottles.



Hope you liked this post. I will be doing a detailed review on each product soon for you all. If you have tried the NATURE’S CO. BEAUTY WISH BOX, do let me know in the comment section below.

Till then stay awesome 😀

Let’s draw the line with Plum NaturStudio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal-Review and Swatches


It’s very rare when you come across products that can be a real boon in your life. I have the most sensitive and watery eyes in the world I feel and the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a blessing from God for me all the way from Germany.I have tried kajals and kohls from nearly all brands but nothing ever suited me.The moment I applied kajal to my lower waterline my eyes started to itch and the kajal will spread and I will look like a racoon. But this kajal from PLUM has really changed all that for me.


Let’s talk a bit about this baby now:

CLAIMS: NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal is 100% preservative free, 100%vegan, 100% mineral-oil-free and ophthalmologically tested safe. This all-day-wear kohl kajal is designed for a gel-liner like performance.100%smudge-proof,water-proof,single-swipe brilliant black kohl-cum-liner that’s also gentle on your eyes. Convenience of 2-in-1 kajal cum liner.


PRICE & QUANTITY: 425 INR for 1.2 gms.

PACKAGING: The packaging comes in a cute purple colored pencil which has to sharpened as it is not retractable. You can get the sharpener which is around 125INR to sharpen the kajal instead of using the stationary sharpeners.

TEXTURE: The gel-based formula is super smooth on the eyes and you don’t need to tug or pull your eyelids to create a smooth application. The kajal is very soothing to the eyes and cause no irritation.


One swipe
One swipe

PIGMENTATION: I was so impressed by the jet black color of this kajal and knew this is my life now. One swipe and you will see its magic and if you need a more dramatic black liner, swipe it once more and you are all set.

The left one is with 2 swipes and the right is with one swipe

THE LASTING POWER: The kajal gives a very matter finish and does not SMUDGE at all. When I say no smudging, it DOES NOT. You rub your eyes or even wash your face, the kajal will remain intact without any slipping or smudging. It’s true to its claim of being water-proof and smudge-proof.

No smudging even after washing hands with water
No smudging even after washing hands with water

DSC_1248 DSC_1251

MY EXPERIENCE: I use this product every single day now and lasts for the entire day without making me look like a ghost by the end of the day will my kajal everywhere. Overall the product is really impressive and stands upto my expectations. The price range is really affordable and can beat all the high-end gel liners and kajals.


  • Gel-based formula in a pencil
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • Travel friendly and budget friendly
  • Matte finish and highly pigmented
  • 100% Vegan and ophthalmologically tested


Sharpening the pencil leads to a lot of wastage. Maybe something to improve this???

RATINGS: 4.9/5

You can buy this product HERE .Have you tried the Plum NaturStudio All-Day Wear Kohl Kajal yet? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀


SoulTree Ayurvedic cleanser and makeup remover- Review

Hello everyone,

My love for  natural and ayurvedic skincare products keep becoming more and more with the amazing results it gives me everytime. The best part about it is that, they are always more affordable than the other products which would have more chemicals in them that are not so good for any of us.

If you are not new to the whole natural skincare regime, you all must have then heard about “SOULTREE”. A few months bag I had received an all natural Kajal from SOULTREE in my FABBAG and it was so nice and smooth and had CAMPHOR in it which is really good for your eyes. So when I found out about their new and improved cleanser, I was super excited to try it out. Let’s get into the review now… DSC_1118Claims: With its subtle floral notes this everyday face cleanser and make-up remover soothes and protects your skin. The revised Cleansing Milk comes in a lighter form which has added benefits of hydrating the delicate face skin as well as lightening sun tan. Organic Aloe and fresh Rose water made from the wild Indian Rose is blended with āyurvedic extracts of organic Licorice to give your skin multiple benefits. It cools and heals skin, lightens sun tan and using it daily as a cleanser ensures an even skin tone with visibly reduced blemishes.  It can be used as a Daily Cleanser to remove dirt, pollution or can be used be used as a face cleanser to remove the daily make up.


  • Aloe Vera for clear & well hydrated skin
  • Rose for radiant & naturally glowing skin
  • Licorice for skin toning & tightening properties
  • Sesame Oil for skin softening & conditioning


Price: Costs 295 INR for a 120 ml recyclable bottle.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe, wild Indian Rose, Licorice, coco, natural vitamin E,lactic acid, Sesame oil.

 Packaging: The product comes in a recyclable plastic bottle, which can be squeezed easily, and has an easy dispenser. It is easy to use and very travel friendly. Throw it in your bag and you are good to go.


Texture and fragrance: The cleanser is white in color and has a creamy yet runny consistency. The licorice and coco smell is not overpowering and is really soothing to the nose.



My experience: I’ve never really used a makeup remover that are out in the market. Usually I use coconut oil or milk and olive oil to remove all the makeup. Hence using a full fledged cleanser which aims at removing your makeup and dirt from the face was kind of a new think for me.  The cleanser is easy to dispense from the bottle, and easy to apply onto the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed and does not dry out the skin at all.  You might feel a bit oily while applying this but once you wash the face after cleansing, your face will not have any kind of excess oil.


After removing the makeup with the cleanser

This product is awesome for removing makeup. It removes even my water-proof mascara and kohl, and doesn’t irritate the eyes . I apply it directly onto my face and massage it a bit, and let it rest for about 30 seconds. Then, I just wipe the make-up off with some cotton, and most of the make-up is gone in a single swipe. Whatever is left gets removed in the 2nd or 3rd swipe.


  • SLS and Paraben free
  • Light and gentle on the skin
  • No overpowering fragrance
  • Tones the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant
  • Pocket friendly

Cons: I didn’t find anything bad about this cleanser.

Rating: 5/5

I would definitely recommend this product for all those of you who are looking for a cleanser cum make-up remover as it has no chemicals and suits all skin types. You can buy this product online from websites like Jabong, Amazon or their official website SOULTREE.COM.

Have you tried out the SOULTREE cleanser?? Share your experience and feedback in the comment box below.

Till then stay awesome 😀