CNDirect Haul + Try ON

Hello everyone!!!

November is keeping me really busy since the beginning and my entrance exams are starting from this coming Sunday(nervous me). I need all you best wishes and luck to do well in them 😀

Coming back to the post, remember a few posts back I told you guys about this super cool website called and how did some splurging over their website and received some really amazing things??? If you haven’t read that post click HERE. So a few days back I received my package and I was really impressed by the fast shipping done by them through ARAMEX. I was a tad bit sad as I had to pay a custom charge of 700INR, but I think I can’t blame the company for that right..

So here are the items that I received and how I styled them.

Buy this here: Buffing brush
Buy this here: Buffing Brush

This brush is the dupe of the VEGA buffer brush and even feels exactly the same. The brush is a little dirty in the picture because I used it to try how it felt on the skin and I was impressed by the even coverage it gave and so far the brush has not shed even after washing it.

Cat eyed sunglasses: BUY HERE


Cat eyed sunglasses: BUY HERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I was planning to get a pair of cat eyed sunglasses from so long and finally when I saw this on CNDirect, I knew I have to order this. They are super comfortable and fit snugly on my face.


Leopard printed backpack
Leopard printed backpack: BUY HERE
Leopard printed backpack: BUY HERE

The quality of the bag is really good and has enough space to carry a few books to college or school or even take out for a casual day-out. I absolutely loved the color and the cute moustache.


Bohemian feather patterned neckpiece
Bohemian feather patterned neckpiece: BUY HERE

This is such a pretty coppery neck piece and I just can’t stop wearing this with all my outfits these days. I even styled this with my lehenga from KLOZEE in the previous POST


Pink High-Low top with faux leather leggings: BUY HERE and HERE
Pink top with the sequin detailing at the elbow: BUY HERE

I absolutely loved the material of both the top as well as the leggings. They feel so soft and the oversized top goes perfectly with the faux leather leggings.


The overall experience with was amazing and I got all these together with the shipping costed just 25$ which the CNDirect guys paid for me. But this is an honest review as I was not paid for it by anyone. I totally recommend CNDirect for getting some of the best quality and in trend products at the most affordable price.

Have you tried CNDirect? If you did, do let me know your experience in the comments below. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.

Stay awesome 🙂

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