What I got in my Mystery-Box- November Edition

Hi everyone,

First of all a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all of you out there!! I hope you all are having a gala time this festive season. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would be knowing that I finally received my much awaited “MYSTERY-BOX INDIA” yesterday and I was so enthralled by all the amazing goodies inside the box.I have already posted a review about them and if you haven’t read that , do click here. I thought I would share this box of happiness with you all and leave it to you to decide if you would want to subscribe to it or not…

Let me start with the packaging; the box came nicely packed in a bubble wrap and the logo of MYSTERY-BOX INDIA was imprinted on the box. When I opened the box, it was covered with a red quilt paper and all the goodies were nicely wrapped inside a silver net with a cutesy golden box tie.I love the way the whole Diwali theme the box screamed out to me  🙂

Here are some glimpses of the MYSTERY-BOX when I opened it:



Ok, so guys I wasn’t expecting the Mystery Box to give me such a wonderful surprise. When I opened the box, i was thrilled to find the most prettiest goodies in there. Let’s see each and every item that was inside the box…


I have always wanted to own a selfie stick but somehow I never went ahead and bought one. But when MYSTERY-BOX sent me this remote controlled selfie stick, OMG I was jumping out of joy. The best part was, it had my name inscribed on it. That’s called “personalisation” 🙂

Selfie stick by Mystery Box
Selfie stick by Mystery-Box
My name inscribed on the selfie stick
My name inscribed on the selfie stick

The next pretty thing inside was these hanging lights that were battery operated and the perfect decorative piece for this Diwali. Both the pieces had “Shubh” and “Laabh” inscribed on it which meant GOOD LUCK in Hindi. Once you switch on these lights, it emits multicolored lights and you can easily hang them at the entrance of your house.



The third piece inside the box was a very pretty glittery nail paint from the brand FACES. I love the Faces lipsticks and this was the first time I tried their nail paint and the color payoff is amazing and this nail paint was just the right shade to pair it up with my ethnic outfit for the festival.

Nail Paint from FACES
Nail Paint from FACES

Since it’s a Diwali edition box, a Diya or a lamp is a must right??So here’s a really pretty Diya that they sent in the box and I think I will not light it and spoil the beauty of it. 😀


So when I saw this really unique piece of necklace made out of stones, I was really happy that I received something that is not usually sent out by the other subscription boxes. I later on found out that this is completely handmade and that’s the beauty of this pretty neck piece.

Handmade neck piece
Handmade neck piece

The next goodie was a super cute earphone holder. So I had to ask the guys at MYSTERY-BOX to figure out what this was and when I got to know that this cutesy is used to keep your earphones from getting tangles, I was really relieved to finally not struggle with all that entangling circus 😀



Festival season and no SWEETS!!! Not possible and that was the last thing in my MYSTERY-BOX. There were a bunch of yummy chocolates in my box and obviously they were gone in a few seconds 🙂

Apart from all these amazing stuffs, there was also a small note as well as two coupons for me and thankfully I could use both of them. One was a gift voucher from O2 spa and the other one from an online store named SILVOSTYLE.

DSC_0631 DSC_0632 DSC_0633

Overall I would rate this box a 4.9/5 and the 0.1 for the fact that there was no info card inside the box. But maybe that’s just to keep the Mystery of the box and not let us know what is inside the box before we could actually figure out all by ourselves. That’s the whole idea of this box and that’s what makes it different from the other subscription boxes. Do visit their website www.mystery-box.in to subscribe to their CHRISTMAS Edition and I’m sure you will not regret your decision.

Do you know about any new subscription boxes? I would love to hear from you in the comment section 🙂

2 thoughts on “What I got in my Mystery-Box- November Edition

  1. Happy Diwali beautiful! I love everything in the Mystery Box… it is amazing! I can imagine how excited you were to receive your selfie stick (ESPECIALLY AS IT WAS PERSONALIZED!) ..I love mine so much!
    Loved this post hunny 🙂
    Saira x

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