Get a surprise this Diwali with the “MYSTERY-BOX”


Hope none of you are suffering from the MONDAY BLUES 🙂

If you read my blog posts regularly, you must be knowing my love for SUBSCRIPTION BOXES/BAGS. I just love the fact that at a very meagre price I get to try out some really awesome stuffs, be it makeup, jewellery, food or any other product in this entire universe. I am up for trying out new things and subscription boxes have done that for me. There are a huge variety of subscription boxes and bags available in India  and there are many other coming up with some really cool ideas to lure people like me. One such new subscription box is the “MYSTERY-BOX“. So when I got a chance to speak with the brain behind this new box, I got to know a lot of interesting things about this box and I thought why not share with you guys before I get my box for the coming month. So here are a few facts to know about this newbie:

  • MYSTERY-BOX celebrated its birthday on 14th Oct 2015 and has successfully started it’s own awesome  WEBSITE (Click here).
  • They have an FB page as well as Instagram page and you can enquire more about it on these pages as well
  • They have the following plans: LET ME TRY IT- 1499 Rs for 1 month, UPGRADE ME-4197Rs for 3 months, LOVING IT 7794Rs for 6 months and ADDICTED 14388Rs for 1 year .
Choose one that suits you
Choose one that suits you

I love the fact that MYSTERY BOX does not have a fixed concept of sending you makeup and skincare products or just jewellery or accessories in their box. This would be a mixture of everything and that’s what makes it different from many of the available boxes and bags in India. Every month there would be a THEME to their box will have a mix of products varying from the latest fashion accessories ,beauty products , personal care products and many more. So here’s what you have to watch out for; the “MORE” is actually the mystery part which you will figure out every month based on the theme and you will receive 4-5 products which would not be revealed till the time it doesn’t reach your hands, just as the name says.

Gift yourself this Diwali with the MYSTERY BOX
Gift yourself this Diwali with the MYSTERY BOX

So if you are in to surprise yourself every month , you should definitely go ahead and subscribe to MYSTERY BOX and guess what they have ,a special launch discount coupon for all you lovelies for your first subscription. So when you go to their website or FB page to subscribe use the code FLT150 for a flat 150INR off on your first booking. Try out their NOVEMBER BOX which is curated just for the coming Diwali with all the right essentials for you. I am sure we all will go back for more. If you book soon, you will start receiving it before this Diwali and you’ll be all set for the festive season. I’m waiting for mine so that I can show you all what I received in my MYSTERY BOX and I think you should give it a try too. 🙂


Have an amazing week 😀



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  1. @shaopaholibond : thanks you for the wonderful review. We too are eagerly waiting to know your feedback once you receive the box. Hope it keeps up to your expectations

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