“MISS BOX” October Edition- New subscription box in town

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you must have read my article about various subscription boxes in India (HERE ). There are many more that have come up and doing extremely great and adding one more feather to this cap, we have a new subscription box names “MISS BOX“. They are pretty much new and offer an amazing deal on their boxes.

So when the team contacted me on Instagram, I was delighted to try out a new subscription box and they were sweet enough to reveal that they will be adding some personal touch to the box. So today I received this box and thought why not share my experience with you.

PRICE: INR 499. You will receive 3-4 products ranging from makeup and  accessories in the box along with a surprise product.

MY EXPERIENCE: So MISS BOX products come in a hard cardboard box that had a pearly finish to it which screamed “FESTIVAL” in all sorts of way. They have a themed box every month and this month’s theme was “MISS ETHNIC” and is totally apt for this festival season. I was a little disappointed that the box came damaged, thanks to the courier company that shipped it, but super glad that all the products inside was safe and intact. Everything was bubble wrapped and individually packed in a plastic cover.

Wish the box was not damaged by the courier company 😦

So these are the products that I received in the box :


Let’s have a look at each of these items and I’ll share my views about them.

  1. Statement Necklace: I absolutely loved the color of this jewelry piece. I am a huge fan of anything that’s in the color GREEN and the fact that I received my box with the theme of green was even better. This piece is just perfect to be paired with both Indian as well as Western outfit. You can even pair it up with a plain black top and a pair of jeans. IMG_20151021_193727627
  2. Earrings: My mom couldn’t stop talking about these peacock shaped earrings the whole day. I mean they are truly beautiful. I think they would go with any Indian outfit. So now I have one thing less to worry about what I should wear for this Diwali. 🙂 IMG_20151021_193834448
  3. Ring:  Though its a little big on my finger (thanks to my ever so thin fingers), I still find it pretty. I’ve passed it over to my mom since it fits her perfectly and would look good with so many of her sarees. IMG_20151021_193814691
  4. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal : No girl can get enough of having kohls or black kajal in her makeup box. I have already like 3 or 4 of them but somehow I didn’t mind having one more added to my box. Though I wish I had received a different colored kajal. :/ IMG_20151021_193652929
  5. Diya/ Earthen lamps: They are super pretty and the fact that instead of just one, they sent out two of these hand painted DIYAS is extremely sweet of them. They both are in different and vibrant colors and I’m definitely going to use this for the coming DIWALI. IMG_20151021_193922275
  6. Chocolates: So when they told me they would be adding a personal touch to the box, I wasn’t expecting these home-made dark chocolates. Though I won’t say they are the yummiest ones I’ve had so far, yet they taste good and I’m always up for chocolates no matter how they are. I received 4 of these chocolates wrapped in golden foil and thank fully they didn’t melt when I received them considering the horrible weather in Chennai. IMG_20151021_193709777


Apart from all these lovely products, there was also a hand-written note and somehow that just won my heart. I’m a sucker for such sweet gestures by anyone and even if it’s for a business purpose, it was extremely sweet of MISS BOX to be thoughtful to send it. All-in-all I really liked the efforts put in by MISS BOX seeing the fact that they are a newbie to the whole “subscription box army” and have done a wonderful job for just a small amount of Rs 499.


Also a disclaimer to you all, when you subscribe to them, you might not receive the same items as mine, some of the products might be a little different or maybe the entire box would be different. The idea is to give you a surprise when you receive these items. Currently they take orders only on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully they’ll be coming up with a website of their own.  I would highly suggest you to try out this month’s bag and see to yourself if you would want to subscribe for a long-term plan. I would link their pages below so that you can checkout their pages.

MISS BOX Facebook page

MISS BOX Instagram page

I hope you liked this review. I would be coming up with something different next week especially on a request that was made by a very good friend of mine. So watch out this space next week and do let me know what you think of the products that I got in this box. Would love to hear from you all.



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