Hygiene on the Go with “Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes”

Hi Ladies,

So why ladies and not just “everyone” this time?? Well, this post is exclusively for all the pretty ladies out there. So if any guy is reading this, this definitely ain’t for you. 😛

We often look for skincare and makeup products to make sure we have a flawless skin all throughout the day, but seldom do we realize that there’s something more important than anything else for a female, and that is her intimate parts. Being a very delicate and important area of our body, it requires a lot of special care.  SO here I am with a revolutionary product from a company called “EVERTEEN” and they are called ‘Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes’. This is made just for the well-being of intimate area and can be used in the most convenient way possible.

So until last year, I had no idea about intimate care products and then one day one of my friends in office told me about INTIMATE WASH that’s easily available in the market. That’s how I got introduced to Intimate hygiene products for the first time and since then, there has been no stopping.  According to doctors, we should never use soaps for the vaginal area as these soaps and body washes imbalance the pH level that can cause a lot of trouble which isn’t a great feeling. But that does not mean we should not clean this area, in fact we should use products made exclusively for intimate hygiene as this delicate area requires regular cleansing to keep all sorts of infection at bay.

So an intimate wash is good if you are at home, but what if you are travelling and forced to use public toilets or toilets that are used by many. Well that’s when “everteen wipes” comes into rescue. These wipes are just like wet tissues that we usually get in packs, but made specially for cleaning the vaginal region. There are 15 wipes in a pack and come individually packed. As they are packed separately, they stay as fresh as new until you open them. In fact, when you are travelling or you think you would require a quick cleaning  you can easily carry a couple of wipes in your handbag . The packaging is so convenient that you can sneak in a wipe in your pocket.

The packaging and individually wrapped wipes
The packaging and individually wrapped wipes


  • Tear open the packet
  • Open and unfold the wipe
  • Thoroughly cleanse the external vaginal area from front to back
  • Dispose the used wipe after cleansing. Do not flush it!
15 individually packed wipes
15 individually packed wipes


  • After urination
  • During your periods
  • Before and after sexual activity
  • In short, whenever you want to feel fresh and clean



PRICE: INR 99 for 15 wipes. One time use only cost INR 6.6



I use this whenever I have to do a lot of travelling, especially in trains because we all know the conditions of the Indian Railways’ toilets. They can be your best friend when you are on your periods and you are stuck in your office for hours and have to use the washrooms there with no choice left. I think I haven’t heard of any other company that has come up with this unique idea of packing each wipe individually in a sachet, because that just makes it so convenient to carry a couple of wipes in the bag instead of carrying a whole packet like the other wet wipes.



  • Made of 100% natural biodegradable fabric
  • The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from plant extracts
  • Free from alcohol, SLS and parabens
  • Mild fragrance keeps the unwanted smell at bay and keeps the vaginal area fresh
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Maintains pH level of the vaginal area.


I have nothing bad to say about it as it has exceptionally impressed me.



EVERTEEN intimate hygiene wipes” is just the right product if you suffer from issues like vaginal infections or travel a lot or even use public toilets most of the times. A must for those women who are working. You can stock them up in a handbag and use whenever required without worrying about hygiene problems anymore. The affordable price makes you get 15 wipes in just INR 99, so maintaining intimate hygiene is easy, convenient and super cheap now. What more do you need ladies 🙂

You can buy this product from their official website https://www.everteen.co.in/

I hope you all would have benefited from this review post as we all need to make ourselves aware about personal hygiene because as a woman, we usually forget about some of the most important parts of our well being. I will be soon reviewing about the “EVERTEEN INTIMATE WASH” as well.  Do let me know if you found this review useful.


Have a great Friday!!! 🙂


PS: PR sample. But all opinions are from my own honest experience

3 thoughts on “Hygiene on the Go with “Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes”

  1. I’ve always stayed away from these type of products and when I do want something like this, I would just wet tissues. I may try these out someday, though.

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