An Archipelago of serenity- The Andaman Diaries

Hello everyone,

Since I LOVE LOVE LOVE travelling and can do anything, even leave my job for it, I thought of sharing my vacation experience with you all at my favorite place; ANDAMAN ISLANDS 😀 

 I was begging my parents to take me out on a vacation from years (you know how parents become all boring as you grow up and want to just chill at home, exceptions not included :P) and finally my dad agreed to take us all for this crazy awesome blossom VACATION!!! 

Since I stay in Bangalore and my parents in Chennai, I had to travel down to Chennai to catch a flight with them. Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys only me and my mom dad went for the trip as my baby bro had better plans which lets not talk about here. And if you ever plan to go to Andaman, you need to know that only Spicejet and Air India/ Indian Airlines have services to the islands and the tickets are at a little costlier side, so book the tickets a month or two prior. So we took the early morning Air India flight and since it was kind of the beginning of monsoon, all the flights got delayed. But nonetheless we reached Port Blair almost before noon.

Port Blair’s airport is named after the famous freedom fighter Veer Savarkar who was imprisoned in Cellular Jail for 10 years and a significant role during the British Raj. After collecting our baggage, we got out and the smell of fresh, unpolluted air!!Gosh!! I could kill to live in a world filled with clean air like this. Alas, we live in 21st century!! So apparently, it was raining cats and dogs before we landed in Port Blair and that explained the pleasant weather outside. We were staying at the Naval Officer’s club and the rooms were quite spacious with TV and a great view outside. I could see the vast sea from my balcony, oh lord! It felt so good to be there with nothing to worry about at all. So we had an itinerary all planned up before we could explore the places. I’m going to post a different post for each day or else this post is going to be so long that you might never want to come back to my blog. LOL!! So here we go………………………………



Our plan was to first visit the renowned Cellular Jail and attend its famous “Light & Sound Show”, but unfortunately the tickets were booked for the slot. So we headed towards a small yet a very clean beach named “Corbyn’s Cove”.  It’s a small beach and has a small curve of sand backed by palms. The coastal road here is a scenic journey with breathtaking scenery all along the way to this place. You can enjoy some tasty “tender coconut” water along with the famous Bengali style “bhel puri” while watching the Sunset. Since there wasn’t much to do here , we headed to the Marina Park which has its own Jetty from where you can travel to various other islands like Ross island and North Bay island. If you are a sea and beach person like me, this is the ideal place for you to go and take evening walks. The cool breeze is sure to revive your mood and if you a cup of ” garam chai” with you then you will not feel like coming back from there. 😀

There’s an area for kids to play and rent cycles as well. Adjacent to it is the Government Sports centre which has swimming pool that can be used by public at a nominal fee. People who are interested in water sports can book there slots in the water sports counter. They also book slots for scuba dicing and snorkeling that is done in North Bay island. The next destination was the Cellular Jail which i will be talking about in my next post.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading the blog as much as i enjoyed sharing this amazing experience with you all and I’m eagerly looking forward to your opinions and some criticisms of course!! 😛

And here are a few unedited and unfiltered  pictures that i clicked on my phone.  🙂


Water sports in Corbyn’s cove
Corbyn’s Cove in the evenings
Left: Road that leads to the beach
View from Marina Park

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